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We have been very busy with the medical end of autism.  We did not focus on this when he was diagnosed in September of 2000 because we had hoped that ABA would "recover" our child as it did in Catherine Maurice's "Let Me Hear Your Voice".  During my research I found that our children have a lot of things wrong with medically.  Why do some children recover and others do not?  I think this is because some children's bodies are not as injured or do not have as many problems, therefore their body is able to overcome a lot of that and then therapies are able to work.  I think that if we can find out what problems our children are having internally, we can work on "fixing them," thus allowing our children to catch up from when they were injured.  Some problems that families are finding in their autistic children are:  viruses (herpes I-2-3-6, Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Stealth, +), heavy metal toxicity, Measles/Mumps/Rubella elevations, Copper/Zinc imbalance, Vitamin/Mineral deficiency, abnormal Myelin Sheath or Antibodies, abnormal EEGs, seizures (visible or maybe unnoticeable spiking like an inflamed area of the brain that causes discomfort), yeast or Candida overgrowth, hypo-thyroidism, sulfur deficiency and/or sulfur related transporter problems, food sensitivities, "leaky gut" problems, and more.  This list seems so long, but you can handle them one at a time.  I believe in testing for all of these things, then dealing with the major treatments first.  Some treatments may actually take care of more than just that problem.  For example, chelation may not only rid your body of toxins but may also help the "leaky gut," vitamin/mineral problems, yeast, and so on.

A great Yahoo group to join is: The Autism Biomedical Discussion group but keep in mind they are a SERIOUS group with A LOT of technical language.  I read the posts and research but do not post.  The FEAT organization is good about posting information as is CAN-Cure Autism Now.  The DAN Protocol is another "must-read" for information to compare things with.  You are the manage of your child's health.  Don't expect the doctors to know everything as NO ONE knows enough about Autism.  Keep informed of research, talk to other parents and be pro-active.  Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and your family.

I would suggest reading one of the papers that I have read - A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Autism by Willis S. Langford. It is very long and can be complicated but it worth reading and free.
You may help your child become healthy.  Talk to your doctor before trying things (if this is possible)

I highly recommend everyone doing one treatment at a time so that you can better determine what is truly helping. To help judge how much a treatment is helping go to: and answer the questions. You will get a score to compare how things are going. You may hear other parents talking about an ATEC improvement score for a particular treatment and this is where you can score things and help Dr. Rimland track treatments. Under the assessment period I would suggest you say baseline on your treatment information.

These are the tests that we have done for Andrew with his results:

1. IMMUNOLOGIC STUDY- with DR. JAMES & TCART (Texas Center for Autism Research & Treatment)
    results are in and I was VERY surprised by the results-the normal ranges listed are for his age only (3.5yrs),:

-Human Herpes Virus 6-IgG:  result 1:10,
TITERS 1:10 to 1:0 usually indicate a previous exposure to HHV-6 & probable immunity in adults.
-CMV, IgG: result - Normal - less than 1:16.
-Epstein Barr Virus Comp. Panel- IgG, IgM, E.A., IgG: result - all Normal.
-Herpes Simplex Virus 1, IgG: result - 1:10 - range is TITER of 1:10 to 1:100 is positive for herpes antibody, not diagnostic of current infection.  May or may not confirm immunity.
-Herpes Simplex Virus 2, IgG: result - 1:10 - range is TITER of 1:10 to 1:100 is positive for herpes antibody, not diagnostic of current infection.  May or may not confirm immunity.
-Rubeola (Measles), IgG :  result 1:512,
therefore is in the range: A single titer of 1:512 or greater in symptomatic patients is a strong indicator of current or recent infection (just my note that he did receive the MMR vaccine at 12 months).
-Rubella, IgG: result 1:512, 
therefore is in the range: A single titer of 1:512 or greater in symptomatic patients is a strong indicator of current or recent infection (just my note that he did receive the MMR vaccine at 12 months).
-Mumps, IgG: result 1:16,
therefore  is in the range: A TITER of 1:8 to 1:128 usually indicates immunity to mumps infection.  Not diagnostic of recent infection.
-Candida AB Profile, IgG, IgM, IgA:  result for the 3 were all very low (good) and in the normal range.
        Food specific IgG Ranges are :  <2 is UNDETECTED, 2.0-5.0 (0/1) is /VERY LOW, 5.1-10.0 (1) is LOW, 1
                                                            0.1-15.0 (2) is MODERATE, 15.1-20.0 (3) is HIGH, >20 (4) is VERY HIGH.
-IgG Casein: result - 36.9 therefore it is VERY HIGH (4)
-IgG Wheat: result - 10.9 therefore it is MODERATE (2)
-IgG Soy: result 2.61 - therefore it is VERY LOW (0/1)
-Total Serum Immunoglobulins: IgG - 587.5 (normal 442-1139) , IgA - 59.8 (normal 21-150), IgM - 59.4 (normal 43-184)
                                                Therefore IgG, IgA, IgM were all in normal range.
-IgE Total: - result <17.5, normal for his age is <60, therefore his IgE Total was in normal range.
CBC: result - all in normal ranges except monocytes, which was 13 (normal is 3-11)
SGOT: result - 31 (normal is 5-43), therefore is normal.
SGPT:  result - 12 (normal is 7-45), therefore is normal.
C-Reactive Protein:  result - <.4 (normal is <.08)
T & B cell profile:  These Natural Killer cell reading are abnormal-some high and some low.
Homocystiene:  result 4.0 (normal 5.0-12.0), therefore it is low.
Neuron-Specific Enolase : result 6 - (normal range 0-20), therefore normal
-Myelin Basic Protein AutoAntibodies: normal at this time - see Dr. Tomasovic's study.
-Serum Copper Serum Zinc :  Copper 1441 - normal range is 700-1750, therefore normal.  Zinc 869 - normal range is 600-1200, therefore is normal.

2. SIX HOUR VIDEO SLEEP EEG & MRI STUDY-DR. TOMASOVIC-Neurologist-with a blood draw for related issues - 
Myelin Basic Protein AutoAntibodies blood test - NORMAL
-Chromosomes - NORMAL
-EEG-abnormal spiking over left and right ears and in front of that area, most noticeable on left side.
Treatment:  What we are trying for this is a trial of Depakote sprinkles- 1 125mg capsule in the morning and 1 125 sprinkle in the evening.  I would like to note that this is a TRIAL.  We may not continue this if we do not see good results.  We have NEVER witnessed a seizure in our son-not even a staring seizure.  This study has shown improvement in around 30% of the children with similar EEGs and Depakote.  We may end up in the 70% range of non-improvement and discontinue the anti-epileptic drug.  For Andrew, there has been an increase in socialization, language, and temperament.  Improvements often occur for Andrew when we try new things, but they tend to fizzle out or actually cause regression, so we will see.

3. Fragile X (SmithKine) 
Result: Negative 
Treatment: N/A

4. Pyruvate Kinase, RBC (SmithKine) 
Result: DETECTED (this looked like it was bad-out of range)-not sure what to think of this but some have implied that this may be an indicator of heavy metal or mercury toxicity impairing the KREB cycle and related issues. 
Treatment: would be to do a trial of chelation with DMSA or DMPS, then to add ALA, and/or a hair test with DDI using Andy Cutler's counting rules to help see what metals are high.

5. Amino Acid Analysis, Qualitative, Plasma (SmithKline) 
Treatment: N/A at this time, although this test did not give the actual ranges so we may have to do this test again.

Result: 46, XY, normal male karyotype 
Treatment: N/A

Result: Polysaccharide 4: .4 
Polysaccharide 6B: .1 
Polysaccharide 14: .3 
Polysaccharide 18C: <0.1 L 
Polysaccharide 19F: .3 
Polysaccharide 23F: <0.1 
Note on test: Interpretation of type-specific IgG antibody response to pneumococcal and post-vaccination sera. Post vaccination serum should be obtained 30-45 days after immunization. Although protective antibody levels for pneumcoccal serotypes are not fully defined, someone is generally regarded as a responder if their post vaccination type-specific antibody levels are >2.0 and if there has been a twofold or greater increase in their antibody levels. However, a response to vaccination may not occur in those individuals with high prevaccination type-specific antibody levels. Although not all normal persons are expected to respond to any of the antigens. An individual is best considered a nonresponder to serotypes tested if postvaccination antibody levels are <2.0. 
Treatment: None at this time.

8. 150 Food Sensitivity Test (from MRT LEAP) Test-Dr.James 
Result: Reactive to 40 foods  and 1 chemical (caffeine)
Treatment we did:  Elimination of those 41 items and only feeding Andrew the 109 things that he tested non-reactive to.  We have since added enzymes to help with this but we are still on his "customized diet."

9. Yeast Test (from LEAP) blood test - Dr.James
Result:  Positive for yeast
Treatment we did:  Diflucan for 30 days with a follow up for 3 weeks of low dosages of probiotics.

10. Hair Test from DDI - ordered by phone through Direct Laboratory Services, Inc. Call 1-800-908-0000Ext. 404
I ordered it without a doctor and used Andy Cutler's Counting Rules to help judge if his essential elements are possibly off from heavy metal toxicity.  Note:  Mercury and other heavy metals may not show themselves in the hair tests or other tests for that matter.  That is why the "Counting Rules"  can help identify other problems.  See Dr. Holmes' Paper and the DAN Mercury Paper  for other tests that may determine heavy metal problems.

   ELEMENTS                RESULTS               COLOR                 HIGH/LOW               REFERENCE RANGE 

  • Calcium                       137                  green                 low                                125-370

  • Magnesium                  130                  RED                   high                               12-30

  • Sodium                        22                    green                 low                                12-90

  • Potassium                    13                    green                 low                                12-40

  • Copper                         13                    green                 high                               8.0-16

  • Zinc                              130                  white                 middle dot                     100-190

  • Manganese                   0.05                RED                    low                                 0.2-0.55

  • Chromium                     0.23                Yellow                low                                 0.26-0.5

  • Vanadium                     0.053               white                 middle                            0.03-0.1  

  • Molybdenum                 0.061               green                 low                                 0.05-0.13

  • Boron                            1.4                  green                 low                                 0.6-4.0

  • Iodine                           3.0                  Yellow                high                                0.25-1.3

  • Lithium                         0.045               Yellow                high                                0.007-0.023

  • Phosphorus                  191                  green                 low                                 160-250

  • Selenium                      0.89                Yellow                low                                 0.95-1.7

  • Strontium                      0.69                green                 high                                0.16-1.0

  • Sulfur                            52800              green                 high                                45500-53000

  • Barium                          0.19                 green                 low                                 0.16-0.8

  • Cobalt                           0.011               Yellow                low                                 0.013-0.035

  • Iron                               6.6                   Yellow                low                                 8.0-19

  • Germanium                  0.051                green                 low                                 0.045-0.065

  • Rubidium                      0.015                Yellow                low                                 0.016-0.18

  • Zirconium                      0.62                 green                 high                                0.04-1.0

  •             HIS POTENTIALLY TOXIC ELEMENTS-notice mercury is not high-it hides in the tissues and organs

  • TOXIC EL                   %COLOR              RESULT      REFERENCE RANGE

  • Aluminum                     green                5.9                  <8.0

  • Antimony                      green                .059                <.066

  • Arsenic                         green                .07                  <.08

  • Beryllium                      no color          <.01                  <.02

  • Bismuth               RED-OFF-PAGE-          2.2                  <.13 

  • Cadmium                      green               .041                 <.15

  • Lead                             green                .25                  <1.0

  • Mercury                        green                .03                  <.4

  • Platinum                       no color         <.0003                <.005

  • Thallium                       no color         <.001                 <.01

  • Thorium                        no color         <.001                 <.005

  • Uranium                       green                .017                 <.06

  • Nickel                           green                .07                  <.4

  • Silver                            green                .05                  <.2

  • Tin                                green                .23                  <.3

  • Titanium                       RED                  3.2                   <1.0

  • TOTAL TOXIC REPRESENTATION: Green but very close to yellow

  • ;

    11. Thyroid Panel-normal
    12. Celiac Disease-negative-had normal ranges
    13. Diabetes related tests - negative
    14. Comprehensive Stool Analysis, looking for gut bugs, inflammation and checking enzyme levels - normal
    15. Urinalysis - normal
    16. Repligen Secreting study tests such as: Calprotectin-which would indicate gut inflammation - negative to gut inflammation the first time, positive the second time, negative thereafter. We were also tested for Chymotrypsin is one of several enzymes released by the pancreas in response to stimulation by secretin and other hormones-same as the results for calprotectin.
    17. Liver function - quite often checked and has been normal.
    18.2003-2004-MetaMetrix Pedi ION with a lot of indicators that his Omegas were extremely low, needed B12 shots, and other supplements.
    19. MetaMetrix urine dysbiosis tests--we have had quite a few of these and use Diflucan, Flagyl, Nystatin, and antibiotics as needed to keep the flora good.
    20. Toxic Elements-Urine-to judge what the TTFD was pulling out--a little of everything was measured in green.
    21. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel-7-2004-normal except for Potassium.
    22. Stool Analysis-7-2004--still high for e-coli--we are constantly treating and measuring.
    23. CBC-7-2004 normal.
    24. New thyroid panel-7-2004 normal.
    25. Liver Function-7-2004 normal.
    26. New Measles/Rubeola test from Immunosciences-4-2004--High of 684 with a normal reference range 0-100.

    There are some theories that autism is caused and/or worsened by vaccines with Thimerosal (which contains almost 50% mercury) and that the combined MMR shot attacks the "gut" or intestines when they are weak from dealing with mercury. I would suggest to anyone, not just families with auto-immune problems, to request Thimerosal-free vaccines and to look into getting the MMR shot separated over months. I would try to put off starting vaccinations until the child is older, preferably 2 years old (especially boys). If you can't, which many of us that work cannot because we need daycare, postpone the Hep B vaccine until they are a little older (not less than 24 hours old). NEVER give your child a vaccine if they are possibly sick or on antibiotics. For more information about vaccines check out

    There are other theories that a family is at a greater risk if they have a stealth virus, which has been linked to auto-immune disease, gulf war syndrome, and autism. Many of our children have immune problems, food allergies, hypothyroidism, countless ear infections and reactions/regression after vaccinations.


    Pfeiffer Treatment Center
    Features the Metallothionein & Autism information.
    Their Autism Protocol that includes MT promotion, is found at

    CAN - The Cure Autism Now Foundation
    The Cure Autism Now Foundation is an organization of parents, clinicians and scientists dedicated to finding effective biological treatments, prevention and a cure or autism and related disorders.

    Center for the Study of Autism
    (Autism.COM) Information on autism.

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    A government site containing information and links for a variety of diseases. All information is available for public viewing.

    Combined Health Information Database
    CHID is a database produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government. This database provides titles, abstracts, and availability information for health information and health education resources.

    Autism Research Institute
    ARI is primarily devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the causes of autism and on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood.
    To order the DAN Protocol and other publications-a must have for parents ($25.00's)

    PowerPoint Presentations from the Spring 2001 DAN Conference
    (Atlanta, GA 2001)

    Mercury & Autism

    Center for the Study of Autism

    A comprehensive autism links page and is linked to the Autism Research Institute.

    The Autism Society of America Homepage
    The main Homepage for the Autism Society, it has statistics and general information on autism, as well as a mailing list, information on joining and news updates.

    -Families for Early Autism Treatment
    FEAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world class Education, Advocacy, and Support for the Northern California Autism Community.

    Sidney M. Baker, M.D, Medigenesis
    "It finds others who fit your profile and/or your autistic child's profile, so you can benefit from your profile-mate's experience, and he/she/they can benefit from your experience."

    The NIDS Research Institute
    Nuero Immune Dysfunction Syndromes Medical Advisory Board & Research Institute

    Dr. Michael Goldberg's Site
    Has a good page for suggested blood tests for our kids and his thoughts on CFS, ADHD and the autism immune connection..

    Dr. Mary Megson's Site
    She asserts that treating these children with natural forms of Vitamin A, such as cod liver oil, may have the effect of reconnecting the hippocampal retinoid receptor pathways that are critical for vision, sensory perception, language processing and attention

    Dr. Jeff Bradstreet 's Site
    The Good News Doctor Foundation is a Christian ministry that provides hope and information on how to eat better, feel better and minister more effectively as a result of a biblically-based, healthy lifestyle. Dr. Bradstreet is a Christian family physician and an expert/lecturer on Autism, ADD/ADHD, and learning disorders.

    Kalle Reichelt, M.D. information
    This site contains articles Dr. Reichelt has written about the impact of gluten intolerance on certain individuals with developmental delays.

    Dr. Rosemary Waring
    Dr Rosemary Waring and J M Ngong have produced substantial peer-reviewed documentation of the abnormal sulphation metabolism in the autistic population.

    Dr. Amy Holmes 
    Her thoughts on mercury toxicity, chelation and autism.

    Andy Cutler's Site
    Andrew Cutler is a chemistry and engineering consultant in the LA area. He has a PhD in chemistry from Princeton, and his research has led to a number of publications in chemistry, chemical engineering and space related journals.

    Prescription Drug Reference
    Search for information about drugs, side effects, and possible food and drug interactions.

    The Texas Center for Autism Research & Treatment - TCART - Texas
    This is the only treatment center for autism in South Texas.  
    I volunteer my web design service for them so you may see some similar things there.

    Medline Plus

    Autism Network for Physicians



    Health Gate Medline Access:

    Health World Medline Access:


    Webcrawler Autism Search
    Even more Autism links

    Yahoo Autism Search
    Tons of links!



    Hopewell Pharmacy (DanPlex)

    Houston Nutraceuticals, Inc.
    We use both of their enzymes with all meals and snacks.

    Kirkman Labs 
    SuperNuThera, TMG, EnZymAid, epsom salt cream, etc
    We use their Everyday Hypo vitamin and a few other things.

    Klaire Labs (SerenAid, etc.)

    Health America 
    In Houston, TX-Homeo-balance & Homeo-drainer products 1-888-593-1581

    Professional Health Products, Ltd

    Source Naturals
    Offers a chewable vitamin B

    The Modern Herbalist

    The Vitamin Lady

    Vitamin Research Products
    Offers DMSA without a prescription.


    Great Plains Laboratory

    Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory

    Health Choice
    Call (877) 339-2444 9-5 pacific
    They do not require a doctor's signature; in fact, 
    they provide the doctor's signature.  They are also very reasonable.

    DDI - (800) 323-2784 (Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, central time) 
    Great place to do hair testing and other tests.  The Autism Mercury List
    has the counting rules for DDI (they are the one's that do the actual testing) for heavy metals, including mercury.  You need these counting rules to determine if there is high mercury, because mercury will usually not test out of the normal range because it has settled into the tissues (based on Andy Cutler's book/experiences).  You will need a doctor to sign to have this test done (they may need to set up an account).
    If you want to have the same hair test done at DDI but do not want to go through a doctor, 
    you can order the test through:
    Direct Laboratory Services, Inc.

    Call 1 (800) 908-0000Ext. 404  , Mon-Fri, 8-5 Central Time
    and one of their doctors will order the test for you, for a mark up of about $37.00s.
    Although there is a markup, you won't have to pay for a doctor's office visit.

    MRT LEAP Blood Test for Food Sensitivities
    We used this lab through TCART for my son's food and chemical sensitivities.


    DAN! Practitioner List -- United States

    DAN! Practitioner List -- Outside the U.S.

    Alternative Medicine Network

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine

    American College for Advancement in Medicine


    This is also found on the OUR STORY  & TREATMENTS page at this site.

    1. Customized Home Program with Applied Verbal Behavior mixed in. This started out as an ABA program and then grew from there as he progressed.  ABA helped give him his start.  He was non-verbal and could not even sit well in a chair before we began ABA.  We especially like the "compliance training" technique from AVB with blocks/beans.  It has really helped with my son's behavior.
    2. Some sensory integration.  We have a special room set up for this in our home and it has helped a lot.
    3. Speech therapy.
    4. Occupational therapy.
    5. Enzymes from .  These are really helping my son.  They seem to have a "happy-child" effect.  Everyone should take a look/join at the Enzymes-And-Autism Yahoo group at . They have an amazing amount of information about enzymes and children recovering in their FILES section.
    6. Customized diet based on his 150 food/chemical blood test.  He tested reactive to 40 foods and caffeine (the only chemical he had a reaction to).  His main reactions were:  milk, soy, beef, pork, rice, pears, cherries, bananas, blueberries, and yeast.  Soy is in most everything as vegetable oil or partially hydrogenated soybean oil.  Boy is this hard to avoid.  We are also trying to avoid high phenol foods.
    7. Starting with a PPCD unit that goes inclusive with the pre-K 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours out of the 3 hour day. Our goal is for him to gain more social skills, play with other kids, and have more contact with other adults in authority. There is an autism unit that he could have gone into, but he had progressed past the kids that are in that unit. If we had not been doing ABA, he would have fit in there.  The Public School system is a struggle and very frustrating - even for an educator as myself.  
    8. Epsom Salt Baths - has worked well when 2 cups are added to his bathwater.  He now falls asleep better and is more calm.  We also use the Epsom Salt Cream from Kirkmans and you can try to make your own - one recipe is on the Nutrition page.
    9. Kirkman's Everyday Hypo. vitamin and mineral.  Andrew had increased stimming and autistic behaviors on all other vitamins that we tried.  We try to eat things that have a lot of natural vitamins and minerals including enriched items with calcium.
    10. Diflucan for yeast overgrowth for 30 days and then added probiotics for a short while.  His behavior improved a bit after this.
    11. AIT-Auditory Integration Therapy.  Helped with hearing sensitivities and clarity.

    12. We are seeing Dr. Vernon James with TCART (Texas Center for Autism Research and Treatment). We need to find out what medical/biological problems Andrew has and then deal with them. His pyruvate kinase, rbc test came back as "DETECTED" and that may mean his liver is not flushing out his system correctly and that he may have metals in his blood. It has been suggested by others that this is mercury from Thimerosal in some of his vaccinations. Imagine giving a newborn baby vaccinations when only hours old (some of these shots have mercury in them) and then added more mercury every few months for the first 18 months of his life. When he gets his MMR cocktail at 12 months, his intestines/gut are already overwhelmed (milk added to diet, mercury from vaccines, antibiotics used for ear infections, etc..). Don't forget the big vaccination at 15-18 months-DPT with mercury (please ask for Thimerosal-free vaccines and have the doctor separate the MMR-).
    13. Cod Liver Oil, Amino Acid Support, and Colostrum, all from Kirkmans, but we currently use Spectrum Complete, Cod Liver Oil, GABA, Mag, Calcium, L-Glutathione, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, Glucosamine Sulfate, Yeast Aid   
    14.TTFD, GSH, MC B12 shots.
    15. Tyler Eskimo Oil.
    16. Craig Nutraceuticals L-Tryptophan--helps with his mood and sleeping.
    17. Flagyl-just finished almost 2 months of this trying to kill off bad bacteria.
    18. Diflucan--good results both times we did this.
    19. Nystatin-we will be doing this again after we are down with this last round of a special antiobiotic that should kill off his high e-coli--to make sure the yeast has not gone up after so much Flagyl.
    20. Specific Antibiotics to kill of specific bacteria--can't remember the names.
    21. Adnoids out for better speech (it was recently discovered by Jesse Franco at the Capital School that Andrews nasal passage was blocked and that is why he sounded so nasal--the ENT was shocked no one else had ever noticed).
    22. Vit A protocol with Dr. McCandless because Andrew has very high measles titers.
    23. Probiotics with Klaire and Kirkmans.
    24. DMPS-Transdermal following Buttar's protocol.
    25. Chiropractic adjustments with alternative medical treatments.
    26. Neurofeedback with Linda Kirk's Office in Austin Texas--they have trained us to do this at home with our laptop and ThoughtTechnology equipment.
    27. TD DMSA and TD Glut from Lee Sibly's Rx.
    28. TD Secretin from Lee Sibly's Rx.
    29. Lipo Glut from Wellness.
    30. 40+ sessions of HBOT-hyperbaric oxygen therapy in San Antonio at SA HyperBarics.


    1. The GF part of the GFCF diet. Andrew had a bad reaction to this diet. I think it is because he is allergic to something that we were giving him during that time. I encourage everyone that may have a child with bowel problems (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting) to try this diet but to also eliminate soy and phenols and judge the difference. It is very hard to do, but many children have gotten much better when on the diet. There are also enzymes that you can give your child when they are eating if the diet is not for you. 
    2. DMG and TMG-it gave him a fever the 2 times we tried it. This may mean that it was going to work but it scared us too much. Some children seem to do really well and others do really bad.  There are theories on this too. There are theories that giving your child some of these things can actually be harmful if the "gut" is not healed. It is better to heal the gut and take things that help that process. There are also issues of sulfur needs and chelation for heavy metals.
    3. Vitamins with flavoring and colors added.  We can only use the Hypoallergenic line from Kirkman's.
    4. Depakote sprinkles for the spikes on his EEG.  We did see more social and language improvement within 2 days of starting this.  This helped for about 3 weeks and then we noticed that he became more irritable.
    5. Trileptal, another anti-seizure med.  This looked like a great med to help with irritability, socialization, mood and such but on the seventh day he broke out into an acute rash.  We had to discontinue this.
    6. Tenex.

    Epsom Salt Cream Recipe (just one of many)

    3/4 cup Epsom salt 
    1 cup boiling water (pure) 
    1 t baking soda 3T almond, coconut, or olive oil 
    1 cup all natural aloe vera lotion from HFS 
    3 T MCT oil 
    1T emu oil 
    2 T glutithione powder 
    3 T Aloe gel 
    1 T liquid choline 
    1 T evening primrose oil or Ultra Oil 
    1t Vit E oil 
    a few drops of lavender oil, 
    a few drops of tea tree oil 

    First Boil your water in glass container, pour 1/2 cup into 1 quart pyrex glass measuring cup, adding Epsom salt, baking soda and stirring briefly, if Epsom salt doesn't completely dissolve your water may not be hot enough, add another tablespoon or two of boiling water. Emerge blender stick into cup and blend oil in a thin stream, alternate with adding the lotion, oil then lotion, add every thing else while mixture is still warm and cool to room temperature before storing in jars or lotion bottles. I store half in the refrigerator. If you don't have an ingredient just leave it out. If you don't want to use lotion as a base, use solid coconut oil, warmed when you mix it, it will resolidify slightly upon cooling and will be more unstable, it might de-emulsify more. The finished lotion should not be gritty or too drying. It is best used right after bathing on warm damp skin, and it soaks in well. Fast Epsom rub For a quick rub down wet a wash rag, boil 2 T water in a shot glass with 1 T Epsom salts, pour on rag, add vit E, Primrose oil and almond oil to rag and wipe down child good before bed. Let him run naked for a few minutes to dry. Works as well as a long bath at my house, I make it a kind of massage and my son loves it, holds his arms and feet out to be rubbed. Then rolls over to sleep. Let me know how it goes. If it seems as effective as the baths, Angela Lowry GFCFRecipes Owner