She Knows--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

It took a while to find the man who threatened him, but it didn't take long to convince him to offer an apology to Joker.

Joxer managed to be halfway gracious when it was all over, and offered to buy me a drink as thanks. I turned him down and left him quickly. I just wasn't in the mood for company.

It was close to midnight when I entered the barn. I had thought about sneaking a peak in Gabrielle's window, but thought better of it. No sense in making matters worse, and just seeing her in peaceful slumber would have been too tempting to me. I climbed the stairs and saw our bedrolls still laid out. I couldn't help but think of our lovemaking on those bedrolls on the previous night. That brought a tightness between my thighs that was going to keep me from going to sleep anytime soon. There was something else too, something I don't think anyone else in the world would ever be able to detect. Sniffing the air, I traced it to my own bedroll. Oh gods…

I walked around the perimeter of the loft, and stopped when I reached the northern window. I could see the house from there, and I thought about my bard again, all curled up in her bed, sound asleep. I wondered if she was dreaming of me. Without thought, I slipped out of my armor, and left it in the loft.

The longer I thought about her, the more I wanted to be with her. I know it was silly, but we had been separated for so long, and I was feeling so alone right now. What I had sensed in the loft confirmed to me that if we were discovered, it wouldn't be that big a surprise, and I couldn't stop myself from leaping from the loft window and landing on the ground silently. I stealthily made my way around the house.

There was a single candle burning in their room, and I just stopped for a moment and stared at Gabrielle's face which was facing the open window. She was wearing a slight smile in her sleep, and once again, I hoped she was dreaming of me. My hand went up to my leather covered breast, and I felt the nipple arch forward involuntarily. I seriously considered touching myself right here, and if she woke up seeing me in the throes of self-induced passion, well, I know it was a sight that would provoke her into going back on her word. I silently undressed, watching her, and had just touched my inflamed center when I heard her give a slight moan, and roll over, the covers sliding down from her. I stared in wonderment at her bared butt, amazed she was sleeping naked. My mind reeled with the smell I suddenly realized. The smell of her pleasure, different than the odor I detected in the barn. Surely she hadn't pleasured herself with her own sister sleeping in the same room?

Gods, I couldn't stand it. I hid my leathers and underclothes behind the bushes, and with a leap, was inside the bedroom behind her. I glanced over at Lila, but her back was to us and I could see she was breathing deeply in sleep. I reached down, and covered Gabrielle's mouth with my hand.

She made a stifled sound, and her eyes flew open, then she looked back over her shoulder at me. She took in my naked body, and then relaxed against my hand. I bent in close. "Scoot over, Gabrielle," I whispered. "I just want to hold you."

My hand came away from her mouth, and she was smiling at me, looking as relieved as I felt. She inched forward on the bed, and I spooned up behind her, pressing my itchy breasts to her firm back muscles, and pulling her ass back so I could press my mound to her. She fit me so perfectly, and I felt her take my hand, and press it to her lips. She kissed each finger, and then the palm lovingly, and then cradled my hand to her face, and dropped back asleep. With a contented sigh, I relaxed and fell asleep behind her.

I don't know what time it was when I felt her wiggling out from under me. "I'll be right back," she said, and she padded softly across the bedroom and blew out the candle. It darkened the room considerably, and then she crawled back into bed behind me.


"Hush…" she pressed her hand to my face, and I could smell the arousal I knew I'd find. She had been pleasuring herself earlier. "I've been dreaming about doing this forever…"

Lila had turned over to face us in her sleep, but her face was half buried in her pillow and I could hear soft snores coming from her bed. I fervently hoped she was a sound sleeper, as I realized what Gabrielle wanted to do. She had taken a position similar to the one I had, only she had thrown one leg across me, and I could feel her wet center pressing into the globe of my left buttock. She began to whisper into my ear, even as I felt one hand find a nipple and the other stroke my own sopping core.

"I was dreaming about this perfect ass, and your incredible back. You were just laying there, letting me ride out my pleasure against them…gods, you're so firm! My clit is on fire already…how's yours?"

"On fire," I managed, as I felt three of her fingers penetrate me. I arched my upper half into her fingers, pleased when I felt her body press forward to follow me. Her hips gripped me harder, and her cunt ground against my ass, coating me with her juices and her desire.

"Xena," she sang into my ear, as I flexed my ass muscles against her bundle of nerves, giving her more to grab onto. "Oh gods, Xena, this won't take long." I could feel her fingers pinching the other nipple now, as her hand continued to torment me lower. She was groaning softly in my ear, her hardened breasts pressed hard into my back. The only thing that was missing was her mouth on mine, but I turned my head and then all was accomplished.

"This is far better than I dreamed," she purred, and her body worked harder at me, her fingers not plundering me as hard now. She slipped another finger inside, and stretched them apart, filling me completely. Gods, the rhythmic movement of her fingers stretching and releasing pulled the hood on my clit rhythmically…I spurted fresh juices out onto her hand.

"Gods," I heard the familiar oath, and then her teeth sank into the back of my neck as she spasmed strongly against my backside. Her hand released my breast to reach my stomach and pull my body even tighter to hers, and I could feel a new wetness flow from me as blood streamed from where her teeth still held tight to me. She grunted once more, and then her body succumbed to the release and she loosened her hold on me.

"Oh no, you don't," I whispered, and then I pivoted so I was facing her. "You've got to finish what you started." I pressed my hand onto her own, which was still deep inside me, and she realized what I was asking for. Her fingers began to move again, filling me, twisting within me, fucking me until I was only aware of her.

Gods, it was wonderful! I was well aware of the presence in the next bed, so I pressed one of my own hands to my mouth to stifle the growls building up in my throat. As always, my lover sensed my needs, and she began an incredible motion with her fucking hand, as the other came down to pinch and pull at my sensitized clit.. I don't know why, but I wanted it rough, and she was giving it to me in just the right way. My upper body arched back so much, my head was suddenly facing Lila's bed. When I felt Gabrielle slip her pinky finger in my anus, my eyes flew open in surprise, and I found myself staring into Lila's widened eyes. For a second we were frozen in time, then she gave me the sweetest, most peaceful smile I could imagine, and rolled over on her side again, away from us.


The sensations continued and I roared to a climax in my mind, shoving my fist into my mouth to keep all sounds from emitting. My thighs locked around Gabrielle's arms, locking her hands in place in both passages in my body. My cunt pulsated around her, and then I began to calm, and gradually pulled her into my arms, thanking her with my kisses and my eyes.

"Xena?" she asked again, sensing something had changed.

"She knows, Gabrielle," was all I could manage. "She knows, and she loves us for it."

Gabrielle searched my eyes with her own, and satisfied with what she saw there, let me pull her into my embrace. We slept in each others arms, surrounded by more love than ever.


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