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List of Individuals
Grimm, Apollonia
Griswold, Benjamin
Guenther, Unknown
Guild, Joseph
Gull, Mary
Hacket, George
Hacket, George (1)
Hacket, Janet
Hacket, Mary
Hacket, Mary (1)
Hacket, Robert
Hacket, Robert (1)
Hacket, Thomas
Hacket, Wiliam
Hacket, William
Hacquit, Janet
Haggard, Jane
Halket, Agnes
Halket, Alfred Abel
Halket, Andrew Harrison
Halket, Ann Imlach
Halket, Annie
Halket, Annie Isabella Duncan
Halket, Aubrey Nicole
Halket, Bessie Isabelle
Halket, Cameron
Halket, Christina
Halket, Christine
Halket, Christopher
Halket, David Gordon
Halket, Denise
Halket, Donald
Halket, Donald Clyde
Halket, Doris
Halket, Douglas Beckley
Halket, Eleanor
Halket, Emily Elizabeth
Halket, Foster Walter
Halket, Gary Lester
Halket, Glen Todd
Halket, Gordon Clyde
Halket, Gregory Marson
Halket, Guilford
Halket, Guilford (1)
Halket, Guilford Barteaux
Halket, Helen
Halket, Helen M.
Halket, Infant
Halket, Isabella D.
Halket, James Clark
Halket, James Law
Halket, James Law (1)
Halket, Jane
Halket, Janet
Halket, Janet (1)
Halket, Jean
Halket, Jean (1)
Halket, Jeffrey
Halket, Jeffrey Law
Halket, Jennifer Elizabeth
Halket, Jonathon Robert Levin
Halket, Linda Ena
Halket, Lois
Halket, Lorraine Hatfield
Halket, Margaret
Halket, Margaret Simpson
Halket, Margaret Stevenson
Halket, Marie Helen
Halket, Marion A.
Halket, Michael
Halket, Michael Adam
Halket, Muriel Margaret Rose
Halket, Raymond John
Halket, Reginale
Halket, Richard
Halket, Richard (1)
Halket, Robert
Halket, Robert (1)
Halket, Robert (2)
Halket, Robert (3)
Halket, Robert (4)
Halket, Robert (5)
Halket, Robert (6)
Halket, Robert Albert
Halket, Robert Allen
Halket, Robert Lewis
Halket, Ross Allen
Halket, Ruth Stevenson
Halket, Savannah Lee
Halket, Scott
Halket, Scott Anthony
Halket, Steven
Halket, Thomas
Halket, Thomas (1)
Halket, Thomas D.
Halket, Thomas Daniel
Halket, Tracy
Halket, Wallace T.
Halket, Walter Foster
Halket, William

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