18th Texas Infantry

Company D

Allen, W.H.-Marshall, Texas Powder Works
Allen, William D.-Pratt's Battery, November 1862
Allewine, B.J.-Wagon Driver
Atkinson, William D. - Butcher
Beattie, W.J.-Chief Musician
Benton, James P.-Pratt's Battery
Biddy, James
Biddy, William
Birdwell, Abraham M.-Pratt's Battery
Black, David - Mechanic, Iron Works
Borders, James E.
Britton, John W.
Bruce, James T.
Cabaness, George H.
Cally, C.C.
Carpenter, Lewis-in Confederate home, McAlister Oklahoma
Carrington, H.J.
Clayton, J.W.-POW, captured Richmond Louisiana, June 1863
Cocke, John K., Capt.-killed at the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 1864. Buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Cocke, Robert, P., Sgt.-Commissary, detailed to go to Jefferson the 27th July where he was taken sick.
Cooke, Henry J.-Carpenter, Wheelwright
Craver, A.J.
Craver, Charles
Craver, Henry, Cpl.
Craver, Samuel M.
F. DICKMAN, enlisted 12 Apr 1862 and was reported "Sick at Hospital
Dielman, F.- "Cooper", b. 23 May 1830 d. 30 Oct. 1903, buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Farley, Michael, 1st Lt.-Ordnance, Quatermaster Clerk
Ferrill, Willis
Fisher, J.--Camp Winder, Richmond VA
Foscue, A.W., may be Augustus FOSCUE
Foscue, Benjamin D.,Sgt.b. 10 Apr 1833, d. 28 Jan 1898, buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Foscue, Julien S.-Transferred to the 7th Texas Infantry, b. 28 Aug 1841 d. 24 Nov 1869, buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Fox, John W.-Powder Works, Marshall Texas
Fox, Richard H.
Frazer, D.G.,(spelled FRAZOR) 25 Apr 1821 -- 31 Mar 1893, at Oakwood
Freeman, Hugh A., b. 07 Jul 1842 d. 12 Dec 1871, buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Furgerson, A.B.
Furgerson, Milam M.-Post Guard
Garrett, Benjamin F.-Shoemaker
Garrett, George W.-substitute for Charles Craver
Geer, Horatio W.
Geeter, Edward, Cpl.
Geeter, John W., Sr.,Sgt.Maj.
Geeter, Melville
Gillian, John W.,Sr.,2nd Lt.-from Army of Northern Viginia
Gilliam, Thomas P., N.C.S. Sgt. Maj.-Forage Master
Goolsby, George C., Cpl., b. 1830.
Graham, Charles Gibbs,Capt.-Drill Master, transfer 1st Texas Infantry, 30 Apr 1833--03 Jun 1896. His marker at Oakwood says Company G.
Graybill, Silas M., 3rd Lt.
Green, Robert C.-Driving Team of Horses, KIA at the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux
Hamilton, Daniel F., b. 1845 d.1910, buried at Pope Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Hamilton, Samuel J.-Pratt's Battery, Marker, b. 1842, buried at the Greenwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Harrison, J.A.
Hays, Enos P., b. 1 Apr 1840 d. 19 Jan 1896, buried at the Old Foundry 272, (The 272 behind the "Old Foundry" is page number in the new cemetery books.)
Henry, James
Herendkind, Oscar-Mechanic, b. 1842 (Spelled HERRENKIND) An unmarked grave at Mt. Sinai for his infant son who died in 1872.
Herring, A.J.
Hines, J.J.-Residence, Caddo Parish Louisiana
Howlit, William-Nurse, Cook
Jacobs, James M.-Gunsmith, Steamboat Machinist
Jeter, Franklin
Jeter, George S., Sgt.
Jeter, Jesse-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, September 1862
Jeter, John B., Cpl.
Jeter, Melville
Jeter, Simeon
Jeter, W.H., Cpl.
Jones, Edward R.
Jones, John H.
Jones, Joseph M.-Nurse, transferred t the 7th Texas Regiment
Jones, T.S.-"cancelled" on his roll card
Jones, Thomas S.-POW,captured Gr. Coteau Louisana, November 1863
Kaufman, P.
Kirbie, Allen, 1st Lt.
Kirkland, Willis R.-Teamster
Lassater, Joseph D., 1835--2 Oct 1902 Although no record of his burial, three of his infant children are buried at Pyland Cemetery in Marion County. G. W. TERRY would be George W. TERRY born ca1833 (age 27 in 1860 census)
Laubersheimer, Jacob-Butcher
Leavitte, Guss J.Y.
Leete, William J., Cpl.
Little, R.C.-Powder Works
Lockett, John O.-Pratt's Battery
Lynch, William-Pratt's Batery
Lynn, James-Orderly for Colonel
Manahan, James F.-Butcher, Pratt's Battery
Mathias, John R.-Wounded in battle 1863
McCain, Robert
Mebane, Thomas R., d 1863
Melton, Charles
Merryman, Charles L.Whellwrite, Foragemaster
Francis D. MITCHELL, enlisted 12 Apr 1862, "left sick while on the march at Camden, Arkansas
Mitchell, Gipson W.-Mechanic, Ordnance
Mitchell, Thomas F.
Morris, M.S.-Mechanic, Jefferosn Ordnance
Moseley, Abner P., b. 26 Jul 1829 d. 13 Aug 1908, buried at the Moseley Family Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Moultrie, Charles-Butcher
Nance, Benjamin A., b.1830
Nash, William D.
Nichols, Bassiannus, 1st Lt., b. 26 Jul 1828 d. Apr 1870
Norther, William
Northern, Edwin C., Jr.,2nd LT.
Oney, Hezekiah
Oney, Hiram
Oney, John-Wounded, November or December 1863
Oney, Sanford H.-Cook
Oney, William,
Oney, William C.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, November 1862
Orr, James H., 1st Lt.
Patillo, Benjamin W.
Peele, A.B., Sgt.-Pratt's Battery
Plumer, J.C.
Polk, C.A.
Potts, William-Musician, Little Rock Arsenal
Ragan, Bennett C., Cpl.-Cook
Reeves (Rives), James J.-Quartermaster Dept., b. 22 Feb 1829 d. 20 Nov 1894, buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Rives, John H., Sgt.
Rogers, Thomas Jefferson, Capt., b 15 Feb 1832 d. 28 May 1918, buried at the Oakland Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Rowell, Robert E.,Surgeon, b. 11 Aug 1826 d. 16 May 1900, buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Marion County, TX.
Scott, A.G.
Settles, Josia
Slayton, William F.-Shoemaker, Picket Guard
Smith, James, P.-died at Camp Nelson Arkansas, December 1862
Steed, Charles
Stewart, John N.-Guard, Ordnance,Pratt's Battery
Stutz, Fritz
Sullivan, William S., Cpl.-Guard, Pratt's Battery
Swartz, John
Terry, G.W.-Guard
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Crosby-Pratt's Battery
Thomas, William
Thompson, Jason J.-POW, captured Gr. Coteau Louisiana, November 1863
Tucker, James M., AQM
Tullis, Aaron D., 1st Sgt., b. 1834 d. 14 Sept 1987, buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Marion County, TX.
Tyler, Frank M.-Teamster, b. 15 Nov 1826 d. 10 Feb 1901, buried at the Mims Chapel, Marion County, TX.
Ursery, E.M.
Walton, Douglas Drury, Adj.,Drill Master, ca 1847--8 Jun 1872 at Oakwood. Listed as a "Recruiter"
Ward, Frank L., Sgt.-Guard, Pratt's Battery
Ward, Robert H.
Weatherall, Joseph L.-Guard
Whitback, Edwin H.-Mechanic
Winslo, John
Wright, John T.-Ambulance Driver
Wynn, Thomas-Nurse
Yerger, Orville, ACS
York, Westley, Sgt., b. 12 Jul 1824 d. 15 Oct 1888, buried at the York Family Cemetery, Marion County, TX.

Texans in the Civil War

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