18th Texas Infantry

Company G

Bearden, A.B.
Bell, J.T.
Bell, Samuel, M.
Berry, J.W., Cpl.-died at Little Rock, December 1863
Boatright, G.D.
Boger, John W.
Cain, W.T.
Caver, W.T.
Childers, W.H.-enlisted Simmesport Louisiana
Cordy, David, Cpl.-name also spelled Caudry
Daniel, Samuel
Dansby, Issac, Capt.
Davis, G.W.
Davis, J.W.
Dotson, Jeremiah, Sgt.-Guard
Dotson, Josiah, Sgt.
Dotson, Milo S.
Drewry, H.A., Sgt.
Edwards, F.R.-Cook
Edwards, W.H.
Faucett, C.H.-Transfered from the 28th Dismounted Cavalry
Garner, Andy
Gaston, J.F.
Germany, Joseph
Gill, A.S. - Overseer
Goldsberry, Alfred Pomeroy, 1st Lt.-died at Rock Hotel, Little Rock, January 1863
Charles G. Graham - 1st Lt.
Graham, Joseph
Gresham, R.E. -Nurse
Harrington, Young D., 1st Lt.
Henry, Michael-Guard
Hicks, Franklin-Guard
Holt, A.T.-Cook
Holt, Hardy L., Sr., 2nd Lt.
Hunt, John W.-Pickett Guard
Johnson, J.M.
Johnson, L.R. - KIA at the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux
Jones, M.H.
Kent, W.H.-with Forage Wagons
Lacy, James B.
Lacy, Stephen, Sgt.
Lawrence, T.H., 1st Sgt.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, October 1862
Lemmons, James
Lesley, R.P., Cpl.
Lilly, J.A., Cpl.
Lively, W.W.
Loftis, W.J.-sent to 22nd Dismounted Cavalry
Marlow, Robert D., Cpl.
McAnulty, R.E.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, October 1862
McCorkle, W.L.
McKnight, C.C., Sgt.-Cook
McKnight F.M.
McNeely, Joseph -Wagon Driver, Ordnance
McNeil, George T., 1st Sgt.
Melton, J.M.
Miller, Fredric
Miller, Robert C.
Mills, John R.
Mitchell, J.B., Ord. Sgt.-died 1863
Moon, Robert M. - buried at Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas.
Moore, J.F.
Moore, N.B.
Murph, Thomas J.-Medical Doctor
Newsom, J.E., 2nd Lt.
Newson, A.S.
Nichols, Joshua
Philips, C.W.-died Camp Nelson,November 1862
Pirtle, James
Powell, M.W.
Power, J.M., Sgt.
Quinn, James-Teamster
Quinn, Uriah-Teamster
Reavis, T.H., 1st Lt.
Redden, G.C.-Blacksmith, Mechanic, Nurse
Rich, J.M.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, November 1862
Richardson, A.C., Sgt.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, October 1862
Richey, William .J., Jr., 2nd Lt.
Roddy, A.
Sargent, M.H.
Simmons, John
Stone, W.P.-Nurse
Thompson, L.D.
Tipton, Isaac
Tipton, T.J.
Wallace, J.T.-died at Camp Nelson, October 1862
Wells, M.T.
Wells, John A.-Wounded, Gr. Coteau Louisiana, November 1863
Wells, Wisenbrick
Woodard, S.J., 2nd Lt.
Woodard, W.S., 2nd Lt.

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