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SOS Campaign Efforts

Thank-you Notes from Once and Again Cast and Creators

Marshall Herskovitz sent the following email to the leaders of the SOS campaign, 5/23/02:

Ed and I want to thank all the fans of Once And Again for their extraordinary efforts to save the show. From the e-mails to the letters to the newspaper ads to the billboard in Los Angeles, the outpouring of energy on behalf of O&A has been nothing short of astonishing, and everyone involved in the show has been moved beyond words.

Please know that every legitimate avenue for keeping the show alive -- including moving it to another network -- has been explored and found unworkable. As much as we all loved the show, it is time to accept that it is really over, and move on to other, hopefully equally rewarding, projects.

And if any of our future productions attracts even a fraction of the acceptance that O&A has found, we will truly consider ourselves lucky


From Sela Ward, 5/30/02

I don't know where to begin in expressing my appreciation for the loyalty and devotion you have all shown since the beginning of Once and Again. You have warmed my heart and made all the efforts of working on this show worth every minute. The campaign you all participated in from the ad's in the trades to the wonderful billboard was awesome ( I drove by it to see it for myself!). I feel so very grateful to have such wonderful people stand behind my work. Thank you all!!! Have a wonderful summer. Fondly, Sela

From Mischa Barton, 5/30/02

It is wonderful to know that there are so many dedicated fans out there and that Katie and Jessie really did touch people's hearts,that makes it all worthwhile, please if you can send my thanks to all of them,

Love MischaX

From Jeffrey Nordling, 6/1/02

How wonderful you've all been! Thank you for your energy , your commitment and your love for the show. Yes, it's sad. Endings are always sad. But I guess if the show taught us anything, it's that there's always hope for better things down the road. I will miss Jake very very much. In spite of, perhaps because of his faults, he was a joy to play.

Three years is a pretty good run. I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with the most wonderful cast, crew, writers...... not to mention the great Herskovitz/Zwick Dynamic Duo.

We had fun. Thanks for your support- All the best- and with hopes of Things Better For Us All-

Jeffrey Nordling

From Shane West and family, 6/1/02

What have the fans meant to Shane? Everything! We've talked about it, many many times. The fans' enthusiastic, sincere, and determined efforts to convince ABC to bring the show back for another season showed Shane how much his hard work, and the hard work of everyone working with him, was noticed and appreciated!

Each member of the cast of Once and Again was an artist in their own right, each one creating and developing the character they were given, with a lot of love and with all their heart. The fans couldn't help but feel this, and love the cast for it. The storylines, after all, were taken right from their lives, so to see "their lives" portrayed with such sensitivity and understanding was recognition, reinforcement, and some of the best "therapy" in the whole world. Shane repeatedly admitted that the show was "therapy" for him, because so much of it mirrored his own life...

But then the steps the fans took when it looked like the show was going to be canceled, to try to prevent cancellation and to show their appreciation, were simply fantastic, so heart-warming to Shane and the others, and completely unprecedented. Shane, like everyone else, has learned not to focus on disappointments, but look ahead to the "next part". If you don't learn this early, you can't possibly survive in this business. As a result, he didn't talk about the cancellation much. But both 4puck and I noticed he stopped what he was doing and listened everytime we talked about something the fans were doing. It made him smile, and a wistful look came over his face. It was obvious that, try as he might, a tiny glimmer of hope, that the show might be picked up after all, still remained. It would simply be an understatement to say that the fans "helped" Shane and all of the cast get through a really sad and difficult time, when they were being treated with very little respect, and very little dignity by the network. And that billboard! We went by it several times at first, couldn't stop looking at it... No other fans have gone to such lengths for their favorite show, which of course begs the question "why"? The fans of Once and Again have earned a place in history and a permanent place in the hearts of the cast and crew.

From: bhlawyer, 4puck, and Shane

From Steven Weber, 6/4/02

Thanks to everyone who supported the show. It was a true honor to work with all those great people and to have the opportunity to make out with Marin Hinkle every now and then. Seriously, never lose your passion. It is incredibly important for an audience to participate actively in a show's growth. Thanks to folks like you television drama has a chance to be great and not merely passable.

All best,


From Peter Schindler, 6/6/02

Saw the billboard again. O&A had the best, most loyal fans ever.

Peter Schindler - Producer

From Billy Campbell, 6/20/02

We of Once And Again are so entirely thrilled and gratified by the response by the fans. It made us realize that we are part of a much bigger family, than we knew. We thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

Billy Campbell

Campaign Update5-3-02: Once and Again Fans are purchasing a billboard in Hollywood to express their support. Donations are still needed --please visit www.saveoanda.com to find out how YOU can help!
Click here to read the press release and view the billboard.


From Lynda (Shully), 4-18-02
We have received so much encouraging news of the past week that we decided to come up with a new leg to the campaign. ABC and Bedford Falls were happy with the ratings this week, ABC's Fall pilots are NOT good, and many of ABC's current shows are doing worse than O&A. All of this helps O&A's chance of renewal.

We had a meeting of the minds last night and would like to introduce the next leg of the campaign. We are going to incorporate lil baby Sammler! Everyone go to the local grocery store or drug store and pick up the travel baby wipes! We are going to try and send ABC thousands of baby wipes as a gift to baby Sammler and as a way of helping ABC clean up the mess they have made of the network.

Send a letter with each pack of wipes you send. Tell them that it is for baby Sammler! How funny would it be if they got thousands of these to go along with the books, letters and faxes we have already sent.

Spread the word to everyone you know. If you can't find the wipes, a baby card or baby gift of any kind will work! Please participate...we need to bombard them with these! POWER IN NUMBERS!

Please send to the following address:

Michael Eisner
Disney / ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

If you don't want to send baby related stuff you could always mail postcards and/or articles related to saving Once and Again. For fantastic postcards, click here:



Phone numbers:

ABC - LA: 818 - 460-7477 (you can leave a 30 second message. )
ABC - NY: 212 - 456-6366 (you'll be transfered to a machine)
DISNEY - 818 - 560-1000 (real live person)

Regular Mail -- Snail Mail is best!

Use the following address for all letters to:

Susan Lyne - President of Programming, ABC Entertainment,
Lloyd Braun - Chairman of ABC Entertainment,
Michael Eisner - Chairman and CEO, Walt Disney Company
Robert Iger, President, Disney (they own ABC)
Vonda Binko, Audience Relations, ABC

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Email Addresses
ABC Audience Relations: netaudr@abc.com and abc.audience.relations@abc.com

Susan Lyne, President of ABC Entertainment:susan.m.lyne@abc.com


Michael Eisner's Fax#:       818-846-7319
Disney's Fax #      818-560-1930(revised)
Susan Lyne's - LA fax #:     818-460-5281
Susan Lyne's - NY fax #:      212-456-7770

Please participate! Let ABC know that if they can no longer support Once and Again, then you can no longer support ABC!

"You don't understand. It's just such a beautiful story."

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