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Help for Autistic Adults

At my very first Autism Society Meeting the guest speaker was an education specialist. A lot of questions were posed to him about how we can help our adolescent autistic children prepare for the future. He said that it was sad that not much money has been in place for older autistic children because so much emphasis is placed on the early years. He suggested parents contact the ARC of Texas (organization for retarded citizens that helps with transition or work related information) and to make sure it was discussed at the ARD and that there is a transitional plan in place in the IEP (Individual Education Plan).
Beyond that we as parents were on our own.
I know Andrew is only 3 years old but we need to be prepared.
One mother's comment really struck me at that meeting, "If you think you have problems when they are little just wait until until they're 290 pounds and wear a size 14 shoe!"
Wow!! We have our work cut out for us if we are going to prepare our kids for the future. The statistics show that most our autistic adults either still live at home or in a facility (not on their own). Let me know of any information or advice that you have. Below is just a little information that I have found relating to this area.

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Wouter Schenk interviews Carolyn Baird.
In this interview Carolyn Baird from Glendale, Australia, tells about her life, autism and Internet and her list PAN-L. Carolyn Baird is the listowner of PAN-L (Parents Autistics Network List). Carolyn, a high functioning autist, is mother of four children. Wouter Schenk works for the local government as an environmental specialist and writes articles on freelance basis.