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Everyone Needs A Laugh! ...more jokes than you can laugh at!!!

Clinton and Gore Getten' Jiggy!

Check out the new Monica Webring Link

Meet Miss Monica Lewinsky

Miss Monica Photos - Monica Web Ring - Political Jokes on First Family
Does Being From Little Rock Cause Clinton's To Be Picked On?

Bonnie Blayney Introduces Her 'Cow'puter Site; "Unlocking my Diary"
Gazette says: Excellent Personal Diary and Site Design
How is Shamu The Wale? SeaWorld, Photos, Child Abuse Issues and more
Let's Get PersonalBonnie's Homepage

inside scoop...want it on politics and pageants?

Yesterday's Texas Gazette Front Page
Howdy Doody Dead *** Roopster Roux & WNBA & NBA Literacy Tour Schedule
** MISS TEXAS ** Hillarious New Rules At Miss America ** Terrific Links
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Inside Front Page
Contributing Austin Writer on "Awakenings" - Loosing Roy Rogers
A Free Web Site We Found And Are Playing With FreeYellow.Com

The Johnny High Show Creates Stars

The Johnny High Country Music Review is every Saturday Night in Arlington, Texas.
This is one of the Best Showscases for Singers in the USA. Johnny High Presented Miss Lea Ann Rimes, on his stage, over 375 times before she became famous from her recording HITS! Lea Ann started performing as a young girl and is honored in the Johnny High Museum. Johnny and his wife are supportive of the Miss Texas Pageant, giving the girls a place to perform, in front of a live audience, the saturday night before the Pageant. Miss Texas Week begins every year on the Sunday preceeding the 4th of July. The Title Holders chosen to sing that Saturday Night, consider it a highlight of the Pageant Week and an honor!

A Lea Ann Rimes World - Miss Lea Ann Rimes
Johnny High's Country Music Review
Links Across Texas

A #1 Web Site!
Welcome to - Take the time to look at the other web sites linked on this site. They are heartwarming, wonderful and courageous stories of people living with and overcoming paralysis from car accidents and other causes. This Site is A Winner and so are the Webmasters of all the linked sites!
Welcome to

Small Reflections
If You Haven't Checked It Out Lately... Heather Long, a daily Reader from Calgary and a Contributing Editor and Poet to The Texas Gazette has done a big update on her already wonderful web site. Small Reflections
Here's a rare Teacher who is excited about the new School Year. Jo Clair is teaching in Houston. Enjoy the surf to JO CLAIR'S DESK

Fran Lindsey use to live in Texas from 1973 till 1995 when the family moved to Florida. They have a great personal web site and hobby page... worth the on over to it!

Found! Great Artistic Site
Found a Friendly and FREE Artistic Site; Graphic Workstation!
The Texas Gazette Would Like To Exchange Logo's and Links!

Thank's Graphic Workstation!
Graphic Workstation Free Graphics

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Movies & Reviews
Vietnam Websites
Meet Miss Monica Lewinsky

Miss Monica Photos - Monica Web Ring - Political Jokes on First Family
Does Being From Little Rock Cause Clinton's To Be Picked On?
Howdy Doody Dead *** NBA and WNBA Appearance Schedule
*** Wal-Mart National Literacy Tour/Roopster Roux
*** Great Links *** Funny Links **
***MISS TEXAS & Hillarious New Rules At Miss America!***

Deidre "Silver" Sexton's KITTY LITTER CAKE!
Kim Jobe's Article on Freedom And YOU!
Heather Long's Calgary Rodeo with Texans Galore!

Reader Returns To Vietnam - Reader Creates Romance Enzine
Kids, You Gotta Love'Em!
A Woman President or Vice-President In Our Lifetime?
Elizabeth Dole Believes So... Polls Vote Her!

Did Siran-Siran Kill Robert F. Kennedy?
Tribute to Barry Goldwater
Readers Remember Phil Hartman
Lewinsky-Starr Bumper Sticker
Sinatra Remembered
Van Cliburn Collapses
Special Feature, Don't Drink and Drive
from A Reader Who Lost Her Daughter

Oprah - Country Music
Sweet Alice Faye - Lost dog/A Pet Story
Who, What, Where, When and How
The New Journalist and The Internet
The TITANIC In A 5 Minute Movie Script
Letters to Editor
Amanda's Little Queenie Pageant Page
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Divine Mind
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The Roopster Roux National Literacy Tour Hosted by Wal-Mart
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