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John Salvester or Salvadore ROBERSHOTTE

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John & his siblings

John's daughter Nina

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Father: JOSEPH A. ROBERSHOTTE (Mar 1830-24 Sep 1915)
Mother: MATILDA NINA WEST (5 Dec 1843-7 Aug 1936)

Individual Facts:

Birth 29 Jan 1877 in Plymouth, ENG
Naturalised 1897 in Santa Clara Co, CA? (age 20)
Census 1900 in San Benito Co, CA (age 23)
Census 1910 in Santa Clara Co, CA (age 33)
Census 1920 in Santa Clara Co, CA (age 43)
Death 5 Apr 1949 in Gilroy, Santa Clara Co, CA (age 72)
Burial in Gilroy IOOF Cemetery, Santa Clara Co, CA

Occupation Orchardist


1. "Lizzie" Elizabeth M. NEWELL

Marriage abt 1897 (age 20)

Children (More information about these families in the next update.)

Merle John ROBERSHOTTE (27 Apr 1897-8 Dec 1969)

Alton N. ROBERSHOTTE (16 Jul 1899-20 Jan 1980)

"Willie" Wm H. ROBERSHOTTE (15 Jul 1902-1 Jan 1962)

Edna ROBERSHOTTE (1908-1993)

Nina ROBERSHOTTE (abt 1911-1976)

Bertha ROBERSHOTTE (abt 1916-)

Alta ROBERSHOTTE (after 1920- )



Joseph & Mathilda's children



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