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The Plumlee Family

I need the help of anyone who might know who these people are. It was taken in June 1934 in Red Boiling Springs, Tenn. The only thing written on the back of the photo is "Witcher Kin". I believe some of them maybe the family of Nancy Jane Rich who was the wife of Bailey Jasey Witcher. One of the men in the picture is shown in one of the pictures with Nancy Jane below. He is listed as Ike Plumly on the back of that picture. If you can help, please drop me a line!

1st Generation Christy Hakes Coppedge (me)
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married Doug Mehl in 2007.

2nd Generation Carolyn Witcher (Christy's mom)
Born 1949 in Littlefield, Texas.
Bruce Hakes (Christy's dad)
Born 1947 in Milaca, Minnesota.
Married 1967 in Littlefield, Texas.


3rd Generation Alva Copeland Witcher (Carolyn's dad)
Born August 15,1923 in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Died October 8, 2003 in San Angelo, Texas.
Buried in Littlefield, Texas.
LouElla Holmes (Carolyn's mom)
Born 1929 in Sweetwater, Texas.
Married in 1947 in Littlefield, Texas.

4th Generation Nancy Jane Rich (Alva's mom)
Born August 19, 1879 in Moss, Clay County, Tennessee.
Died October 30, 1949 in Littlefield, Lamb County, Tennessee.
Bailey Jasey Witcher (Alva's dad)
Born March 28, 1877 in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.
Died September 28, 1938 in Littlefield, Lamb County, Texas.
Married April 15, 1897 in Moss, Clay County, Tennessee.
Both are buried at Littlefield Cemetery in Littlefield, Texas.

Nancy Jane (Rich)Witcher in the 1940's

Nancy Jane (Rich) and her brother
Charlie Rich
Nancy with her sister Dora Brown
of Ohio
Ike Plumly, Walter & Dora Brown,
Nancy Witcher, and Nancy's grandson, B.W. Yeary

5th Generation Mary “Polly” Avaline Plumlee (Nancy Jane’s Mother)
Born October 14, 1860 in Jackson Co, TN (Now Clay Co. TN)
Died May 28, 1936 in Clay Co, TN
James Alford Rich (Nancy Jane’s Father)
Born January 5, 1857 in Jackson Co, TN (Now Clay Co. TN)
Died November 22, 1933 in Clay Co, TN
Married September 12, 1877 in Clay Co. TN
NOTE: Married by S. Plumlee

Alfred & Polly Rich and son, Charlie Sam "Red" & Martha Jane (Butler) Plumlee Walter & Dora Brown, Effie and Minnie

6th Generation Samuel "Red" Plumlee (Avaline's Father)
Born September 1834 in TN
Died 1908 in Clay C0, TN
Martha Jane "Janie" Butler (Avaline's Mother)
Born September 24, 1836

7th Generation Johnie Plumlee (Samuel's Father)
Born 1797 in TN
Died 1873 in TN
Elizabeth Denton (Samuel's Mother)
Born March 8, 1798 in TN

8th Generation John Brown Plumlee Sr. (Johnie's Father)
Born 1766 in Dunmore Co, VA
Died 1820 in Jackson C0, TN
Elizabeth Neill (Johnie's Mother)
Born 1772 in Burke Co, NC
Died in Jackson Co. TN
Married 1790 in Burke Co, NC
Buried Plumlee Cemetery, Clay Co, TN

9th Generation William Plumlee (John Brown's Father)
Born 1728 in Dunmore Co, VA
Died August 1826 in Knox Co, TN
Phoebe Denton (John Brown's Mother)
Born 1737 in Shenandoah VA
Married 1762 in VA

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