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Stoneburner Family

1st Generation

Doug Mehl
Born 1959 in Dallas, Oregon
Christy Hakes Coppedge (3rd wife)
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married 2007 in Antioch, California


2nd Generation

Roberta Stoneburner
Born 1938 in Leon, Iowa
Ron Mehl
Born 1935 in Dallas, Oregon
Married 1954 in Dallas, Oregon


3rd Generation

Carlous Harland Stoneburner
Born April 29, 1911 in Madrid, Boone County, Iowa
Died January 28, 1993 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon
Edna Myrtle Marvin
Born September 8, 1913 in Leon, Decatur Co. Iowa
Died April 14, 2008 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon
Married December 28, 1935 in Trenton, MO


4th Generation

Jesse R. Stoneburner
Born July 19, 1891
Died July 1977
1st Wife - Iva Pearl Hively (Mother of Carlous)
Born about 1892
Died about 1914 in Madrid, Douglas County, Iowa
2nd Wife - Velma S. (Burdick) Ball
NOTE: Jesse and Velma were married by 1920 census.


5th Generation

John A. Stoneburner
Born May 7, 1851 in Indiana
Died May 14, 1926 in Madrid, IA
Buried in Boone, IA
Martha A. Nutt
Born June 6, 1853
Died August 16, 1911
Married January 4, 1872 in Boone County, Iowa


6th Generation

John S. Stoneburner
Born about 1806 in Virginia
Caroline ______
Born about 1826 in Ohio

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