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Census Records

1880 Census

Saratoga Santa Clara CA




1900 Census

San Benito CA

San Jose
Santa Clara CA

Los Gatos
Santa Clara CA


1910 Census

Los Gatos
Santa Clara CA

Santa Clara CA



1920 Census

Los Gatos
Santa Clara


Santa Clara


Census: 1880 Santa Clara Co CA-Saratoga ED 254 T9 32/27

Joseph Robershotte w/m 49 y/o married farmer b/SWITZ/SWITZ/SWITZ
Matilda Robershotte w/f 36 y/o wife married keeping house b/ENG/ENG/ENG
Kate Robershotte w/f 13 y/o daug single attend school b/AUST/SWITZ/ENG
Valirma w/m 10 y/o son single attend school b/AUST/SWITZ/ENG
George T. w/m 7 y/o son single attend school b/AUST/SWITZ/ENG
John S. w/m 4 y/o son single at home b/ENG/SWITZ/ENG
Nina w/f 10/12 Aug daug at home b/CAL/SWITZ/ENG
Pedro Bazzini w/m 35 y/o employee single b/SWITZ/SWITZ/SWITZ
Baptiste Modina w/m 32 y/o employee single b/SWITZ/SWITZ/SWITZ

Census: 1900 Santa Clara Co CA-Los Gatos, Redwood Township ED 57 Sheet 12 Line 37 Reel #110

Joseph Robershotte head/w/m Mar 1830 70 y/o married b/SWITZ/SWITZ/SWITZ immigrated 1878/22 years in U.S./not naturalized day laborer
Joseph Robershotte Jr. son/w/m Dec 1881 18 y/o b/CA/SWITZ/ENG
George Richardson boarder/w/m Oct 1830 69 y/o widow b/MA/NH/CAN farm labor

Census: 1900 San Benito CA ED 16 House 265 Sheet 15 Line 12

John S. Robershotte head/w/m Jan 1878 22 y/o married ENG/SWITZ/ENG farmer
Lizzie Robershotte wife/w/f Feb 1879 21 y/o married x2years bore x2 children/x2 children living b/CA/IRE/IRE
Merle Robershotte son/w/m Apr 1897 3 y/o CA/ENG/CA
Alton N. Robershotte son/w/m/Jul 1899 10/12 CA/ENG/CA
George J. Putnam boarder Apr 1876 24 y/o single CA/NY/WA


Census: 1900 Santa Clara CA-San Jose ED 62 Sheet 22 Line 60 REEL #110

Enumerated with Samuel F. Lieb household (attorney) Alameda Street, San Jose
Nina V. Robershotte w/f Aug 1879CA 20 y/o single servant b CA/SWITZ/ENG parlor maid
Matilda Robershotte w/f Dec 1841 ENG 58 y/o married 39 years bore 13 children 7 living servant b/ENG/ENG/ENG immigration date unknown housekeeper

Census: 1910 Santa Clara Co-Los Gatos/Main Street ED 0083 H/H#114

Matilda Robershotte head/w/f 67 y/o marriedx47 years x10 children/x5 living ENG/ENG/ENG immigration/naturalization infor blank dressmaker

Census: 1910 Santa Clara Co CA - Gilroy San Ysidro Dist, Pacheco Pass Road ED 73 Sh 1 H/H#17

John Robershotte head/m/w 33 married x13 years ENG/SWITZ/ENG
immigrated 1877/naturalized citizen farmer
Elizabeth wife/w/f 31 marriedx13 years x4children/x4living CA/IRE-ENG/IRE-ENG
Merle son/m/w 12 single CA/ENG/CA
Alton son/m/w 10 single CA/ENG/CA
Willis son m/w 7 single CA/ENG/CA
Edna daug/f/w 1 single CA/ENG/CA
Joseph A. father/m/w 77 marriedx50 years SWITZ/SWITZ/SWITZ immigrated 1877/alien

Census: 1920 Santa Clara Co CA ED 142 Sh 3 Line 47 Reel 146

Matilda Robershotte head/rents/f/w 77 widow immigrated 1878/alien read/write ENG/ENG/ENG blank occupation

Census: 1920 Humboldt Co CA Fortura-ED 65 Sh 1 Line 28 Reel 99

Joseph Robershotte head/rents/m/w 39 married read/write CA/FR/ENG salesman/meatmarket wages
Ethel M. wife/f/w 26 married read/write CA/New Brunswick/CA
Clinton son/m/w 6 single attends school CA/CA/CA
Glenn son/m/w 5 single CA/CA/CA


Census: 1920 Santa Clara Co CA ED 128 Sh 8 Line 34 Reel 146 Gilroy

 John Robershotte head/own/no mortgage male/whie 43 y/o married immigrated 1879 naturalized 1895 read/write b/ENG/sp/ENG Fath b/SWITZ/sp/GER-SWISS Moth b/ENG/sp/Eng Orchardist Farm Sch #94
Elizabeth wife/f/w 41 married read/write b/CA Fath b/IRE/sp/Eng Moth b/IRE/Sp Eng
Willie son/m/w 17 single read/write CA/ENG/CA laborer
Enda daug/f/w 12 single attend school read/write CA/ENG/CA
Nina dau/f/w 9 single attend school read/write CA/ENG/CA
Bertha daug/f/w/4 single CA/ENG/CA



Joseph & Mathilda's children



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