In honor of my favorite team, the Rangers, clinching the AL West pennant, this edition of CITW is devoted to Rangers sites.

Let's start with a bit of nepotism. Take a look at the Newberg Minor League Report, of which I'm proud to be the webmaster. The Newberg Report is a daily report on anything and everything involving Texas Rangers minor leaguers. May I dare say that there isn't a better team-specific minor league site out there? Sure I dare. The Newberg Report is the best minor league site out there, period. Check it all out, especially recommended are the daily reports by Jamey Newberg and "This Day in Rangers Transaction History" by M.J. Hindman. Site also contains interviews with up-and-coming Rangers prospects and much more.

Want daily news on the Rangers? Three newspapers in particular offer in-depth Rangers coverage--the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and Arlington Morning News. I personally prefer the Dallas paper, but none of three have the most baseball-savvy writers out there. That's one of the hazards of rooting for a baseball team in a football town. is one of the better fan-run sites out there pertaining to the Rangers. Needs to be updated a bit more often to move into that upper echelon of sites though.

Want Rangers talk? Let me suggest three different spots:

1. Dallas Morning News Rangers Forum -- this was the very first place I ever posted on the internet. Still has a good group of fans, though it degenerates into Angels vs. Rangers fans WWF action a little too often for my tastes.

2. Texas Rangers newsgroup -- probably the busiest Rangers talk out there. I get a little peeved at the two-line responses that aren't worth the time it takes to open them.

3. The DTFC Rangers Forum -- this forum is also used by the Newberg Report as their discussion base. Not as active yet as we'd like it to be, but a good small group of regular posters.

The Golden Ooshuk this week is going to Joe Siegler's Texas Rangers Web Site. Joe offers daily updates of everything Rangers and has lots of great features on the site, from downloadable Rangers screen savers to, my favorite feature, a Seat Selector that will give you a photograph of the view from any section of seats in the Ballpark in Arlington. Kudos to Joe for being so dedicated to his site, it's appreciated. This Golden Ooshuk is for you:

--JingleBob, September 29, 1999

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