Rose Red Mansion

Belasco House

Vannacutt Sanitarium

Hull House UPDATED!

Overlook Hotel


Hill House

Munsters House

Rimshaw House

Maitland House

Barclay House

The Antonio Graza

Queen of Scots

Freeling House

Farrell House

Camp Arawak

Cage And Fish Law Firm

The Castaways

Burkitt's Woods

Vasquez Castle

Zorba House

Cole House

Old MacIntyre Place

Danbury Manor

Old Simpson Place

Lake Klompus Lodge

Old Simmons Place

The Stratford Inn

Old Grimes House

Sanders House

Haley House

Waldeck Island

New York High School

Stillwell House

Governor's Mansion

Camp Crystal Lake

Roff House

NYC Courthouse

Cutler's Cove

Smithsonian Institute

Mertz Apartment House

Weatherby Estate

Edbrook Manor

Fairwater Hospital

Pike House

Curious Goods

Sleepy Hollow

Windward Hall

Pacific Princess

Cauldron Point

Bates Motel

Glamis Castle

Crabbe Manor

Gold City

Clampett Castle

Winterhaven Power Company  

Pringle House

Kane Manor

Old Bell Farm

Jensen Lighthouse

Point Place Grammar School

Shelter Mountain Inn

Castle Maldito

Franken Castle

Hawthorne Mill

Hollywood Tower Hotel

Kingdom Hospital

Longwater Castle

Motley Hall

Old Knowby Cabin

Parker House

Suginami House


Antonio Bay

Gracey Manor

Marlish House

Tipton Hotel

Stoddard House

Allardyce Mansion

Castle Plunkett

Briarcliff Hotel

The Comedy Cave

Gardner House

Mason Court Apartment House

Parrish House

Roosevelt Island Apartments

Sea Cliff Manor

Skull Island

Old Stigwood House

Castle MacTavish  

Old Fowler Estate

McMann House

Montgomery House

Moulin Rouge

Nelson Hall


Stephens House

The HMS Titanic

Wiltsett Castle

Claridge House

Dolphin Hotel

Garthe Manor

"Who you going to call?"

Ghostbusters Headquarters

Lafollette House

Old Murdoch Cabin

Jacob's Neck

Old Roosevelt Asylum

Santa Mira Hospital

The Sedgewick

The Solomon Farm

Camberly School For Girls

Old Markwell House

Talbot House

Widlock House

Winfield Manor

Doyle House

Old Gruber House

Kensington Arms Inn

Hamilton Point Naval Station

Dimpton Hall

Spenser House

Stalag 13

Waverly House

The White House

Featherstone House

Good Shepard Orphanage

Lucas House

USS Decatur

Emerald Bar

Ghost Ship Point

Mammoth Studios  

Pelican Club

Rock Island Prison

Old Verlaine Farm

Crabapple Cove Seaside Museum

Crescent View Cemetery

Darrode House

Old Guignol Theater

Old Hollister Place

Orchard House

Old Ritter House

Old Nebbercracker House

Bartilson Funeral Home

Old Spears House

Beckworth House

Crumpet Manor

Davidson House

Fontana House


Hogwarts School UPDATED!

Broussard Mansion

Tisdale Manor

The Arcadian


Eel Marsh House


Holloman Academy

Old Adams House

Wicker House

Campbell House

Dumaine Plantation

Graycroft Castle


Madison Seminary

Marston Manor

Mission University

Weeping Beach Inn

Yankee Pedlar Inn


Lambert House

Meirchionne Castle


Morton House

Stevenson House

Van Ness House

Arethusa Manor

Deadman House

Entonsburg Hospital

Farhampton Inn

Koss House

Palmer House

Pineview Inn

Ravenhurst Manor

Warner Brothers Studios

Washington Hospital


Old Byron Plantation

Dragna Casino

Hope Springs

Mansfield House

The Mayflower

Mercy Falls Hospital

S.S. Tottenschiff

Aldridge House

Carmichael House

Crimson Peak

Trout Mansion

Walker House


Beckett House

Browning House

Laird-Bohrer House

Redding House

New Investigations!!!
(Updated 11/10/2019)

DeFeo-Lutz House

The Car Graveyard

Congelier House

The Doll House

Gastell House

Noonan House

Old Weaver House

Stories Coming Soon!!!

Harmon House

Witherspoon Manor

Bourmanis House

Old Redman Manor

Silent Hill

Ritchie Apartment House

Brightwater Inn

Ostrich Cemetery

Hurstwood Manor

Ferguson House

Chelsea Street Cottage

Grandview Community Hospital



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