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EASTLAND Majestic Theater in Eastland Majestic Theater is located in downtown Eastland and was built in 1920. It was known as the Connellee and featured silent films and stage shows. In the 1930s, the Connellee began hosting live radio broadcasts every Saturday. Gene Autry and his horse Champion even appeared on stage at the Connellee once. Interstate Theaters bought the Connellee in 1947 and completely remodeled it in the Art Moderne style, with touches of Western decor. It was reopened as the Majestic, and continued as a first run theater until closing in 1986. The Majestic reopened in 1987 after it was renovated to look much as it did in 1947. It now features a varied mix of first run and classic films, concerts, and stage shows, as well as hosting meetings in its auditorium. Presently the theater opens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with shows starting at 7:30pm. Located at 108 N. Lamar St. (254-629-1322). In 2012, digital equipment was installed. New seats & carpet were installed in 2017. The Majestic celebrated 100 years in February of 2020. During the oil boom time, Eastland had six movie theaters. The Princess theater was located beside the Conellee in the Stanley Hotel. There was also another Majestic theater at this time. Another theater was the Altlambra which is now the Coats Furniture Store located at Seaman & Olive Street. EL PASO The Plaza Theater in downtown El Paso opened in 1930 to a crowd of 2,410. Newly renovated, it reopened in April of 2006. FARMERSVILLE Cornes Theater in Farmersville The 2-story Cornes Theater is in downtown Farmersville & closed many years ago.
FORT WORTH Berry Theater in Fort Worth The Berry Theater is at the corner of Berry St. & Hemphill on the south side of FW. It has been vacant for years and was once called the White Theater.
FORT WORTH New Isis Theater in Fort Worth The New Isis Theater on Main St. in the Stockyards was built in the 1930s and closed in 1988.
FORT WORTH Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth The Ridglea Theater on Camp Bowie Blvd. was built in 1948 and is now a music theater.
FORT WORTH Summit Theater in Fort Worth The Summit Theater on Camp Bowie Blvd. is now a business.
FREDERICKSBURG Palace Theater in Fredericksburg The Place Theater in downtown Fredericksburg is now a fashion shop. The theater opened in 1922 and closed in 1989.
GAINESVILLE State Theater in Gainesville The State Theater is in downtown Gainesville a block from the square. It was renovated and now used for live productions.
GANADO The Ganado Cinema was built in 1939. It has been preserved and updated to feature current releases. GARLAND Plaza Theater in Garland The Plaza Theater is in downtown Garland (near Dallas). It opened in 1941 and at one time was the third theater on the square in downtown Garland. In 1991, it was donated to the City of Garland. The theater was renovated and is now used for special events having 350 seats. The Ridgewood Theater is a newer theater build in a Garland shopping center and has been closed for years. Ridgewood Theater in Garland GEORGETOWN Palace Theater in Georgetown The Palace Theater, located off the Georgetown square, was built in 1925 and provided movie entertainment until closing in 1989. Later it reopened in 2001 after being remodeled. The Palace now host plays, music, and the occasional movie.
GONZALES Lynn Theater in Gonzales The 1947 Lynn Theater is located on the square in Gonzales. It reopened in 2012 to shows first run movies & used for live theater. The theater uses a modern digital projector.
Crystal Theater in Gonzales The Crystal Theater opened in 1913 & is located in downtown Gonzales. Later it became a dinner theater but closed & is now a live theater.
GRAHAM National & Liberty theaters in Graham National Theater is located in downtown Graham. Built in 1920 and restored in 1989 after being closed for many years (National Register of Historic Places). The Liberty Theater was converted to a shop. GRANBURY Live & Opera House Granbury has two live play theaters on the square in downtown. The Granbury Live & Opera House may have been old movie theaters at one time.
GRAND PRAIRIE Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie The 1950 Uptown Theater is located on Jefferson Blvd. in Grand Prairie. It has recently been renovated by the city into a performance theater. It was once a Spanish church.
GRAPEVINE Palace Theater in Grapevine The restored 1940 Palace Theater is located at 300 S. Main in downtown Grapevine and home of the Grapevine Opry.
GREENVILLE Texan Theater in Greenville The Texan Theater in downtown Greenville was once the King Opera House. It originally opened in the 1930s & closed in 1975, later becoming an antique shop. Restored in 2014 as a music venue featuring high-quality bands.
GROESBECK Longbotham Theater in Groesbeck The Longbotham in downtown Groesbeck appears to have been a theater at one time and is now a furniture store.
HALLETTSVILLE Cole Theater in Hallettsville Cole Theater is in downtown Hallettsville (South Texas). It opened in 1929 and has been remodeled three times due to floods in downtown. Presently it shows first- run movies.
HENDERSON - has two old theaters downtown. One is closed and the other has been remodeled for live shows. HILLSBORO Texas Theater in Hillsboro Texas Theater is located in downtown Hillsboro near the square. It opened in 1932 and is now closed. At one time there were four theaters on the square.
HONDO - The Raye is an active movie theater in downtown Hondo. HOUSTON - The 70-year-old River Oaks Theater has off-the-beaten-path productions and weekend midnight "classics". HOUSTON - The Heights Theater on 19th St. has been renovated for live music shows. HUNTSVILLE Town Theater in Huntsville Town Theater is located in downtown Huntsville near the square and is now the Gibbs Center for Performing Arts.

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