18th Texas Infantry

Company B

Allen, Matthew, Blacksmith
Allums, Edward J.
Barber, Matthew T.-Cook, Nurse
Beaty, John
Beaty, Robert, Sr., 2nd Lt.
Beavers, George
Beckham, James S.- Guard
Bell, John N.- Guard
Blair, William J.
Bockmon, John C.
Buckner, William-Engineer Corps
Cameron, Bluford A.,Sgt. Major-Transferred
Cameron, James M.
Castleberry, Jeremiah, Cpl.
Castleberry, Jesse
Castleberry, Reuben
Castleberry, Simeon-Teamster
Cates, J.T.
Cauley, James
Clausel, Thomas N., 1st Sgt.
Cochran, Ambrose W.
Colley, Albert, W., Cpl.-guard
Colley, David-Partially Blinded
Collins, Gadson W.
Colwell, Wiley F.-Quartermaster Dept.
Cook, Benjamin F.
Cook, James W.F., Sgt.
Cook, Westy, Jr.
Cook, Westy, Sr.-Died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, October 1862
Cook, Willliam
Cox, George S., Capt.
Crow, Martin S.-Teamster, Morgan's Squadron
Davenport, William L., Capt.
Davis, William
Donaldson, William, 2nd Lt.
Echols, Elijah P.-Ambulance Driver
Echols, Sylvanus G., Sgt.- wounded in the left shoulder and arm
Edwards, Allison A.
Ellington, William
Fite, Joseph, H.
Ford, William H., Capt.
Foster, Joel L.-Teamster
Foster, Thomas J.-14 years old, Forage Wagons
Fowler, Mathew W.
Fulgham, Francis M.
Fulgham, M.D. Lafayette
Glaze, George W.
Glaze, John Randolph - transferred from the 5th Louisiana Cavalry
Goldburg, Charles - Chaplain, Nurse
Grishom, James H.
Hanes, James
Heath, Jeremiah
Hickey, Anson B.-Wagoner, Teamster, Nurse
Huffines, James F.
Huffines, R.M.
Kerns, James H., Cpl.
Kerin, Jim - WIA, head wound
King, Wilborn H.,General, WIA - Only General from 18th Infantry
Kite, George D.
Lankford, W.A., at Powder Mill
Lice, James-Captured, Atlanta Georgia
Lindsey, William H.
Lockett, John C.-Accidently Wounded-Pratt's Battery
Lord, John-Quartermaster Department
Lundy, James-Ambulance Driver, Teamster
Manker, Allen-Sulpher River Ferryman
Mayo, Ebenezer-Nurse, Cook
McDonell, Cilistino E.
McGehee, Laurence A., Sgt
Mitchell, R.-POW, Captured Arkansas Post, January 1863
Monk, B.A.
Morris, Abner D., Sgt.
Morris, Albert D.,Sgt.-with Captain Falkoner's Cavalry
Morris, Andrew J., Sgt.-Ordnance
Morris, Samuel S., 1st Lt.
O'Neal, Henry F., 2nd Lt.
Oliver, Andrew, J., Surgeon
Park, John W.
Parker, Miles A.
Pilkenton, Metit R.
Prewitt, Anselm,Sgt.
Reese, Nicholas M.
Rentfro, James A.
Reynolds, J.
Rhyne, Michael P.-Teamster, Mechanic
Rogers, Francis E.-Ironworker
Scott, James D.-Partially blinded, measles
Scott, Reuby N.-died at Little Rock, December 1862
Scott, Toliver R.
Shelton, Benjamin F.
Wesly Shelton - WIA
Shelton, William W.
Sheppard, Andrew M., Cpl.-Wagon Driver
Shuffield, Louis P.
Sillman, James D.
Sillman, William A.-POW, captured Richmond Louisiana, June 1863
Sloan, Robert F., Commissary Sgt.
Smith, Andrew- 64 years old, appears to be the oldest in the 18th Infantry
Smith, James Thomas-with Forage Wagons, head wound
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Thomas L.-Iron Worker, Davis County Texas
Steger, A.W.
Steger, James A.
Stone, James C.
Summerlin, William H.
Teague, John R.-Teamster
Walker, James A.
Walker, William P.-Nurse
Wallace, Benjamin, F.-died at Little Rock, December 1862
Warner, Jacob W.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, November 1862
Warren, Elise
Watson, James T., Jr., 2nd Lt.-from Young's Texas Infantry
Watson, John R., Col.-killed at Jenkin's Fery Arkansas, April 1864
Watson, Thomas
Watson, William, 1st Sgt.
Watson, William E., Cpl.-Iron Worker
Webb, Alfred
Wilson, Albert G.
Wilson, Houston
Wilson, John
Wilson, Thomas J.
Woodward, William W.Assistant Surgeon

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