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List of Individuals
Clark, Allen
Clark, Elizabeth
Closs, Maria Catharina
Cloyce, Alice
Cloyce, Benoni
Cloyce, Hepsibah
Cloyce, James
Cloyce, Mary
Cloyce, Peter
Coffie, Margaret
Coleman, Noah
Coleman, Sarah
Coleman, Thomas
Collins, Felix
Collins, Harriet
Colt, Elisha
Colton, Benjamin
Colton, Deborah
Colton, Ephraim
Colton, George
Colton, Hepzebah
Colton, Isaac
Colton, John
Colton, Mary
Colton, Sarah
Colton, Thomas
Colunga, Dane Christian
Colunga, Paris Richelle
Colunga, Richard M.
Congdon, James
Connor, Unknown
Conon, Katherine
Cook, Albert Baxter
Cook, Clinton
Cook, Elihu Dwight
Cook, Emma
Cook, Fred
Cook, Hattie Permilia
Cook, Jean
Cook, Lucius
Cook, Lucretia
Cook, Myrtie J.
Cook, Robert
Cook, Westwood
Cooke, Aaron
Cooke, Aaron (1)
Cooke, Aaron (2)
Cooke, Aaron (3)
Cooke, Aaron (4)
Cooke, Abbe Greenwood
Cooke, Abigail
Cooke, Abigail Frank
Cooke, Achsah
Cooke, Adaline
Cooke, Adelia
Cooke, Albert Dwight
Cooke, Albert G.
Cooke, Alexander Phoenix
Cooke, Alfred Hunt
Cooke, Alfred Lyon
Cooke, Alice Georgianna
Cooke, Almon
Cooke, Amanda
Cooke, Amasa
Cooke, Andrew
Cooke, Ann
Cooke, Anna
Cooke, Anne
Cooke, Artemas
Cooke, Arthur Lyman
Cooke, Ashbel
Cooke, Austin
Cooke, Austin (1)
Cooke, Austin Eliot
Cooke, Betsey
Cooke, Betsey (1)
Cooke, Blanche
Cooke, Blanche L.
Cooke, Bridget
Cooke, Bridget (1)
Cooke, Caleb
Cooke, Caleb (1)
Cooke, Calvin
Cooke, Caroline
Cooke, Carrie
Cooke, Catherine
Cooke, Charles
Cooke, Charles (1)
Cooke, Charles (2)
Cooke, Charles (3)
Cooke, Charles Herbert
Cooke, Charles Walter
Cooke, Charlotte
Cooke, Charlotte Smith
Cooke, Charlotte Sparhawk
Cooke, Chester
Cooke, Child
Cooke, Child (1)
Cooke, Child (2)
Cooke, Child (3)

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