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Hawk Family Page

The research below is partly my own and partly due to other researchers hard work. If you find any errors or discrepencies, please feel free to let me know. I am always willing to make changes. And as usual, my advice to other researchers is to use my research as only a good place to start.

1st Generation

Doug Mehl
Born 1959 in Dallas, Oregon
Christy Hakes Coppedge (3rd wife)
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married 2007 in Antioch, California


2nd Generation

Roberta Stoneburner
Born 1938 in Leon, Iowa
Ron Mehl
Born 1935 in Dallas, Oregon
Married 1954 in Dallas, Oregon


3rd Generation

Edna Myrtle Marvin
Born September 8, 1913 in Leon, Decatur Co. Iowa
Died April 14, 2008 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon
Carlous Harland Stoneburner
Born April 29, 1911 in Madrid, Boone County, Iowa
Died January 28, 1993 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon
Married December 28, 1935 in Trenton, MO


4th Generation

Mary Jane Ricks
Born November 8, 1889 in Mercer County, Missouri
Died April 19, 1954 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa
Harry Ray Marvin
Born May 22, 1888 in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Died October 26, 1966 in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Married December 25, 1910

5th Generation

Candace Elverda Hawk
September 9, 1866 in Larue, Marion Co. Iowa
Died June 3, 1959 in Leon, Decatur Co. Iowa
Francis Marion Ricks
Born February 14, 1862 in Panora, Guthrie Co. Iowa
Died August 14, 1940 Iowa City, Johnson Co, Iowa


6th Generation

Jacob Hawk
Born June 3, 1831 in Ohio
Died May 12, 1897
Mary Araminto Campbell
Born August 9, 1835 in Ohio
Died October 21, 1908
Married April 2, 1853


7th Generation

George Hawk
Born May 2, 1803 in Tulpehocken, Berks Co. PA
Died October 7, 1841 in Bucyrus, Crawford Co. OH
Elizabeth Peterman


8th Generation

Johann Georg Hawk
Born April 12, 1768 in Rehersburg, Berks Co, PA
Died July 13, 1837 in Killinger, Dauphin Co. PA
Elizabeth Reed
Born August 20, 1774 in Stouchburg, Berks Co. PA
Died about 1868 in Bucyrus, Crawford Co. PA


9th Generation

John George Hauck
Born about 1749 in Berks Co. PA
Mary (Jacobina)
Born about 1750


10th Generation

Johannes Haag
Born about 1720
Anna Dorothea Diffenbach
Born About 1725

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