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Passions Stars: Then and Now!



Ever wonder where your favourite ex-Passions stars are now? Well look no further, I had the chance to speak with several of your fan favourites and find out what they are up to now!

Here's  a look at Passions's stars and who they played on the show.

Travis Schuldt

Ethan Crane

Travis Schuldt debuted on Passions and was an original cast member from July 1999 till his departure in July 2002. He portrayed Ethan Crane, son of Julian & Ivy Crane and heir to the throne, until he he learned that he was not really the son of Julian Crane, but the son of Sam Bennett. So what is Travis up to know, click to find out about Travis

Donn Swaby

Chad Harris

Donn Swaby played Chad Harris, a young man from Los Angeles who came to Harmony searching for answers about his family. He ultimately fell in love with Whitney, and was unaware Whitney's sister Simone was in love with him. He debuted on Passions on September 23 1999 and departed in early 2003. Click to read the Interview with Donn

Marianne Muellerleile

Norma Bates

Marianne Muellerleile played Norma the ax-wielding psycho and later returned as Peggy working as a short-order cook, who ended up being Julian in disguise. Norma come on the scene in 2001 and terrorized Tabitha and Timmy. Her character was later placed in an insane asylum because of her belief that her father was still alive, in the form of a skull. Find out where Marianne is now by reading my interview with Marianne

Natalie Zea

Gwen Hotchkiss

Natalie Zea debuted on November 15, 2000 as the second person to play Gwen Hotchkiss. She took over the role from Liza Huber and remained on the show until her final airdate on October 4 2002. Natalie had a recurring role on FX's "The Shield", in February/04. Natalie currently co-stars in the hit prime-time crime drama Eyes on ABC which premiered in Apr/05. Find out more about by reading my interview with Natalie Zea

Taylor Anne Mountz

Kay Bennett

Taylor Anne Mountz debuted on Passions on July 5, 1999 and was an original cast member. She was on passions for roughly a year as the manipulative and scheming Kay Bennett. Taylor had signed a 5 year contract with NBC, but she suddenly quit 'Passions' to go to college. Taylor Anne has currently put acting on hold to attend college.

Bruce Michael Hall

Reese Durkee

Bruce Michael Hall played Reese Durkee who was in love with Kay Bennett. His fascination with sciene led him to believe the strange happening ins Harmony where not mishaps, but due to Tabitha's magical powers. He often encountered Timmy athe doll alive. Where is Bruce now... Find Out

Lena Caldwell

Simone Russell

Lena Caldwell debuted on Passions on July 5, 1999 and was an original cast member. Lena played Simone Russell, the youngest daughter of the Russell family. Simone was smitten with Chad, but failed to see he only had eyes for her older sister Whitney. Lena starred as Chelsea Farmer in Jeeper's Creepers 2 on August 29/03.

Dalton James

Hank Bennett

Dalton James was the first actor to play the role of Hank Bennett, the younger brother of Sam. He came on the scene as a love interest for Sheridan Crane, but she only had feelings for Hank's best friend Luis. A love triangle ensued and Hank tried to win Sheridan's heart, but failed. Dalton exited a year after his debut.

Jason Olive

Frank Lomax

Jason Olive came on the scene in February 2000 as Detective Frank Lomax, investigating Ethan Crane's upposed "stalker." During his investigaion, Frank had a brief fling with Whitney. A few months into his role, he was axed due to the shift of storyline. Jason has guest starred on Hope & Faith, Malcom & Eddie & Smart Guy. Jason recently landed a co-starring role in the upcoming HBO series "Comeback" starring Lisa Kudrow, which debuts in the summer of 2005.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Jessica Bennett

Mary Elizabeth was an original cast member of Passions debuting on July/99 as the youngest Bennett, Jessica. Mary enjoyed her stint on Passions, but opted to leave after a few months of the show, in order to pursue other acting ventures. Mary starred on Wolf Lake as Sophia Donner in September/01, but the show was cancelled in May/02. She is presently starring in Final Destination 3, Sky High and The Ring 2. Click here to read more about Mary's ventures


maureen mccormick

Rebecca Hotchkiss

Maureen came on the scene as Rebecca Hotchkiss, but her role didn't last long. She was on the show for only 9 episodes when she was let go. Apparently, she was neglecting to show up for her tapings and so the casting director re-cast the role. Maureen is best remembered for her role as Marsha on The Brady Bunch. So what is Maureen up to know...Maureen NOW

Jade Harlow

Jessica Bennett

Jade took over the role of Jessica Bennett from Mary Elizabeth Winstead, when she opted to departure to pursue other opportunities. Jade became a fan favourite and eventually pursued a romance with on-screen co-star Bruce Michael Hall. Jade was on Passions for 2 years, before she was let go by the show.

Ryan McPartlin

Hank Bennett

Ryan took over the role of Hank Bennett from Dalton James, and still pops up in Harmony from time to time. Ryan has became a fan favourite and his notable guest appearances include the Nanny & Still Standing. Ryan currently stars in the WB series "Living With Fran" which premiered in Apr/05. Click here for pictures & info on Living With Fran

Jesse Metcalfe

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald

Jesse Metcalfe debuted on Passions on July 5, 1999 and was an original cast member. Jesse remained on Passions for five years as a member of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Jesse recently appeared on Smallville as Van McNulty in a guest role in 2003-2004. Jesse decided not to renew his contract to pursue other projects. Jesse is co-starring in the hit ABC series "Desperate Housewives" which aired in Oct/04. Click here for pictures & info on Desperate Housewives

Molly Stanton

Charity Standish

Molly Stanton debuted on Passions on July 5, 1999 and was an original cast member. Molly remained on Passions for five years as a member of the Bennett clan. Molly often played duel roles as evil Charity. Molly decided not to renew his contract to pursue other projects. In 2004, Molly helped her mom Jan Stanton - hat designer, by modeling for her designs entitled Heartfelt. In 2005, Molly will co-star in 2 new shows; "Stevie Sanchez" & "Twins" Click here for more info on Molly's latest projects

Molly Stanton

Beth Wallace

Kelli McCarty debuted on Passions on Sept. 6, 2002 and remained with the show for three years as the cunning and deceptive Beth Wallace, until her departure on July 18/05. Her past TV projects have included a guest stint on Summerland, Melrose Place, Even Stevens, and more. Her latest endeavour is Miss. Avery On Stevie Sanchez.