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Our immigrant ancestors

Mathilda West

Joseph A. Robershotte

14 Aug 1863
Hunter's Hill, Parramatta River, Sydney, Australia

And how did this unlikely alliance occur? I've heard two stories...

Story #1

They were working for "royalty" (I'd translate this to mean aristocracy) - he as a gardener, her as a dressmaker - when they met and married in Australia.
[This version from my grandmother, Joseph and Matilda's gr-granddaughter, Josephine Pimentel Henley.]


Story #2

Matilda was hired as a governess to accompany a family to Australia. While there she met and married Joseph Robershotte.
[This version from my "cousin", Joseph and Mathilda's grand daughter Bertha Robershotte Lindeleaf.]



Birth 6 Mar 1833 in Gordola, Ticino, Switzerland
Census 1880 in Saratoga, Santa Clara Co, CA (age 50)
Census 1900 in Santa Clara Co, CA (age 70)
Death 24 Sep 1915 in Gilroy, Santa Clara Co, CA (age 85)
Burial abt 26 Sep 1915 in IOOF Cemetery,
Gilroy, Santa Clara Co, CA (age 85)


Census 1880 in Saratoga, Santa Clara Co, CA
Census 1900 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA (age 57)
Census 1910 in Santa Clara Co, CA (age 67)
Census 1920 in Santa Clara Co, CA (age 77)
Death 7 Aug 1936 in CA (age 92)
Burial in Los Gatos, CA

*There are much better photos of Matilda. [Thanks to "cousin" Robin!] I'll get another one posted here or patch this one up. This original had pin holes poked through the eyes.



Joseph & Mathilda's children



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