Membership: Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson (founders), Steve Gonzalez, Dave Tango, Ami Bruni, Adam Berry, (former) Brian Harnois, Kris Williams, Andy Anderson, Kristyn Garland, Dustin Pari, Joe Chin, Mike Dion, Donna La Croix, et al 


Purpose: Investigation and debunking of possible paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Norwich, Rhode Island
First Appearance: Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Pictures, SyFy Channel, October 6, 2004
History: The Atlantic Paranormal Society was founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, two Roto-Rooters plumbers with separate paranormal experiences who use their plumbing and electrical knowledge to investigate paranormal activity. Joined by several friends and colleagues, the team has moved headquarters three times in the history of the group. Personal home movies of their experiences eventually led to their own TV series on SyFy Channel, resulting in new respect and interest in the field of paranormal research.   
Case-Files: Altoona Railroad Museum (10-06-04). Lighthouse Inn (10-20-04), Race Rock Lighthouse (10-27-04), Eastern State Penitentiary (11-03-04/09=08-05), Myrtles Plantation (07-27-05), Lizzie Borden House (10-12-05), Waverly Hills Sanitarium (03-29-09/10-31-07), St. Augustine Lighthouse (05-03-06/01-09-08), Stanley Hotel (05-31-06), Copper Queen Hotel (10-18-06), Leap Castle (10-15-06), Fort Mifflin (03-05-08), et al.

Membership: Barry Fitzgerald, Kris Williams, Joe Chin, Paul Bradford, Susan Slaughter, (former) Robb Demarest, Brian Harnois, Andy Anderson, Dustin Pari, Donna La Croix, Ashley Goodwin, Britt Griffith, Brandy Green, et al


Purpose: Investigation and debunking of possible paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Unrevealed, possibly London, England
First Appearance: Ghost Hunters International, Pilgrim Pictures, SyFy Channel, January 9, 2008
History: Ghost Hunters International is a branch of the Atlantic Paranormal Society founded by Robb Demarest and Barry Fitzgerald and composed of TAPS members. Most of their investigations have been around Great Britain and Europe but with some investigations to the Far East, Central and South America. The team has had a large turnover of members, and on occasion has worked with members from TAPS and the Destination Truth Team.
Case-Files: Chillingham Castle (01-09-08), Belgrave Hall (01-23-08), Reichenstein Castle (02-13-08), Castle Frankenstein (02-20-08), Larnach Castle (07-09-08), Charleville Castle (07-23-08), Cachtice Castle (08-13-08), Castle Dracula (08-20-08), Dragsholm Castle (02-04-09), Clark Air Base (02-11-09), Paris Underground (02-25-09), Wicklow Gaol (07-08-09), Eden Hotel (01-13-10), Rose Hall (02-17-10), Wolf's Lair (07-28-10), et al

Membership: Brad Klinge, Barry Klinge, Steve Harris, Hector Cisneros, Katie Burr, Jason Woden, Ashlee Hillhouse, Steve Hock, et al.


Purpose: Investigation and research of alleged paranormal activity and experimentation of new paranormal investigation techniques
Base of Operations: San Antonio, Texas
First Appearance: Ghost Lab, Go-Go-Lucky Productions, Discovery Channel, October 6, 2009
History: Everyday Paranormal was founded by brothers Brad and Barry Klinge following a paranormal encounter at Gettysburg Military State Park. The team pushes the boundaries of paranormal research utilizing aggressive EVP sessions and radical means to encourage spirits to create activity.
Case-Files: Myrtles Plantation (10-06-09), Birdcage Theater (10-13-09), Liar's Club (10-02-09), Nottaway Plantation (11-03-09), Granbury Opera House (11-10-09), Catfish Plantation (11-10-09), Hotel Galvez (12-01-09), Alcatraz (12-08-09), Delta Queen (12-15-09),  Lemp Mansion (12-29-09), McPike Mansion (12-29-09) Farnsworth House (10-19-10), Lizzie Borden House (10-28-10), Lake Shawnee Fun Park (11-27-10), Shanley Hotel (12-04-10), Iron House Museum (12-18-10), et al.

 Membership: Zac Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff


Purpose: Investigation and research into possible paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Las Vegas, Nevada
First Appearance: Ghost Adventures, My Tupelo Productions, Travel Channel, July 25, 2007
History: The Ghost Adventures team is a small group of paranormal investigators who tape, record and film their own investigations without the help of film or camera crews. After their video coverage of several haunted locations in Nevada, particularly that of the Goldfield Hotel, became popular, they continued into a regular TV series exploring famous and obscure haunted locations. Several of their investigations are often focused into locations with alleged demonic activity.
Case-Files: Goldfield Hotel (07-25-07/01-14-11), Bobby Mackey's Music World (10-17-08/10-01-10), Houghton Mansion (10-24-08), Riddle House (11-07-08), Schloss Furnaces (11-14-08), Preston Castle (06-05-09), Magnolia Plantation (06-26-09), Bird Cage Theater (07-03-09), Eastern State Penitentiary (07-10-09), Moon River Brewing Co. (07-17-09), Poveglia Island (11-13-09), Mansfield Reformatory (11-20-09), Linda Vista Hospital (12-11-09), Wolfe Manor (01-08-10), Waverly Hills Plantation (10-08-10), Fort Chaffee (11-19-10), Hales Bar Marina (04-29-10), Lizzie Borden House (10-21-11), et al.

Membership: Josh Gates, Erin Ryder, Kyle Wheeler, Dave D'Angelo, Katy Murzkami, Adam Butler, Tristan Icaza, Rich Fung, (former) Jael DePardo, Shawn Goodwin, Vlad Garcia, et al.


Purpose: Investigation and extermination of alleged cryptozoological and paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California
First Appearance: Destination Truth, Ping Pong Productions, SyFy Channel, June 6, 2007 
History: Joshua Gates is a television host, explorer and adventurer who explores the world investigating the legends and accounts of strange creatures and bizarre activity around the world. Surrounded by a team of experts and specialists, he has also delved into haunted locations in addition to cryptological beasts.
Case-Files: (paranormal only) Pemba Island (03-12-08), Tanjuang Mosque (09-03-08), Bantul Caves (09-17-08), Aokigahara Forest (10-01-08), Hoia-Baicu Forest (09-09-08), Island of the Dolls (09-16-09), Tutankhamen's Tomb (09-23-09), Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (09-30-09), Mach Picchu (10-21-09), Masada Historical Site (01-17-10), Great Wall of China (03-24-10), Humberstone and La Noria (04-17-10), Petra (04-14-10), Easter Island (04-21-10), Ruins of Pompei (09-09-10), Angkor Wat (09-16-10), Haboro (09-23-10), Truk Lagoon (09-30-10), Memengai Crater (10-14-10), Man Madul (10-21-10), et al.

Membership: Ben Hanscomb, Jael De Pardo, Bill Murphy, Austin Porter, Laneisha Cole, Devin Marble, (former) Larry Caughlin, Chi-Lan Lieu


Purpose: Investigation and debunking of alleged paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Venice Beach, California
First Appearance: Fact Or Faked, Base Productions, SyFy Channel, July 15, 2010,
History: Founded by Ben Hanscomb, the Fact or Faked team was founded to debunk and test the veracity of alleged paranormal footage from the media and internet. Their process is examining footage of reported accounts and then choosing two before breaking up into two teams to separate the cases. Besides several haunted locations, the team also explores cases of cryptids, UFOS and purported alien and psychic phenomenon.
Case-Files: (paranormal only) Ghost Writer House (07-29-10), Villa Main Railway Crossing (08-12-10), McPike Mansion (10-28-10), Valentown Museum (11-04-10), Queen Mary (03-23-11), Whaley House (09-27-11), Myrtles Plantation (10-26-11), Waverly Hills Hospital (11-29-11), Bird Cage Theater (11-16-11), Coulburn's Bar (11-30-11), Paramount Theater (04-24-12), Hibbing High School (05-08-12), USS North Carolina (05-15-12), et al.

Membership: John Zaffis, Chris Zaffis, Aimme Zaffis, Brian Cano, Beth Ezzo, Jesslyn Brown, 


Purpose: Investigation and extermination of alleged paranormal activity
Base of Operations: Stratford, Connecticut 
First Appearance: Haunted Collector, Gurney Productions, SyFy Channel, June 1, 2011
History: Parapsychologist John Zaffis is the nephew of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are well-known through their investigation of the reputed Amityville Horror case. Unlike the Warrens, Zaffis pursues a more scientific approach to his investigations, often linking hauntings to a specific object causing haunting activity.
Case-Files: Deep River Public Library (06-01-11), St. James Hotel (06-15-11), Firehouse #3 Museum (06-22-11), Povay Horse Farm (07-01-11), Sosh Mansion (05-30-12), Hubert House (06-06-12), Historic Jordan Streams (06-13-12), St. Alban's Asylum (06-27-12), Old Sedamsville Rectory/Grand Midway Hotel (07-11-12), Browse A-While Bookstore (07-18-12), Binion Hotel & Casino (07-25-12), Octagon House (08-01-12), et al.  

Membership: Jordan Kramer, Helmey Kramer, Daniel Hooven, Chelsea Damali (founders),  


Purpose: Scientific investigation of alleged paranormal activity and  experimentation of new paranormal investigation techniques
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California
First Appearance: Haunted Encounters, Ping Pong Productions, Biography Channel, November 30, 2012
History: Not much of the group's origins are known. Produced for TV by the same people behind "Destination Truth" and "Finding Bigfoot," the group is made up of a number of paranormal specialists with field experience bringing new and revolutionary tactics to the field, such "moment in time" (AKA "time warp") a form of provoking the spirits to react by recreating local events connected to the history of the location. 
Case-Files: Borden House (11-30-12), Silent Movie Theater (11-30-12), Sowden House (12-07-12), Underground Boston (12-07-12), Eastern State Penitentiary (12-14-12), Cecil Hotel (12-21-12), Kreischer Mansion (12-21-12), Houghton Mansion (12-28-12), St. Mark's Church (12-28-12). et al.   

Membership: Steve DiSchavi, Amy Allen, Matthew Anderson,


Purpose: Investigation and research into alleged paranormal activity
Base of Operations: possibly New York City
First Appearance: Dead Files, Painless Production, Travel Channel, September 23, 2011,
History: Steve DiSchavi is a former New York City detective who uses police skills to research haunted houses while psychic medium Amy Allen uses her clairvoyant skills to investigate the activity. During her investigation, her assistant Matthew Anderson removes all evidence that might influence her psychic skills. The two of them then merge their research to their clients. Most of their investigations have been into private homes with a select few into public structures.
Case-Files: Old Purdy House (09-23-11), Plan-B Restaurant (09-30-11), Minineurcanal House (10-21-11), Don Vicente De Ybor Inn (10-28-11), Gibson House (11-04-11), Shotgun House (11-11-11), Alcatraz (03-09-12), Lizzie Borden House (04-20-12), Old Jenkins House (04-27-12), Family Tree Restaurant (05-04-12), Nellie Cropsey House (05-11-12), Slocum House Theater (05-11-12), Delano House (05-25-12), et al.

Membership: Yvette Fielding, Ciaran O'Keefe, Phil Whyman, Stuart Torvell, David Wells, Richard Felix, Cath Howe, Chris Burton, Matt Chance, Karl Beattie, (former) Derek Acorah, et al.


Purpose: Entertainment (Paranormal-Historical Documentary)
Base of Operations: possibly London, England
First Appearance: Most Haunted, Antix Productions, Living Channel, May 25, 2002
History: Most Haunted is a British TV series which explored and investigated the histories and accounts of paranormal activity at haunted locations in Great Britain. Hosted by Yvette Fielding, the series also briefly visited the United States, but it also courted controversy when the team's resident psychic Derek Acorah was accused of fabricating and over-dramatizing his so-called psychic readings.
Case-Files: Athelhampton Hall (5-25-02), Chillingham Castle (06-04-02), Leip Castle (6-25-02), Cuzean Castle (07-23-02), Skirrid Inn (04-29-03), Tamworth Castle (11-11-03), Schooner Hotel (11-25-03), Hellfire Caves (04-20-04), Kinnitty Castle (09-14-04), Samlesbury Hall (11-09-04), Ancient Ram Inn (01-29-05), Bodmin Gaol (03-22-05), Fyvie castle (06-14-05), Whaley House (07-12-05),Drum Barracks (10-04-05), Castle Keep (11-08-05), Warwick Castle 07-04-06), Castle Dracula (04-03-07), Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (02-17-09), Winchester Mystery House (10-31-08), Stanley Hotel (11-11-08), Waverly Hills Hospital (11-25-08), et al. 

Membership: Ryan Buell, Heather Taddy, Sergey Poberezhmy, Katrina Weidmann, Josh Light, Effie Music, Lance Beddoes, Michelle Bellanger, et al


Purpose: Investigation and support of people dealing with cases of paranormal activity
Base of Operations: University Park, Pennsylvania
First Appearance: Paranormal State, A&E Network
History: Ryan Buehl founded Pennsylvania State Paranormal at Pennsylvania State University in order to investigate and expand his knowledge of the paranormal following a paranormal experience he had experienced in his youth. Mentored by psychic medium Chip Coffey, Ryan, however, started more and more began experiencing cases that he believed were negative or "demonic" in origin. In several instances, Buehl even began to believe that evil spirits were following him home from cases.
Case-Files: (Kreider House (12-10-07), Raymond Trailer (12-17-07), Northfield Cemetery (01-07-08), Old Rhoads House (01-14-08), Kate's Bar (01-14-08), Poole House (11-21-08), Crowley Beach House (01-21-08), Old Leominster School (01-28-08), Sokolowski House (02-11-08), Knickerbocker Hotel (03-17-08), Janet Ranchhouse (08-04-08), Wes House (08-11-08), Dawn House (08-11-08), Old Pond House (08-18-08), Ryan House (08-25-08), Julie House (01-19-09), et al.

Membership: Ron Fabiani, Tom Froelich (founders), Austin Weinstock, Pete Schlelich, Brian Jones, Scott Ziarkis, Moriah Rhame, et al.


Purpose: Investigation and research of alleged paranormal location  
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
First Appearance: Paranormal Cops, North-South Productions, A&E Network, January 1, 2010,
History: Chicago Paranormal was founded by police officers Ron Fabiani and Tom Froelich to use professional police methods and equipment to investigate and explore reputed and popular haunted locations in the Chicago area.
Case-Files: One-Eleven Restaurant (01-12-10), Big Timer's Sound Shop (01-19-10), Barat College (01-26-10), Stag's Head Restaurant (02-02-10), Frankfort Fire House (02-09-10), Meagan House (02-16-10), Park Place Banquet Hall (02-23-10), Brunder Mansion, McPike Mansion, Casa Madrid (dates unknown), et al.


Membership: Jack Osborne (founder), Dana Workman, Jael DePardo, Devin Marble, 


Purpose: Locating, investigating and identifying paranormal and cryptozoological activity
Base of Operations: Unknown, possibly Mobile
First Appearance: Haunted Highway, Base Productions, SyFy Channel, July 3, 2012,
History: Haunted Highway Investigations was founded by Jack Osborne, the son of musician and entertainer Ozzy Osborne of the Gothic rock group, "Black Sabbath." Much of his life was shown on TV through the A&E series, "The Osbornes." After that series was cancelled, Jack developed his own paranormal TV series joined by his friends Dana Workman and Jael DePardo and Devin Marble of "Fact Or Faked" using amateur footage taped entirely by the team itself. Most of the cases he pursues are cryptological in origin.
Case-Files: (paranormal only) Standing Rock Reservation/Black Star Canyon (07-10-12), Devil's Soup Bowl (07-17-12), Ebenezer Swamp (07-24-10), Cotile Lake (07-31-12), Pioneer Cemetery (07-31-12), Idaho Hotel (08-07-12), et al. 



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