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List of Vampires in Buffy

In Althabetical order!

Darla- In episodes: Welcome to the hellmouth, The harvest, Angel
           Notes: Darla is angels sire. she made him a vamp 200 years ago and left the side of her sire,             The master! to go around the world withe angel Spike and dru. Arfter Angel got cursed with             a soul she went back to the master in sunnydale then in 1996 just arfter Buffy arived Angel             staked her.
           She has resently been resurected by LA law firm Wolfum and Hart as a human. but then            they  recruted Dru to turn her back into a vamp. she was last seem just after fucking            angel beging  disapointed that he didnt lose his soul
  Current Status: Died while giving birth to Angels Baby

Luke- In episodes: Welcome to the hellmouth, Harvest
          Notes: Luke was the masters vessel for the harvest evrey person luke ate the power would go to the                      master. the plan being that it would give enough power to the Master to brake free off his                      mysticle prission. unfortuntly for him buffy stoped Luke first.
 Current status: Dead. staked by Buffy

The Master- In episodes: almost all in season 1 and .... in season 3
                    Notes: The Master is and has been for a long time intent on opening the hellmouth and bring                                 all types of demons back to this world to rule it as they once did. unfortuntly his fist                                 attempt caused an earthquake causeing him to get buerriend undergroun and the                                 mysticle powers he was useing to open the hellmouth surrounded him in a bubble he                                 couldnt escape from. once the slayer arrives he keeps trying to free himself from his                                 prision to open the hellmouth. he eventually sucsends by drinking buffys blood giveing                                 him the power to brake free. luckly he dosnt kill her exsactly and she fights him on top                                 of the school and kils him. therfor closeing the hellmouth he has just opend.
         Current Status: Dead. although the adoijnted one did try to resurect him but buffy crushed the                                  masters bones into powder to stop him