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ABC's Once and Again: It's OFFICIAL! Episode summaries, polls, character and cast bios--all here.

Show Pages: New, TV Guide Online offers a "Once and Again" page with a cast list, show summary, and brief descriptions of upcoming episodes. The pages also link to local listings, stories and features about the shows from the current TV Guide Online and from its archives.

The Eclectic Zone: Once and Again -- Best source of photos and screen caps from Once and Again.

TKTV's Once and Again Site: "We're like two kids with no place to go." Need a quote from a fave episode? Go to this new and up-to-date site for season 1 tidbits.

Unofficial Once and Again Fanclub Website: For the most comprehensive Once and Again site made by fans, check this one out! Excellent fan fiction and lots of interesting tidbits.


Barb's Billy Campbell Webpage: Lots of scans of the man we LOVE. Missed his appearance on Rosie or his acceptance speech at the People's Choice Awards? Read it here.

My Tribute to Sela Ward: Reach out and touch Sela. The actress's beautiful, smiling face adorns the pages of this site which includes personal as well as professional information.

Ruthy Tal's Sela Ward fansite: Another site chock full of facts about shining star, Sela Ward. This one comes all the way from Israel.

Sisters TV site: Sela Ward -- Nice bio and amazing collection of Sela pics both personal and professional!

Ruthy Tal's Sisters site: She wasn't always "Lily". Check out Sela as the irrepressible Teddy Reed of the tv show "Sisters".

Shane West Is Best: Need a fix of your newest teen heartthrob? He's not just "Eli" anymore.

Average Jo Website: This is the official website of Shane West's band, Average Jo, which will be featured on the 2nd season of Once and Again. Find out more about their music here.

The Evan Rachel Wood Site Keep up with Evan Rachel Wood at this official fansite. Includes a link to receive an email from Evan.

MischaBarton.net: The definitive Mischa Barton website covering her film, theatre, television and modeling career. We have lots of interactive features, so drop by to look around or say hello.


Yahoo! Groups Fans of Once and Again -- To discuss the ABC series, "Once and Again" created by Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick and starring Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, and a talented supporting cast. (New subscriptions require list owner approval.)

Yahoo! Groups Once and Again Posters -- The haven for the former ABC message board: come here to discuss the show, its cast, Save Our Show strategy, post or view pictures of the cast...stop on by!

Delphi Forums: Chin's Coffee Pot -- Bill, William or Billy? Long time fans rhapsodize together about the talented Mr. Campbell.

Billy Campbell Mailing List: Fixated on TV's hottest divorced dad? You are not alone...join the list.

Sela Ward Mailing List: From Sisters to Sprint...Sela is once and again our favorite on TV.

Yahoo! Once and Again Site: "Club" and chat about all things Sammler... What's on your mind?

Once and Again@www.ezboard.com Stop by and post about all things "Once and Again"

Coffeeroom's Once and Again: Yes, indeed, it's true. We can't stop talking about this show either!

Yahoo! Groups Susanna Thompson Association: Join this group to talk about Susanna Thompson.

Yahoo! Groups Marin Hinkle site Join this group to talk about Marin Hinkle.

Yahoo! Groups Shane West Fans Are you a Shane West fan? Join up here to talk about it!


Interview with Marshall Herskovitz : Fresh Air, November 8, 1999 (at appx 12 minutes into the broadcast)

Elvis Mitchell interviews Edward Zwick: KCRW, April 21, 2000

An interview with Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick: Weekend All Things Considered, December 19, 1999

Billy Campbell interview on KTLA May 17, 2002

OnceAgainPics: Have pics of Sela, Billy and other cast members? Subscribe to this list and swap those magazine, award show, and screen cap pictures with others.

OnceAgainSounds: Do you yearn for Lily's voice, or an entire audio episode? Subscribe to this new "Swap Exchange" and listen to Once and Again, once again and again...

OnceAgainTrader: Here's a trading board for the TV drama Once & Again, Billy Campbell, Sela Ward, & OA cast/crew. Privately exchange episodes, movies, magazines & memorabilia. OAT provides the database.


thirtysomething scrapbook: Lots of information about the first Herskovitz and Zwick show.

thirtysomething web guide: Another thirtysomething website, including a handy episode guide

IMDb's Once and Again Discussion Site: Ahh, the Internet Movie Database...it's addictive. Search about all your favorite O&A stars and then add your 2 cents about TV's finest drama.

Pazsaz Entertainment Network: Episode Guide for Once and Again: Need a current episode list at your fingertips? Pazsaz has it.

Mighty Big TV's Once and Again Synopses: Thorough and sometimes humorous synopses for recent episodes of "Once and Again".


Have You Found Someone "Right" Online? In trying to experience a personal once and again, have you met your own Lily or Rick online?

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