She Knows--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

We had been separated so long, we didn't want to take any chances. After Gabrielle had done her best to explain to her parents what had happened, I slipped outside the house. She was beside me a few seconds later. She took her fingers and entwined them with mine. "Mom and Dad invited you to supper," she told me.

I looked down at her skeptically. "Are you sure they invited me?" I couldn't help asking, "Or did you have to talk them into it?"

"No, that's not true," she replied, too quickly. I stopped walking and looked down at her. She gave me a wry smile and added," Lila and I both talked them into it."

We were in the relative privacy of the forest now. "Lila?" I echoed, surprised. "What does she have to do with it?"

Gabrielle smiled at me. "Seems she's quite taken by you," she replied, "since you saved her life."

Lila was Gabrielle's younger sister, an attractive dark haired young woman to be sure, but no comparison to my bard. I had to tease a bit though. "Jealous?" I asked, with a leer.

She stopped and slid her arms around my waist. "Do I have a reason to be?" she countered.

I arched an eyebrow, then leaned in and gave her the most impassioned kiss in my repertoire. "Does that answer your question?" I whispered before licking over her lips, then straightening back up.

"Uh huh," she squeaked, in an exaggerated high-pitched voice.

I just chuckled and shook my head at her, before taking her hand and continuing our walk.

We had a lot to talk about; Both of us had been through some emotional times, as we had been separated from each other, no knowing our soul mate's fate. Gabrielle claimed she felt I was alive and well during all this, but I had to admit I wasn't so sure about her. I had hoped against hope that she could survive her fall into the lava pit, but my logical mind had a hard time imagining how it was possible.

We found a fallen log to sit on, and sat and talked for a long time, sometimes breaking down into tears. Only Gabrielle would ever see this side of me. I felt especially bad for Gabrielle, having to deal with Hope and the hideous offspring she had created with Ares. I asked her pointblank if she felt any loss at her daughter or the creature's death, and after carefully thinking it over, she answered no. I pulled her into a hug, and told her I was glad. "They're both gone now," I whispered into her ear. She had her head resting against my shoulder. It was one of our favorite ways to relax. "So let's try and put this behind us and focus on the future."

Her hand came up to stroke the side of my face. "That sounds like a very, very good idea," she said. "We've got to make up for last time.' Her hands wound through the hair on the nape of my neck, and she pulled me down against the warmth of her mouth. I felt her hunger in the kiss, and answered it with demands of my own. It wasn't long before the kiss rapidly deepened much more. I was stroking over both of her breasts, over the material of her shirt, and as I had my armor on, the only way she could reciprocate was by sliding a hand under my battle skirt. We touched and stroked each other, knowing we really didn't have the privacy to make love here. Still, just feeling her nipples harden and twitch beneath my touch, was enough to satisfy me for now. Tonight, under the cover of darkness, my bard and I would exhaust ourselves reaffirming our love.

Her hand was stroking in a steady rhythm over my mound, and I felt my breathing begin to pick up the pace. She was working me up too quickly. I was almost grateful for the excuse when I had to tell her someone was approaching. Reluctantly, we released each other.

Whoever was trying to find us wasn't very good at tracking. They were good at making too much noise, and I told Gabrielle, "It's Joxer and Lila." I gave her a grin. "Wanna take off and leave them?"

She laughed, and it delighted me. It was the first time I had heard her laugh since we had rediscovered each other. "If it was just Joxer, I'd say yes," she replied. "But we can't do that to Lila."

I nodded, pretty well expecting that. "All right." I gave her a quick kiss. "But we'll definitely continue this later."

"Definitely," she grinned back. We "allowed" ourselves to be found by then inept trackers.

It was time for supper, and I reluctantly let Gabrielle to talk me into eating with her and her family. Her mother always maintained a level of civility with me, but her father was another matter entirely. He felt I had stolen Gabrielle from them, and basically hated me. I always did my best to maintain my temper and keep my tongue when I was around him. If the truth be told, I'd rather face a dozen Harpies though.

Gabrielle's parents, Hecuba and Herodotus had both taken an instant liking to Joxer (of course), and I sensed there might be a budding romance between him and Lila as well. Never at a loss for words, he kept the conversation going with his ramblings, and for once I was grateful to him. I didn't have to worry about making small talk. Besides, constant dirty looks from Gabrielle's father, we survived the meal without incident.

After supper, I decided I had been obedient long enough, and whispered to Gabrielle that I was going to take care of Argo. Argo was quite familiar with the area surrounding Potodeia, so I was letting her roam the woods. By the time I had caught up with her, it would be dark, and I could get my bard alone.

She walked me out to the porch. "I won't be gone long," I assured her, thinking she was worried about being away from me.

"Okay," she replied. Then, her voice lowered, she said, "Lila keeps asking me where you're going to sleep. She uh…thought we could push our beds together and make enough room for the three of us."

I rolled my eyes a bit, and then burst out into a laugh. "I'm wanting to make love to you all night, and your sister wants to have a slumber party."

Something in that made Gabrielle giggle. "She means well," she told me, after sobering somewhat.

"I know she does. But how about I pass on that, and you meet me in the barn later tonight, after she's fallen asleep?"

Gabrielle took a deep breath, as she though that had been what she was waiting for. "Perfect," she whispered. I saw her glance over her shoulder toward the house, and then she stretched up and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for understanding," she whispered.

I waved a hand at her. "You'll make it up to me later," I leered at her.

It didn't take long to locate Argo, so I hopped on her back and we took a long ride. I didn't ride her bareback very often, and it felt good to just hug her with my knees and let her have her head. We rode until there was no daylight left, and finally, I led her back to Gabrielle's house.

I gave Argo a scratch between her ears, and told her she could go play some more if she wanted. She whinnied a thanks, and disappeared again.

Gabrielle took longer than I thought she would, and I fell dozed off, waiting for her. I woke up, hearing the barn door shut. She pulled the crossbar in place to lock it, and then she was calling my name.

I poked my head over the edge of the loft. "Up here!" I called.

She grinned up at me, then quickly climbed the ladder leading to the hay loft. "I've always wanted to sleep up here," she said with another wide grin. I had stretched our bedrolls out over a thick layer of hay on the east side of the loft. If we fell asleep, the rising sun would wake me up in time for me to get Gabrielle back to her bedroom.

"Are you coming over here?" I asked. I was still stretched out on the bedroll, my head laying on my folded hands.

"Yep!" she answered, and I watched in amazement as she dashed across the floor and did a sliding belly flop onto the hay. She slid a couple feet and ended up with her head propped up on her bent elbows, her face inches from mine.

I raised an eyebrow and tried to act grown up. "What are you doing?"

She giggled again. "I've always wanted to do that too," she admitted with a shrug.

"Anything else you've always wanted to do?" I couldn't resist asking.

She seemed to consider this, then her eyes took on a whole new sparkle. "Yeah," she purred, closing the remaining space between us. "I've always wanted to have a tall dark beautiful Warrior Princess fuck my brains out up here."

I rolled over on my side and took her head in my hands. "You have not," I challenged.

She leaned forward, and gave me a brief kiss. "Have to!" she replied. "Well, maybe not a Warrior Princess specifically, but I always wanted to be with my lover up here."

"I see." I returned the kiss with a slightly longer one. "Do I qualify?"

Her hands snuck out to snake around my neck. "You more than qualify. In fact, you are the only one who qualifies.

I liked that response very much, and pulled her into my arms.

It had been too long. Too long since we had held each other, touched each other, loved each other. We started out almost tentative with each other, but as our clothing slid off, so did any hesitance. Our hunger for each other was perfectly matched, and when Gabrielle slid between my thighs to suck and pleasure my cunt, I reached down, and pulled her body on top of mine. I heard her hiss out loud as my tongue stabbed upward into her vagina. She settled down against me, her mouth never ceasing its movements.

Gods, everything I did to her, she did to me. It was an incredible sensation, sucking on her quivering clitoris, only to feel the same sensations against mine. I licked up the length of her labia, and pulled back slightly, stretching one of her lips out gently, before letting it snap back. My breath caught as I felt her mirror my actions. I could hear her moaning above me, and couldn't help but wonder how she could maintain enough coherence to repeat my actions. Her center was streaming out juices and her scent filled my nose. She tasted like the finest nectar in the world, and I pulled her even tighter, my mouth suctioning tighter at her. I used my tongue to flutter wildly against her clit, knowing this would rapidly bring her over.

I heard her groan above me from frustration. She couldn't keep up with my movements, and wasn't even trying now. Instead, I felt her thighs clench around my ears, as she pressed her crotch even harder against my mouth. All she could do to my own incensed flesh was offer an occasional moan into it.

"Xena…" I heard her calling my name from somewhere, and I realized she was hovering on the abyss of her climax. I scraped my top teeth over the shaft of her clitoris, and she was there, her cunt convulsing heavily against me, as she muffled her screams of pleasure into my core. I licked and licked, letting her body and mind soar as long as possible. As her body began to calm down, I plunged a fourth finger inside her cunt, and sucked as hard as I could at her clit. "Gods!" I heard her scream above me, as I was successful in taking her off-guard. Her second orgasm overtook her before she had even finished the first one.

I could keep her at this heightened level for some time, as she well knew, but she jerked herself away from me.

Her face was flushed when I caught sight of it again. I could see the rapture glowing brightly in the emerald depths of her eyes. "Gods," she breathed again, her head hovering over my belly button. "It had been too long…I couldn't take it."

I gave her a patient smile. Just as a person had to build up a tolerance for pain, she has to build a tolerance for pleasure too.

Her tongue dipped inside my navel then, and I felt her fingers pinching lightly at my inner thighs. She lowered her head slightly, and peered over me over the top of my mound. How could that beautifully innocent face look so wicked at times like this? She was pulling at my pubic hair with her teeth, her fingernails raking my thighs now. "Come on, Gabrielle," I finally groaned. "I've been waiting as long as you have."

"I know," she said, wrinkling her nose at me.

I wasn't about to let her torment me. My body was crying out its need too loudly. I deliberately slid my own hands down to rest on my abdomen. "If you don't hurry up," I told her sternly, "I'm going to take care of things myself."

She surprised me by slapping my hands away. "It wouldn't be the same," she purred.

"I know," I groaned, "But I need something…anything."

As another wave shuddered through me, I had to close my eyes. I couldn't keep from thrusting upward, and my clit came into rude contact with her chin. We both gasped simultaneously from the unexpected intensity.

Gods, Xena, you don't have to get angry…"

"I'm sorry!" It came out sounding almost like a sob. The intense throbbing at my center was beginning to take over everything else.

Somehow, blessedly, Gabrielle read my desire and realized I was almost in pain. I still had my eyes gripped shut, but sighed when I felt her hot breath, then her tongue on my clitoris. She licked over the unbelievably sensitive little bud with the flat of her tongue, and then filled me with two fingers. She began plunging in and out with a firm stroke, and within moments, I finally reached my fulfillment. "Thank you," I hissed as some of the tension immediately slipped from my body.

"That was very nice," Gabrielle mused. "But I'm going to make you work harder for this one."

I shivered at the thought, but another idea occurred to me. "Let's work together," I suggested.

"All right," she agreed almost immediately. "But I have a hard time focusing when you do that. That's how you were left hanging to begin with."

"I got another idea…" She had pulled herself from my center, preparing to turn around so we could love each other with our mouths again, but I sat up, and directed her to the spot I had vacated. I bent my upper half and gave each of her nipples a nibble and a long lick before my mouth sought out hers.

"Are you cheating?" she asked, when our lips separated.

"No, My Love," I replied with a smile. "I want to feel your center against mine" I took one of her thighs in each of my hands, and lifted so the backs of them were resting against my shoulders. Then I leaned forward, my hands flat on the ground on either side of her head. Her tilted pelvis was at the perfect angle for her clit to mesh with mine.

"Oh, gods!" We cried out as one as the wetness and the heat of our passions joined forces. I began to thrust my hips instinctively, slapping my center against hers rhythmically, and the wet sloshy sounds fought our combined groans for dominance in the air. She met me stroke for stroke, and then cried out when I began to wiggle my ass on the down stroke, worming my clit into hers.

"Gods, Xena, fuck me harder!"

I obliged the best I could, but my own clit was singing out its pleasure to me. I stared into her eyes, loving the change of expressions on her face. They moved from surprise to pleasure to something else…something that caused me to clench my thigh and arm muscles to keep from spilling into her. For a moment, I thought I would orgasm before her, but she flew past me, her feet beating out a tattoo on my back as she began to thrash beneath me. She was moving so much, I couldn't keep up my thrusting. There was no reason to anymore, my own center was clamping down on itself as my clit pulsated. I sank my cunt into hers, and just ground out my release as hers continued. Then I couldn't take it anymore and I collapsed against her, drawing Gabrielle into my arms and humping her for all I was worth. Our groans of pleasure went on forever it seemed. I buried my face in the crease of my bard's neck as our bodies shook from the aftershocks. She was rubbing my upper back stroking over muscles that I knew would show bruises tomorrow. Bruises of love…her love.

"Gods, Xena," I heard her whisper. "That was…I don't have the words for it."

I chuckled into her salty flesh, and finally found the strength to raise myself so she could see the delight in my eyes. "I've rendered my bard speechless," I teased. "This is truly a momentous occasion." She just laughed at drew me down into her kiss.

The sky was overcast the next morning, but the sunlight was enough to wake me up early. I had spooned up behind Gabrielle, and had one hand wrapped around a breast, and the other pressed between the pillows of her thighs. I definitely didn't want to wake her up. I would be perfectly contented to lay her like this all day.

But it was something we couldn't do. Gabrielle certainly wasn't ashamed of loving me, but her parents already disliked me enough without giving them even more ammunition…the most deadly ammunition. Actually, I would be surprised if they didn't already suspect. My sexual reputation seemed to be amongst the most widely known. A lot of it was exaggerated, of course, but a lot of it wasn't.

It took a bit of work, but I finally managed to get Gabrielle up and dressed. I walked her back to the house, and gave her one last kiss before boosting her through the bedroom window. I watched her strip back down to her underclothes, and leaned over the bushes outside the window to give her a big grin.

"Sweetheart, don't take this the long way, but please go away," she whispered with a nervous glance at her sister's bed.

"One more kiss," I pled, and she gave in with a smile.

"I'll see you in a few hours," she told me.


We had already discussed it, and Gabrielle had agreed I could skip breakfast and lunch with her family, as long as I was there for supper again. Then she gave me the lovely suggestion of seeing if I could bag a deer. Her father's favorite meat was venison, but he wasn't a very skilled hunter. I was just secure enough to admit I wasn't above bribing him with my own hunting skills.

Argo and I came back late that afternoon with an eighteen point buck, three wild turkeys, and a whole bunch of ducks. I gave a whippoorwill whistle at the edge of Gabrielle's property, and within a couple of minutes, I saw her coming to find me. She walked to the far side of Argo, and pulled me down into a brief kiss. I couldn't help tightening my arms around her, trying to deepen the kiss, but she pulled away. "I missed you," I told her, trying not to sound too pathetic.

"I missed you too," she replied. "Looks like you had a lot of luck today."

It didn't take a genius to figure out that something was wrong. Gabrielle was obviously nervous or upset about something, but I thought I'd give her a little time to come out with it on her own.

We carried the meat to the smokehouse, and secured it on hooks inside. Gabrielle said her father would spend the evening smoking and curing the meat to prepare it for storage. If he would have allowed me, I would be glad to help, but I didn't relish spending the evening being stared at like I was some kind of demon.

As we approached the door of the smokehouse, I couldn't let it rest anymore. "What's wrong, Gabrielle?"

She had her back to me, and I saw her in midmotion of reaching for the door. I could see her draw in a deep breath, and then she turned to face me.

"I've been trying to figure out the best way to tell you," she said finally.

"I kinda thought so," I told her gently. "Just say it straight out."

"Okay…while you were gone today, I spent most of my time with Lila."


She sighed, and then said, "She knows I didn't stay in bed last night, and she wanted to know where I went."

I let it sink in for a minute, and couldn't fight back a smile. "That's it?"

Gabrielle stared back at me for a minute, and then relaxed when she realized this news didn't bother me. "Yeah, that's it," she answered.

"So what did you tell her?"

She grinned sheepishly…and adorably. "I didn't know what to tell her. She had caught me off-guard. I just told her I was having trouble sleeping, and went out for some fresh air."

This time I did laugh out loud. "And she bought that?" I asked.

"I think so. It wasn't unusual for me to do that when we were younger."

"Good," I answered, not seeing the problem.

"Not really. Sometimes, she used to go out with me…or come out and find me."

"Oh, I see. But if we lock the barn door…"

Gabrielle was shaking her head. "I'm afraid she'll drive us crazy. Or panic when she can't find me in my regular spots. It's only for one more night…"

Her eyes were so sincere, I couldn't say no. "It's okay," I told her. "We're leaving tomorrow. Surely I can go for that long without touching you."

"Right, and I'll just have to convince myself I can go that long without touching you." She gave me a kiss, and rubbed her hand along my arm, rising goosebumps in her wake. "I'll make it up to you tomorrow night."

"I'll hold you to that," I nodded. We both knew I would too.

Dinner that evening was a little odd. Herodotus had been surprised by the amount of game I had brought them, and I could tell he was making an effort to be civil. I had heard my mother say the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. I was used to plotting a different course, but in this case at least, she was right.

Lila, on the other hand, was acting much more quiet than usual. I wondered why Joxer wasn't there, as he had been last night, and wondered at first if maybe she had argued with him or something. But she kept shifting her gaze back and forth between me and Gabrielle. Gabrielle noticed too, but I tried to give her a look of reassurance. Under the table, I took her hand into mine. I looked at my love, and gave her a very slight smile. She saw it, and returned it with of her own, giving my hand a soft squeeze. The next time I saw Lila looking my way, I raised my eyebrow and gave her "the look".

The look had yet to fail me, and it didn't with Lila either. I saw her eyes widen as she tried to figure out how she had displeased me, and then her face darkened in a blush. She suddenly involved herself with her plate. Gabrielle had seen the whole exchange with me, and raided her eyebrows at me, but I just gave her my most innocent look and went on eating.

After dinner, I thanked Gabrielle's parents and then excused myself. It was a while before Gabrielle joined me, and once again, we took a walk in the relative privacy of the woods.

"Are you angry with Lila?" she asked me.

"No, I was just having some fun with her," I assured her.

She smiled and nodded, "I kind of thought so, but she was worried she had made you mad."

"She was giving some strange looks at dinner though. What do you think she knows?"

Gabrielle closed her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. "I'm not sure. She won't come right out and say what's on her mind. I kind of wish she knew everything, though. I don't like hiding it."

Of course, there was a way around that, but I wasn't going to suggest it. I just nodded. "Oh well, we'll be leaving in the morning, and then we won't have to think about it anymore."

"That's true." She suddenly looked up at me with a hesitance in her green eyes. "Xena, does it bother you that I haven't told my family the truth?"

I thought for a moment, weighing what she was asking. She mistook the pause for my agreement, and lowered her head. "I see," she began…" I guess we'll just have to come clean…"

"Wait a minute, Gabrielle. I don't care if they know or not. I really don't. If you choose not to tell them, I can understand that choice, and it doesn't bother me in the least. It's just that…I feel like a beast right now."

Her eyes widened as they sought mine out again. "A beast? Why?"

"Because at this moment, right now, the only reason I want them to know is because I want to lay beside you tonight…to hold you in my arms and not let you go. I missed you today, but tonight, it's going to be even harder.

Her eyes were glowing. "Oh Xena," was all she could say. I just loved the adoring look on her face, and began kissing her, letting my hands stroke down her back and over that glorious ass. Things were just beginning to get interesting when I heard Lila calling Gabrielle's name. I stifled a curse, and pulled away.

Gabrielle's apologetic look helped a little. I knew it wasn't her fault she didn't want to tell, but I couldn't help feeling a little frustrated and neglected. "Better go see what she wants," I told her. "I'm not in any hurry to sleep alone in the barn; I think I'll do a little more hunting."

I heard her sigh was I slipped into the darker part of the forest, but I wasn't going to change my mind. I was going to be stewing tonight, and I thought it wouldn't hurt for her to do the same.

I didn't really feel like hunting, and after looking around quickly and not seeing Argo nearby, I gave up on a nighttime ride. I sighed just as heavily as Gabrielle had, and returned to the farm.

I ran into Joxer on the way back. He was obviously scared about something and finally I got it out of him. Ever the klutz, he had accidentally spilled his drink on a man in Potodiea's one tavern. The man had threatened to kill him, and had Joxer running scared. Only Joxer could manage to offend the only roughneck in an otherwise meek town.

Oh well, at least I had something to do now.

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