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The Watchers counicl


  It is unknow how long the watchers council has been around but it would be logical to assum that it was astablished sometime after acivilation with a working goverment was established in Britian. The counicls HQ is and has always been in England and evreytime a new slayer is to be called it asigns a new watcher to her. to train har and teach her how to be the slayer

Usually the watchers council know just after the child is born that it will be the slayer and send a watcher to prepare her for when she is to be called but in Buffys case this did not happen. she was not informed of who she was untill she was needed. and they maneged to track her down

At their HQ they have a record of almost evreything mystical know to man. including all demon and toxins and cures. which is why Giles has once or twice asked for there help in finding out what something is. (EG Glory)

In the history of the counicl there have only been two slayers who have caused major problems and that is Buffy and Faith. probly more Faith due to the fact she started working for the bad guys and killed lots of people. The problems with Buffy, apart from her sometimes worrying about her socil life more than slaying which they had probley incounted before, really started when giles was told he had to hypnotice Buffy and make her lose her powers to see if she could fight a strong vampire without them. In the end he couldnt bring himself to do it and told buffy, this damaged theire friendship for a while but more importently Giles got fired from the council. When her new Watcher, Wesley, arrived she refushed to take comaneds from him and quit the council when they wouldnt help her cure Angel.


Curent Status

For probley the first time in there exsistence they have bben without a slayer under their commaned for two years but now Buffy has agreed to rejoin the council on her terms. Giles to be officaly re-instated as her watcher and they do not control her, she is the boss. It is possible that Buffy has managed to change the way the council is run. But they may also decided to go back to there old ways of comand when the next slayers is called. which should be soon as Buffy has once again died. Yes shell probly be resurected but the fact that she has died would mean another slayer has been called brining the totel count to 3 slayers. although one of them is is prision!