This edition of Caught in the Web is going to focus on ballpark-related sites.

Ballpark Photos ( by Kevin Marsh is where we're going to start this edition of Caught in the Web. During the summer of 1995, Marsh lived out every baseball fan's dream and spent a summer travelling across the country watching baseball games. In all he visited over 60 different ballparks. On this page, Marsh has posted photos of every park he visited.

Road Trip 99 ( is another variation on the same theme as Marsh's site. Road Trip 99 designer Rob (I couldn't find a last name anywhere) is spending the summer of 99 visiting ballparks around the country. As of the time of this writing, he had travelled over 8,300 miles and visited 16 stadiums. Rob logs in near-daily accounts of his travels. A fun site.

One of the handiest ballpark sites on the web is STADIUMS and ARENAS ( This site offers seating charts, exterior photos, and schedules for near every major baseball park, football stadium, and basketball and hockey arena in North America. Easy to navigate, fast-loading.

Baseball fans wanting a look at some not-often-seen minor league parks need to check out Brian Merzbach's Baseball Stadium Home Page ( Merzbach has photos of over 100 different minor league ballparks on this site. A neat site.

And this week's Golden Ooshuk is going to ( This site has a little something for everyone--reviews of existing parks, lots of photos. My favorite part is the "Field of Dreams" in which fans have written in with their ideas about what should be in a new park.

Congrats to the good folks at This Ooshuk is for you:

--JingleBob, July 25, 1999

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