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List of Individuals
Unknown, Elizabeth (1)
Unknown, Ellen
Unknown, Experience
Unknown, Hannah
Unknown, Hannah (1)
Unknown, Jane
Unknown, Jean
Unknown, Joanne
Unknown, Lois
Unknown, Lydia
Unknown, Margaret
Unknown, Margaret (1)
Unknown, Margaret (2)
Unknown, Margaret (3)
Unknown, Margaretha
Unknown, Martha
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Mary (1)
Unknown, Matilda C.
Unknown, Sarah
Unknown, Susanna
Unknown, Zibiah
Van Dalsem, Theodore V.
Vassel, Alice
Venables, Angella (Anyll)
Vernon, Dorothy
Vernon, Ralph
Viau, Rosalina
Vickers, Alice
Wade, Parthena
Wadsworth, Hannah
Waidenhofel, Anna
Waite, Betty
Waite, William
Walkington, Amicia
Wallis, Unknown
Warner, Lucy
Warner, Noadiah
Way, Joan
Way, Joan (1)
Way, Stephen
Weber, Anna Maria
Weber, Johann Jacob
Webster, Anne
Webster, Daniel
Webster, John
Weinberg, Frances
West, Dan
West, Euphemia
West, John J.
West, John S.
West, Lou Ellen
West, Mary
West, Rose A.
West, William T.
West, William T. (1)
Westwood, Sarah
Westwood, William
Whitaker, Mildred
White, Abigail
White, Daniel
White, Daniel (1)
White, Elizabeth
White, James
White, Joanna
White, John
White, John (1)
White, John (2)
White, Martha
White, Mary Ann
White, Nathaniel
White, Nathaniel (1)
White, Oliver
White, Robert
White, Ruth
White, Sarah
White, Sarah Jane
Whitehead, Unknown
Wilhoit, Christena
Wilkins, P. J.
Wilkins, Verling Lyle
Willard, Hannah
Willard, Irving
Williams, Unknown
Wilson, Fulton L.
Wolcott, Henry
Wolcott, Simeon
Woods, Delphina
Woods, Isaac
Woodward, Thankful
Wright, Aaron
Wright, Annette
Wright, Catherine Isobel
Wright, Corena Ray
Wright, Ed
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Ephraim
Wright, Frederick
Wright, George Coatman
Wright, John I.

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