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This page includes the music -- by artists, album, etc., -- featured
in the various episodes of "Once and Again." Also, read about the show's soundtrack composer, W. G. Snuffy Walden.


"Once and Again" Theme Song

[fansofonceandagain wish to thank "Blakjay" (aka Brandon Ulman) for tipping us off and, then, verifying the fact that Snuffy Walden's CD -- which will include Once and Again's Theme Song -- is due out on March 6, 2001.]

For more information regarding the CD, please visit here.

[fansofonceandagain note: From the liner notes of the new CD, Guitar: Snuffy/Dean Parks/George Doering. VOCALS Cecelia Bullard/Mary Ellis.(studio singers) Keyboards: Kim Bullard.]

Promotional Song

The first music to be associated with "Once and Again" was used in a promotional commercial before the The Pilot even aired. The song, a standard, is entitled "At Last..." sung by Etta James.

Performed by Etta James/"At Last"/ from (among many) the album At Last rereleased 1999.

Season 1

Episode #1: The Pilot/Boy Meets Girl

Performed by Jewel/"Absence of Fear"/ from the album Spirit.

Episode #4: Liars and Other Strangers

Performed by Keb' Mo'/"Rainmaker"/from the album Slow Down.

Episode #5: There Be Dragons

Performed by Yve & Adam/"In Good Time"

Episode #9: Outside Hearts

Performed by Death in Vegas/"Dirge"/Studio Re-recording.

For those interested in downloading the video "Dirge"by Death in Vegas. Once there, "click" on the contino sessions.

Episode #12: The Gingerbread House

Performed by Tori Amos/"Winter"/from the album Little Earthquakes.

Episode #14: Sneaky Feelings

Performed by Get Up Kids/"Mass Pike"/from the album Red Letter Day.

Visit Get Up Kids website.

Performed by Garbage/"When I Grow Up"/from the album Version 2.0.

Episode #18: Stranger and Brothers

Performed by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra/"I Can't Get Started"

Episode #19: Cat-in-Hat

Performed by Rilo Kiley/"The Frug"/can be found on the movie soundtrack, Desert Blue.

In response to an email, Blake -- the guitarist for the band -- explains: "Dan and Sue Paige, the creators of the show, are fans of our band just from our live shows and our little cd. They just called us up one day and asked if we'd want to be on their show and we said why not. Yeah, it was kinda weird hearing us being refered to by our own names on national television but we had a fun time watching it and seeing our band on tv. Definately a first on both accounts." More information on Rilo Kiley...

Episode #20: My Brilliant Career

Performed by Wilson Pickett/"Land of A Thousand Dances"

Season 2

Episode #202: BookLovers

Performed by Steve Tyrell/"The Very Thought of You" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

From Steve Tyrell's website:
LATEST NEWS -- Updated October 23, 2000
Here's an idea for you on Oct. 31, at 10:00 p.m.... Turn down the lights, relax & while nibbling on Halloween candy...turn on ABC's "Once & Again" for Steve Tyrell's Network Television Debut. Steve will be seen and heard singing "The Very Thought Of You" from his hit Atlantic Records CD, A New Standard, as well as a bluesy guitar-voice version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" at the touching conclusion of the episode. We hope you enjoy it!

[In response to an email, following the "BookLovers" episode, Steve Tyrell explains his appearance on the show:]
Well, it is an interesting story... Director Producer Dan Lerner was watching a movie I did the music for called 20DATES on HBO & heard about 45 seconds of my version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". He then had me tracked down, and when Steve Winogradsky called to ask to licsence that song, I suggested he listen to my C.D., A NEW STANDARD, and see if there was anything else they liked...

So, apparently they liked what they heard, and decided to use "The Very Thought Of You" over the front and then with me actually singing it in the restaurant scene...Then they closed out the episode with "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"....

I was already a fan of the people involved with "Once & Again" and of course it is one of the best shows on televison...But now, after having been on the show & having such a great experience working with them, I must say I'm a bigger fan than ever. I am thrilled that they are using my music in the show & that they have asked me back to shoot another episode next Monday (November 6th)....I will be singing "Kiss To Build A Dream On".

I have been getting some great feedback and I really appreciate yours.

Thank you, All the best... Steve

Purchase A New Standard at Amazon.com

Episode #203: I Can't Stand Up

Performed by Shane West/Written by W.G. Snuffy Walden/"Eli's Song"

Episode #216-Aaron's Getting Better

Performed by Leonard Cohen/"Sisters of Mercy"/ from the album Songs of Leonard Cohen
For more info on Leonard Cohen visit: http://leonardcohen.com/

Episode #218- Best of Enemies

Rickie Lee Jones/ "On Saturday Afternoons in 1963"/ from the album Rickie Lee Jones
For more info on Rickie Lee Jones visit her official website at: www.rickieleejones.com/rickie-lee-jones.htm

Episode # 219-Armageddon Part 1

Suite Number 1 in G, BWV 1007: Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach

Episode #221-Moving On

BottleFly/"Sunshine"/from the album Bottlefly
For more info on Bottlefly visit: www.bottlefly.com

Jonatha Brooke/"Your House"/from the album Steady Pull
From Jonatha's website regarding the writing of "Your House": "Your House" is a strange combination of emotions. I thought I was saying goodbye to someone forever, at the same time I was falling in love with a new person. So it's a farewell and a hello all at once.When you fall in love, you show your new love around. These are the things I cherish, this is where I live. But also when someone thinks they are dying, they will do the same. It's a crazy, dichotomy. "All the things that you wished".
For more info, visit Jonatha Brooke's website

Episode #222-The Second Time Around

"When the Red, Red Robin comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along"-performed by Evan Rachel Wood


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