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List of Individuals
(Dublin), Elizabeth Dubbin -Barton, Permilia
Barton, Phinehas Dwight -Clapp, Sarah
Clark, Allen -Cooke, Child (3)
Cooke, Child (4)-Cooke, Horace (3)
Cooke, Horace D. -Cooke, Moses (1)
Cooke, Moses (2)-Cooke, William E.
Cooke, William Foster -Dickinson, Rebecca
Dickinson, Samuel -Ford, William
Ford/|t Northampton, Hamphires, Mass. Married: 13dec1610 at Bridport, Dorsetshire, England, Thomas -Greenlaw, Ruth Mable
Grimm, Apollonia -Halket, William
Halket, William (1)-Laing, James
Lamson, Charles E. -Montague, William (3)
Montes, Janae Nicole -Pike, Allison Louise
Pike, Jack -Sewall, Jane
Sharpe, Grace -Smith, Unknown (2)
Smith, Unknown (3)-Taylor, Sarah (1)
Taylor, Silas -Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth (1)-Wright, John I.
Wright, Joseph -Young, Unknown

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