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Across Texas, old theaters are struggling to survive. Many have closed and others torn down. Some have been remodeled and are still operating. Theaters are listed and sorted by cities. (Photos taken by Webmaster) ABILENE Paramount Theater in Abilene The 1930 Paramount Theater is located in downtown Abilene & features Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. It closed in 1979 but was restored and renovated in 1986. The auditorium has 1220 seats and now features concerts, live theater, & special event films.
ALBANY Aztex Theater in Albany Aztec Theater is located in downtown Albany. It seated 500 show-goers in its heyday. The theater was completely remodeled in 1991.
ALICE Rialto Theater in Alice Rialto Theater opened in downtown Alice in 1948 as the Alice Theater. It has been closed and vacant for years.
AMARILLO Paramount Theater in Amarillo The 1932 Paramount Theater was one of Amarillo's premier first-run theater but closed in 1975. It was later gutted & converted to office spaces.
ANSON Palace Theater in Anson Palace Theater is located near downtown Anson and is closed.
Opera House in Anson The Opera House in downtown Anson was built in 1907 and used for many events including silent & talking movies. Today it is used mostly for stage productions.
ARCHER CITY - Royal Theater is located in downtown Archer City & was featured in the 1971 movie "The Last Picture Show". ATHENS Texan Theater in Athens Remains of the Texas Theater near the square in downtown Athens. Only the shell of the building remains today.
AUSTIN Paramount Theater in Austin The 1915 Paramount Theater is the oldest surviving theater in Austin, located on Congress Ave.
State Theater in Austin The State Theater operates along with and next door to the Paramount. It was built in 1935 and is located on Congress Ave. in downtown Austin.
Texas Theater in Austin The 1927 Texas Theater on Guadalupe St. is now a CVS and coffee shop.
Varsity Theater in Austin The Varsity Theater on Guadalupe St. is now a Wells Fargo Bank.
BALLINGER Theater in Ballinger Texas Theater is located in downtown Ballinger, opened as the Palace Theater but was renamed after the Texas Theater burned across the street. The Texas sign was moved across to this theater. It has been closed for years.
BEAUMONT - Jefferson Theater is located at 345 Fannin St. in Beaumont and opened in 1927 with 1,451 seats. It was restored and reopened in 2003 for live productions. BERTRAM - The 1935 Globe Theater in downtown Bertram reopened in 2015 after six years of being restored. BIG SPRING Ritz Theater in Big Spring Ritz Theater is located on the square in Big Spring and has been closed for years. It opened in the late 30s and at one point some renovations were done but it closed a few years later.
BLANCO Blanco Theater in Blanco Remains of Blanco Theater located on the square in Blanco. It opened in 1936 and closed in 1958.
BRADY Palace Theater in Brady The Palace Theater was built in 1927 with 450 seats. It closed in 1955 but reopened in 2014 to show movies.
BRECKENRIDGE National Theater in Breckenridge National Theater is located in downtown Breckenridge on Walker St. It has recently been restored.
BRONTE Theater in Bronte Texas Theater is located near downtown Bronte, restored and may still be in use.
BROWNFIELD Rialto in Brownfield Rialto Theater is located in downtown Brownfield (West Texas) and still operating.
BROWNWOOD - Lyric Theater presently being renovated. BRYAN Queen & Palace theaters in Bryan The remains of the Queen Theater in downtown Bryan. The roof of the Palace caved-in some years ago and is now a new open-air theater. Another downtown theater was called the Dixie.

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