Complete GH Episodes, 1983

The bulk of these write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible! Thanks Norm!"

December 29, 1982 - May 3, 1983, May 5 - September 1, 1983, and September 6, 1983 - January 5, 1984

Episode Breakdown

September 6-12, 1983 - 9/6 Lord Rama arrives and meets the Scorpios, Grant pulls a gun on Dr. Gerald 9/8 -  Private party at Luke's, Lord Rama arrives with a proposition, 9/9, 9/12 [Episode Descriptions]

September 13 - 19, 1983 - 9/13, 9/14, 9/15 Luke checking up on Natalie, 9/16 Professor Gerald's funeral, 9/19 only :15 mins of show [Episode Descriptions]

September 21-26, 1983 - 9/21 (sound is low) Bobbie is pregnant, 9/22 (sound is low),  9/23 Natalie is murdered, 9/26 (missed about :18 mins of GH due to America Cup pre-emption) [Episode Descriptions]

September 28 - Oct 3, 1983 - 9/28 Jon Lindstrom extra appearence (later becomes Ryan/Kevin), 9/29, 9/30 Holly & Celia kidnapped from Delphina's 10/3 [Episode Descriptions]

October 4 -10, 1983 -10/4, 10/5, 10/6 Holly, Luke & Celia held hostage at pavilon, 10/7, 10/10 [Episode Descriptions]

October 11-17, 1983 - 10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/17 [Episode Descriptions]

October 18-24, 1983 - 10/18, 10/19, 10/20, 10/21, 10/24 Ceila is freed (Pre-emption) [Episode Descriptions]

October 26 - November 3, 1983 - 10/26 no cm, 10/28, 10/31, 11/1, 11/3 [Episode Descriptions]

November 4-10, 1983 -11/4,  11/7, 11/8 Luke, Holly are rescued, 11/9/83 Election Day, 11/10/83 Luke is elected mayor [Episode Descriptions]

November 11-18, 1983 - 11/11, 11/14 Laura Returns, 11/15, 11/16, 11/17 Stavros, 11/18 partial (continued on next dvd) [Episode Descriptions]

November 18-28, 1983 - 11/18 remainder of episode, 11/21, 11/22 Bobbie miscarries, 11/23, 11/24, 11/28 Luke sees Laura at mayor's mansion [Episode Descriptions]

November 29-December 6, 1983 - 11/29 L&L reunion, 11/30, 12/1, 12/2 Laura sees Rick & Leslie, 12/5, 12/6 first :22 mins (continued on next dvd) [Episode Descriptions]

December 6-13, 1983 - 12/6 remainder of episode, 12/7, 12/8, 12/9, 12/12, 12/13 [Episode Descriptions]

December 14-21, 1983 - 12/14, 12/15, 12/16, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21 [Episode Descriptions]

December 22-28, 1983 - 12/22 Laura's birthday, 12/23, 12/26 Luke's flashback epsidoe, 12/27 L&L leave PC, 12/28 [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1983 - January 5, 1984 - 12/29 L&L call home (they aren't seen), real Grant Putnam is shown, 12/30, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5/8 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

September 6 - 12, 1983:  9/6, 9/8, 9/9, 9/12 

Tuesday, September 6 1983 - Lesley is taking care of Rick and going a bit crazy in the process, with Blackie and Amy not helping at all with their arguing. Robert pops by the Q's with questions for Grant on his friends. Doing a security check on Grant, Celia is no help at all when she casually mentions the missing Dr Bunny Willis! Grant reports the news to Gregory who is not concerned since he took care of the nosy Dr. Security clearance or no, Gregory orders Grant to kill Jerrold. Lord Rama arrives at Robert's door. He wants to make sure that his pavilion at the Expo will be treated with the proper immunity treaties. Blackie, Tommy and Lou at PCU. Holy is bored---she wants to help Robert with his investigation. Grant reluctantly agrees to perform the loathsome task of his mission but the promise of being a hero to his "homeland" is not important to him anymore. 

Thursday, September 8, 1983 - Alan and Monica are stunned to learn from the social worker that Heather was named Jason's foster mother. Later Alan complains on the phone to Mrs Bowman regarding that "brat" Jason. Alan over hears this and blows up at Heather. Even if she is to be Jason's foster mother he won't stand the child's neglect. More foreign agents are approaching Luke with offers to buy the disc. At the casino, Luke meets Lord Rama who has a business proposition for him. Spencer makes light of the man's inquires as Gregory strains to hear the conversation. Quickly Malko gets Natalie over to the casino. She is to watch Luke while he listens to the recording of the agents conversation with Spencer. Suddenly, Luke realizes Gregory is not at the piano and tracks him down in the security room. Luke listens to Gregory's pathetic excuses.  

Friday, September 9, 1983 - Grant has nightmares of killing Dr. Jerrold. As Gregory angrily paces wondering why Grant has not shown up for his final instructions. Putnam slips a gun into his pocket. Unable to reach Grant by phone, Natalie shows up at the Q's pretending it's a medical crisis. When Natalie offers Celia a box of chocolates, Grant wildly grabs it out of her hands. Following Gergory's orders, Putnam pretends to be ill and Jerrold immediately admits him to his lab. Grant pulls a gun on a stunned Jerrold and reluctantly takes him to the outer office to get the microfilm. Luke has been hosting a campaign rally on the dock. He's being stalked by an Arabian sheik that he insulted at his club for giving eyes to Connie. As Luke makes a speech, the angry Sheik pulls out a sword and swings it at the box that Spencer is standing on. Losing his grip, Luke falls injuring his leg. His friends rush him to GH, where Natalie is forced to work on him, and it causes her to miss her boat. Rose and Jake make love for the first time. Jerrold hands over the micro dot to Grant, and shots ring out. The Dr falls to the ground. LOVING/OLTL promo LITA promo: GH/EDGE 

Monday, September 12, 1983 - Rose and Jake in bed. Grant turns around and sees Gregory fire the fatal shot. Cradling the kindly Dr in his arms, Jerrold tells Grant to have Robert "keep it safe". Gregory fires a second bullet into the body and hustles Grant out towards the waiting boat. Natalie hustles out on Luke leaving him perplexed. Gregory contacts the DVX mole in Ballantine's office and says "Destruct". When Natalie finally shows up, Gregory discovers the micro film has been cut and there must be a second half. Panicked, Gregory tries to call Ballantine's office back, but the mole has already left. Grant is terrified at the thought of staying in town and getting the remainder of the micro film from Robert. Gregory gives him an alibi for the time he was gone during Jerrolds' death. He stopped to help Natalie who hurt her hand during car trouble. To make everything ring true, Gregory smashes Natalie's hand with a rock! Hearing that Natalie was in an "accident" Luke visits her. He is suprised to see a campaign flyer stuck to her shoe since Natalie was no where near the docks this afternoon. Luke lets Connie run a check on Ms. Dearborn.  

September 13 - 19, 1983:  9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/16, 9/19 only :15 mins of show 

Tuesday, September 13, 1983 - Grant falls into a state of depression and starts drinking. Scotty tells Heather that he just got a call from Jeff. Her son Steven Larrs is sick with meningitis, and Heather insists on being with her son. Heather decides to leave town to care for her son. Heather calls Jimmy Lee and has him stay with Jason while she is gone. Alan is not happy about leaving Jason in Holt's care, but understands she needs to be with her own son. Jimmy Lee comforts Celia who is in tears over Grant's mood swings. Celia sees Holt in a new light. Robert receives an urgent call from Ballantine. There's been an explosion in the WSB safehouse. Robert and Connie fly to Washington, where they learn that the duplicate microfilm has been destroyed. When Ballantine finds out that his secretary had been a DVX plant they all fear for Jerrolds life. 

Wednesday, September 14, 1983 - Leslie is going crazy trying to find a housekeeper. Dealing with messy Blacke and Mike who is campaigning for Luke plus taking care of a recouperating Rick. Robert and Connie find Jerrold dead and the microfilm gone! They now realize the WSB and the DVX each have half of the formula. Robert turns over his half to Ballentine. Later he has to deal with a snoopy Jackie who is first at the crime scene. Figuring out that Jerrold must have opened the door to someone he trusted. Robert's first suspect is Grant. Told of his death, Grant feigns shock, then mentions that Jerrold had been depressed lately even to the thought he might commit suicide. Celia assumes that Grant's changing moods are the result of the death of his friend Jerrold.  

Thursday, September 15, 1983 When Luke sees the latest headlines of Jerrold's death, he demands Connie tell him what's going on. Grant is tormented by nightmares of the murder. Lee informs Robert and Holly of Jerrold's final will and testament. The latest findings for Robert are that Jerrold committed "suicide". Brock and Bobbie at GH. Holly and Celia at the Q's. Acting cheery while visiting Natalie, Luke quizzes her on her background. Later, Steve tells him that Natalie was hired because her predecessor was suddenly killed in a car accident before she was to begin work at GH. After questioning Grant on his relationship with Dr Jerrold, Robert heads over to Luke's to question him. But learns nothing. Returning home, Ballantine reports that Bunny Willis has vanished off the face of the earth. Not completely satisfied with Putnam's answers, Robert switches on his computer and learns that he supposedly inquired about Grant once before. Edge promo 

Friday, September 16, 1983 - - Ruby helping out around the Webbers taking care of Rick and Leslie. Ruby cheers up Rick by having Dan come over for a poker game with Blackie and Mike. Alan is escorting Lesley to the funeral causing Monica and Rick to get a bit jealous. Faced with Robert wondering about his computer. Holly admits she used it to investigate Grant. Alan offers sympathy to Grant and offers to drive him to the funeral for Jerrold. Gregory is tormenting Grant at the Hospital about the missing micro film. When Robert stops by suddenly, Gregory makes an excuse and leaves. Robert needs Grant to open Jerrold's safety deposit box at the bank, hoping that it will contain the microfilm. Grant examines the box's contents. However, all it contains is a letter warmly speaking about the Putnam's. During the funeral, Grant is so shaken he almost blurts out the truth to Celia, when Gregory summons him to a meeting. His new mission is to get the Scorpio's out of the townhome tomorrow night. Connie reports to Luke her check on Natalie was clean....but Luke still has his doubts. Ryan's Hope promo 

September 19, 1983 - ONLY 15 MINUTES OF THE SHOW - Lesley is on cloud nine. She tells Rick that she won a bundle gambling at Luke's the other night. Gregory concludes that Robert has the other half of the micro film. He gives Natalie a layout of the Scorpio's. She is to break in and find it!  Luke and Connie in bed.  

September 21-26, 1983:  9/21 (sound is low), 9/22 (sound is low), 9/23, 9/26 (missed about :18 mins of GH due to America Cup pre-emption) 

September 21, 1983 - SOUND IS LOW - Bobbie is zipping around the Hospital. She's pregnant and thinks Brock will be delighted. Robert and Holly flirting in the computer room. She hijacks his computer. Celia's father Quentin is in town, and Celia shows him around the Hospital. Robert and Connie go over the facts with the case so far. Grant pays a ticket scalper and obtains four seats for an in demand play. He then convinces Celia to invite the Scorpio's. Robert learns Grant is behind the invite and has Connie do some house sitting for him while they are gone. Quenting goes back to Long Island saying goodbye to Celia. Grant reports to Gregory the Scorpio house will be clear. He then reports to Natalie. LOVING/EDGE promo 

September 22, 1983 - SOUND IS LOW - Luke and Connievisit Natalie's ex husband in NY and learn that they broke up because she was a fanatic in anti American activities. Feeling betrayed yet again, Luke heads home again to confront Ms Dearborn. The Putnam's and the Scorpios dine and later attend the play. Natalie meanwhile breaks into the Scorpios and starts snooping around. Ruby has planned a very romantic evening for Rick and Leslie. Bobbie is depressed when Brock makes mention that he never wants to have kids again. Luke assures her that DL will turn around when she informs him of her condition. As Natalie reaches the communication room, Connie enters the house and sees a shadow under the door. The agent gets the jump on Natalie and in the struggle the gun goes off. Later, Connie calls Robert to report that she knows who the spy is Natalie! BENSON/EDGE promo 

September 23, 1983 - Lou and Jimmy Lee at Kelly's. Blackie walks in with a beautiful blonde (PLAYED BY CATHERINE HICKLAND) and Lou gets upset. Blackie introduces her to Jimmy Lee as his teacher. SHe is helping him with his studies. Each for their own reasons, Grant, Celia and Luke are all stunned to hear that Natalie was shot at the Scorpio's. But Gregory moves in quickly when he discovers Natalie'a cover is blown. He races to the Hospital and steals some scrubs. Malko informs his superiors that Natalie is of no use to them anymore. Scotty and Jimmy Lee get into an arguement over Jason. Celia panics because she now believe's that Jerrold is murdered. Luke sees Natalie and the woman tries to make peace with Luke but all he can think about is her lies. Jake and Rose interrupt a hot and heavy kiss between Blackie and Lou. While Natalie is being moved, Gregory in scrubs injects her IV with poison. Ruby later finds the needle in the elevator. LOVING/EDGE   

September 26, 1983 - Connie tries to comfort Luke who is still feeling betrayed over Natalie. The moment Robert gets home the WSB inform him that Natalie is dead. Alerting Connie, who must tell Luke, Robert goes back to the Hospital. (ABC NEWS INTERUPTION : AMERICA'S CUP THE FINAL RACE. Missing about 20 minutes of GH!) Back in progress, Ballantine and Steve are questioning Bobbie on who was with Natalie before she died. Ruby shows them the mask and syringe she found. Sure enough Natalie was murdered---Robert is told. Celia is arguing with Grant, when Robert shows up with the grim news of Ms Dearborn. Putnam denies having any involvement with Natalie except with work. But when Robert leaves, (and puts a tail on Grant) Robert tells Holly about Natalie. Celia explodes, "Who are you really Grant?" Telling her the reconstructive surgery stemmed from the car crash that killed her parents. Putnam admits he is tied to something deadly. Bobbie lets slip that Natalie was murdered to Luke. Connie knew about it. Furious, Luke blows up at his so called girlfriend. He can't trust her either! Hurt and angry Connie walks out. Taking the disc from his suitcase, Luke heads for the mountains.

September 28 - October 3, 1983:  9/28, 9/29, 9/30, 10/3 

Wednesday, September 28 1983 - It is with great difficulty that Holly accepts Robert's conclusion that Natalie used Luke to get the disc. Robert needs her to help question Celia about Putnam. Reluctantly, Holly presses her friend but the conversation is a disaster. Celia insists that her life with Grant is just fine and that Holly is acting pushy. Miserable, Holly cries in Robert's arms. Grant tries to rent a car from a an agent, (Played by Jon Linstrom) but they are all booked up. Later, Celia and Grant are at the bus terminal to ready to leave town. But they are threatened by Lord Rama's men, so they head back to the mansion. Luke tells Jed all about the disc, Natalie's death and the fact he kept it from Robert for selfish means. Luke agrees it was wrong and decides to turn it over to Scorpio. Phoning the townhome, Luke gets Holly instead. Meanwhile Robert learns that Bunny Willis's body was found. 

Thursday, September 29 1983 - Bobbie and Brock snuggling. Robert informs a shocked Grant and Celia on Bunny's death. Grant agrees to take a lie detector test and passes with flying colors, much to the dismay of Connie and Ballantine. Rick discovers that he and Lesley are overdrawn  with the bank. Lesley later admits she lost it gambling at Luke's. Bobbie agrees to take Mike to the circus, but a grumpy Brock hates the idea. He reluctantly goes along for the ride. Later, Brock and Bobbie drop Mike off and naturally Brock had a miserable time. Bobbie storms off all mad at him. Robert is convinced Grant is hiding something and is involved someway in the murders. 

Friday, September 30 1983 - The DVX springs into action taking an all out assault on Robert. Gregory teamed up with Lord Rama put their plan into effect. Robert is asked to meet a woman on the docks who will reveal Bunny's murder. Grant is summoned by Gregory. Later a DVX agent slips into Delfina's over powers the sales girl and phones Holly and Celia. Each of them arriving separately, are drugged and taken out in robes from the shop. Tiffany, Jackie, Scotty and Brock. Jackie wrote a favorable article on Baldwin and Tiffany is furious, because it could hurt the campaign of Luke's. Realizing he was set up, Robert phones Grant at the Q's and says that Celia went to Delfina's. Breaking into the locked shop, Scorpio discovers the bound assistant and the wives purses. Robert rages to Grant that it's about time he told him everything!  

Monday, October 3, 1983 - Holly and Celia are escorted to the Gulistan pavilion where they will stay until the DVX gets what they want from Robert. Blackie and Lou nearly making love are interrupted by a returning Luke. Robert tells Connie about the kidnapping. Connie investigating the incident is hounded by an annoying Jackie ready to sniff out a story. At gunpoint, Robert escorts Grant into the communication room. There he demands the truth. Grant starts to tell him everything when the phone rings and it's Eva.  Eva tells Robert that they want the microfilm and they won't release the hostages with out it. Grant is arguing with Robert when Luke bursts in the room. He produces the disc to a furious Robert. Robert calls Ballantine but he refuses to let Robert turn over the microfilm. Later, the WSB arrives to take the disc. Grant manages to get the gun from Robert knocking him out. Luke convinces Grant to let him help and Grant makes plans to meet him on the docks. Luke arrives at the ware house and starts to plant the disc in a birds nest, when Grant arrives and knocks him out. Taking out a key element to the disc, Grant stashes it in the birds nest and heads out with the nearly complete disc.

October 4 - 10, 1983:  10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/7, 10/10 

Tuesday, October 4, 1983 - Grant reports to Robert that he has the disc. Luke awakes with a terrible headache. Checking the birds nest he finds the disc missing. Connie finds Robert and unties him. Holly and Celia try to flirt with Rama's men in a failed attempt to escape. Luke watches the survielance tape of Gregory and a middle eastern visitor from a few nights ago. They were using sign language. Luke, who learned sign language from young deaf boy at the Mountain Hospital, figures out what where the hostages might be held. Jimmy Lee and Gail trying to assure Edward and Lila that Celia will be all right. Robert and Ballantine argue about what to do about the disc. Luke gives a note to Blackie that he wants him to take to Robert. Luke leaves and Gregory knocks Blackie out and takes the note. He then erases the tape that Luke was watching. Luke arrives at the Expo asking questions about the pavilions. Ryans Hope/EDGE promo 

Wednesday, October 5, 1983 - Holly and Celia going stir crazy and wanting to escape. Robert finds Blackie and revives him. Luke poking around the Expo grounds wanders into a kitchen and is nearly skewered by the cook until he talks his way out of it. Gregory meets with Grant and he tries to convince Gregory that he is loyal to the Mother country. To prove his loyalty he hands him the disc. Luke overhears Rama's men ordering food and acting suspiciously. Blackie and Lou at the Webber's. Robert, Ballantine and Connie plot to free the hostages. While trying to allude Rama's men, Luke accidentally locks himself in the closet. Robert and Ballantine arrive at the Expo looking for Luke, but they find nothing. Meanwhile, Luke is stuck in the locked room and tries to pry his way out to no luck.  

Thursday, October 6 ,1983 - Alan and Monica return from a trip to Europe convinced that buying the villa for Beatrice will keep her away from PC. To their shock Lila presents Edward with a telegram informing him that Beatrice is demanding Edward pay for her a one way trip to PC! A sullen Robert alone at the townhome paces with worry over Holly. Connie arrives and the two try to figure out where the women are being held. Rick and Lesley concerned over Blackie. Rick and Monica argue before going into surgery. Monica, concerned for Rick's life so soon after his heart operation, informs Lesley. Connie and Robert, and Steve and Audrey at an Expo press conference with the mayor. Robert and Connie questioning all the foreign Expo visitors hoping they will lead him to the hostages. Last on the list is Lord Rama. Robert wants a visit to his pavilion. Rama puts him off till he gets permission from his country. Bobbie is still hiding her pregnancy to Brock. A nosy Jackie tries to pump Robert and Connie on the supposed robbery at Delfina's and Holly's disappearance. Robert questions Tiffany about piano man Gregory, who has also missing from the club. Running Gregory's information through his computer, Robert learns that Gregory's ex girlfriend was a known DVX agent. Loving/Ryan's Hope promo.    

Friday, October 7, 1983 NO COMMERCIALS - Edward reads the note from Beatrice. It's just a thank you note addressed to Jimmy Lee. She is visiting Europe and later will be coming to the States. Alan, Monica and Edward in a panic worrying Beatrice will be coming to PC. Luke finally escapes from the locked room and wanders the Expo grounds. Finding a phone he begins to call Robert. Luke tells him that Holly and Celia are at the Expo grounds just as Lord Rama's men take him out. Grant and Gregory toast to their success. Robert and Connie arrive at the Expo and learn that Luke was poking around the grounds. The desk agent tells him Luke was looking for something related to persimmons. Meanwhile Luke is being dragged to the Gulistani Pavilion which is housed behind a giant persimmon door. Gregory decides to hold Luke with the women till Robert gets the equation to the disc from Robert. Luke punches Grant in the face. Scotty and Jackie arrive together at Luke's. Lesley getting gambling fever again. Jimmy Lee, Shirley, Blacke and Tiffany at the club. Holly scolds Luke for being selfish enough to not give Robert the disc. Gregory takes Grant in to see Celia and she nearly strangles Grant with anger.  

Monday, October 10, 1983 - Scotty shows Brock an IOU that Blackie gave Scotty for last nights gambling. Blackie accidentally wrote it out for $80,000. not $8000.Connie and Robert back at the Expo tracking down the persimmon lead. Lord Rama, Eva, Gregory and Grant plot their next move with Robert. They need the full equation to the microfilm before they can leave the country. Robert and Connie figure out the hostages are being held in one of the Expo pavillion's but which one? The woman from the child social worker board drops by on Jimmy Lee just as he was making out with Shirley. The woman is concerned that Heather has left and Jason's not getting the proper care. Blackie goes to Lee and Gail to get help regarding Scotty's threats. Alan tells Monica that Heather is not coming back to PC. She is staying in Nevada to care for Steven Larrs. Gregory calls Robert demanding the other half of the microfilm. If he doesn't get it in 48 hours, Luke, Holly, and Celia are dead. Brock wheels and deals a job offer for Scotty far away from Port Charles and their lives. Lee confronts Scotty but he denies he is letting Luke's club off the hook. He's going to get his money. Edward, Alan, Monica and Jimmy Lee plot to keep the social worker away from Jason. Gregory proves to Robert that Holly is alive for the time being. Robert agrees to turn over the microfilm. 

October 11-13, 1983 - 10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/17 

Tuesday, October 11, 1983 - Rick is going nuts...He is way behind on the bills, and Blackie informs him that Lesley had gambling fever the other night, so she pawned her bracelet at Benny's. Scotty gets a lucritive offer to take a high paying job away from PC. Scotty decides to take on Brock's offer. Brock buys out Scott's interest and land property, and then tacks on another half a million to send him on his way. Robert demands Ballantine give him the microfilm to free the hostages or they will be dead in 24 hours. Rick goes to Benny the fence to buy back Lesley's bracelet that she pawned to pay for her gambling addiction. Lee tape records Scotty's confession that he admitted to cheating Luke's club out of the money. Lee threatens to disbar his son as a lawyer. Scotty informs him that he is leaving town. Later, Lee has a touching farewell talk with Scott. Robert calls Yuri the head of the DVX of the dangers of the disc when exposed to air. Gregory decides to play it safe and find a lead container. The WSB has tracked one of Rama's men to a secret door to the Gulastan pavillion. Robert is notified, and now he knows for sure the hostages are being held there.  

Wednesday, October 12 ,1983 - Rick and Lesley at the club. Robert believes the hostages are being held in Rama's Gulistan pavillion. Gregory tells Rama to be prepared to move the hostages if need be. Grant overhears this. Luke has been isolated from Holly and Celia. Rama walks the grounds of the Expo. Rama strikes a deal with Song Cho Lee to move some of his "people" to his pavillion temporarily. Robert arranges a signed and sealed document giving him immunity to search Rama's pavilion. Brock buys out Scotty's half of his business interests, leaving Scotty free to leave town. Scotty bids Brian and Claudia farewell. Grant tries to convince Gregory he doesn't need to kill the hostages once he gets the microfilm. Grant gets the guard outside of Celia and Holly's room drunk. When the guard is asleep, he sneaks in and tries to to talk with Celia, but she screams and the guard comes running. Grant puts his act back on and pretends to be the bad guy. Lesley getting gambling fever. Robert exhausted falls asleep on the couch. Tiffany takes care of him. Gregory calls Robert and tells him his time has run out. AMC/EDGE promo   

Thursday, October 13, 1983 - Jake and Rose at Kelly's. Rose comforts Lou who is having problems with Blackie. Rose later mediated "peace talks" for Blackie and Lou. Jake's Uncle Isacc arrives and meets Rose. Robert with instructions on what he needs to do next. Rick is happy that Lesley has licked her gambling fever. But he can't help but notice that something is wrong especially when she snaps at Amy for no reason. At the Expo, Robert is told by Ida where he needs to drop the micro film. Robert again demands that Ballantine give him the microfilm. Robert gets a telegram allowing him access to the Gulistani pavillion. He calls Connie and has her meet him that Expo.  Ryan's Hope/Edge promo 

Friday, October 14, 1983 - Alan brings Jason home, and wants to make it perminent and Monica will have to just get used to it. Entering the Gulistan pavilion Robert and Connie notice that they are decorated with persimmons! Luke is brought back to be with Celia and Holly. Alan and Monica argue over Jason. Ruby and Bobbie at GH. Ruby tells her she has to tell him she's pregnant sooner or later. Robert presents a flustered Rama with his authority to search the pavilion. Gregory and Grant make plans to move the 3 hostages. Monica is on the warpath! She barges into the gatehouse and storms upstairs. Taking all of Jimmy Lee's things she tosses them all down the stairs. When the social worker shows up and starts to take Alan Jr away, (who she thinks is actually Jason) Monica tells her she's not going anywhere with HER son! Luke, Celia and Holly are being moved, Luke breaks away and almost makes it to Robert before he is clubbed and taken back. Gregory, Grant and the hostages are moved in barrels to Song Cho's pavillion right under Robert and Connie's nose. Rama finally allows Robert to search and of course he comes up empty. He walks the Expo grounds just as the hostages are escorted to their new quarters. 

Monday, October 17, 1983 - Monica has just tossed all of Jimmy Lee's things on the floor and tells him to get out. Urging him to do his worst, Monica throws him out and he runs off to get the divorce papers that Tolliver gave him. However a fire at the University has burned them to ashes.. (Jimmy Lee hid them behind the wall) As a result, Jimmy Lee no longer has a hold on the Q's. Luke pretends to be sick. Called in to treat Luke, Grant tries to help. Putnam is forced to keep his cold spy facade in front of Gregory who insists on going with him. Let alone again, Luke and Holly admit Grant seems to be a hardened spy. But Luke has another idea. Holly relying on her con man wiles is able to learn from the servants that the statue which is removed daily from the room is part of a religious ceremony. Luke decides he will be hiding in the statue the next time it leaves the room.

October 18-24, 1983:  10/18, 10/19, 10/20, 10/21, 10/24 

Tuesday, October 18, 1983 NO COMMERCIALS - Rick is shocked to see a notation in the checkbook that Lesley again cashed another high payment at Luke's. Grant again tries to convince Gregory that killing the hostages would be a bad mistake. Rick tells Gail of his concern for Lesley. Jesse, Steve, Amy and Gail at GH. Meeting on nuetral ground, Gregory informs Robert that his wife is dead if he doesn't get the microfilm Friday at noon no later. Robert assures him the WSB is holding things up. Rick tries to help Lesley but she assures him she is not addicted to gambling. Grant is concerned because Luke is not eating, but Gregory informs him that the hostages are dead anyway. Robert tells Ballantine that if he doesn't get the microfilm to him by Friday he will expose the disc to the world. 

Wednesday, October 19, 1983 - Jimmy Lee is upset about the fire in the student center the night before. He tells Shirley that was one of the first construction project he did in Port Charles. Brock finds Bobbie still in bed and wonders what is going on? She excuses that she doesn't have to be at work but he is still trying to get her motivated to get up. She is low on energy and says that she is just tired and maybe she just wants to cut down on all of the fun and games. Bobbie is trying to tell him that she is pregnant but they are interrupted by Jimmy Lee. DL has asked him to come over and he invites him to becoming his partner for a fee of $150,000. A worried Bobbie sneaks into Dr. Mason's office and reads her medical file. She sees a notation that it is highly unlikely that she will be able to carry this baby to term. Ruby comes upon a very upset Bobbie and she confides in Ruby the heartbreaking news she has just learned. Luke moans and groans in pain and is nauseous and seems very ill. But as soon as the guard is gone, Luke gets up as it was just an act. Luke plans on escaping by hiding inside the statue that is taken out every day for the parade. They go over the plan on how they are going to fool the guard into believing Luke is still in the room when he is actually escaping. Holly reminds them that the guard comes into to give them tea just before they come back to take the idol out for the parade. Holly suggests that Luke be very visible then so they won't notice when he is quiet when they come back for the idol (which he will then be hiding inside of). The guard brings in the tea, and the other one comes in as well and they decide to go ahead and take the idol out now that they are both there. Holly thinks quickly and goes off on Celia saying this is all their fault, Celia takes her clue and they start arguing and this escalates into a full scale fight as Holly lunges at her. The guards run to pull them apart and Luke takes the opportunity to hide in the idol, leaving a pile to make it look like he was sleeping through the drama due to his illness. Unfortunately when the performer goes to enter the idol, Luke is discovered. He tries to fight his way past the guards but he is caught and returned to the girls. Luke refuses to give up and insists that he will find another way out. Luke says that they need someone to help them. Celia says there is no one then realizes he is talking about Grant and she says no way! She reminds him of the other day when he said he should have killed her. She says his eyes were so cold, she is so hurt by his betrayal. Holly suggests she comes onto her husband. She refuses to do it and says she would rather rot in their captivity. She doesn't believe Grant cares about her and that he won't do anything to help her. She thinks Grant doesn't have any emotions and he is made of stone and doesn't give a damn about them. Luke points out that Grant has not been left alone with them so they aren't able to determine whether he is putting on an act. Luke tells her that the night he decided to turn over the disk to Robert, that Grant was there and he insisted that the only way to get Holly and Celia out alive would be to return the disk. Celia doesn't believe this was geniune emotion and believes instead that it was just a ploy to get the disk. Luke doesn't think so as he say the fear in Grant's eyes, and his gut is telling him that Grant does love Celia. Holly agrees with Luke that she has seen how Grant has looked at her. Finally, she hesitantly agrees to give it a try. 

Thursday, October 20, 1983 - Robert is distraught waiting for Ballantine to deliver the microfilm. Alan, Monica, Edward at breakfast. Quentin barges in demanding to know what happened to his daughter. Ballantine finally arrives and delivers the microfilm to Robert. Gregory calls a meeting place. As Gregory makes arrangements for the exchange, Grant uses the opportunity to see the prisoners once more. Gregory and Ida distrust Grant, and plant a bug in the hostages room to hear what he has to tell them. Lesley swears to Rick that she will never gamble again, but Rick is not so sure. He begins checking up on his wife at the Hospital. Lesley tells Rick that a nurse at the Hospital reminds her of Laura. Rick points out she has been talking about Laura more and more lately. Later when Slick casually refers to the thrills of an off track racing, Lesley can't resist but placing a few bets. Quentin demands Robert tell him where his daughter is. Jimmy Lee drops in on the Q's to see about Celia and has a run in with Quentin. Robert tells the Q's that by the end of the afternoon all the hostages will be free. 

Friday, October 21 1983 - Rose, Jake and Tiffany at Kelly's. Gregory and Ida monitor his conversations with Celia. Realizing this, Grant puts on his spy act again. Grant and Gregory visit the hostages and during the conversation, Grant plants clues in his words that only Luke picks up on. Rose hoping against hope that Jake's Uncle Isaac will have a change of heart over her and Jake's mixed romance. Ida leads Robert on a maddening chase through the expo site, where he is to drop of the microfilm off into a basket being held by a woman in red during one of the parades. Robert does as instructed and waits for Gregory's call. Luke and Holly are tied up and escorted out of Song Cho's pavilion. Robert is told the follow an elephant which he does. Suddenly the rider drops off a carpet and inside Robert finds Celia alive and well. Ballentine informs his superiors that hopefully they bought some time with the remaining hostages, because the microfilm that he gave Robert was not complete! Luke and Holly are moved back to their original hideout, Lord Rama's pavilion.  

Monday, October 24, 1983 - The Q's with worry over Celia. Likewise at Kelly's, Rose, Tiffany and Jimmy Lee commiserate over Luke and Holly. Celia is hysterical and tells Robert that Luke and Holly are to be transported far away. Celia escorts Robert and Connie back to Song Cho's pavilion where of course they find no evidence of the hostages. Luke and Holly talk over their relationship and come to terms that it's over. Monica refuses to allow Robert to question Celia at the hospital. Ballentine reports to his superior that hopefully the DVX won't find out the microfilm is a fake or he will have to live with the fact that he sent Robert's wife to her death. Robert reports the latest to Bobbie and Ruby. Just then he gets a call from Gregory who informs him that the remaining hostages will not be released till he verifies the authenticity of the microfilm. 

October 26 - November 3, 1983:  10/26 no cm Pre-emption, 10/28, 10/31, 11/1, 11/3 

Wednesday, October 26,1983 NEWS INTERUPTION CUTS OUT FIRST FEW MINUTES. NO COMMERCIALS - Gregory's expert examines the microfilm and informs him the microfilm is a fake. A furious Malko calls Robert and viviously taunts him for trying to fool the DVX. Stunned Robert is helpless but struggles to convince Gregory that he had nothing to do with this deception. Robert blows up at Ballentine for threatening his wife's safety with phony microfilm. Robert goes to the Q's trying to convince them to let him see Celia, but they deny knowledge of her whereabouts. Robert learns that Quentin spirited Celia away. Brock and Bobbie at GH. He brings her flowers in a peace offering. Robert and Connie racking their brains trying to find Celia. Gregory orders his scientist to double check the promethius disc to make sure it's in working order before they leave. Grant pleased, knows that this work will delay their departure giving him more time to try to free Luke and Holly.  

Friday, October 28, 1983 - Celia shows up at Robert's door. She mentions Grant's constant reference to persimmons. Persimmons that grow outside Rama's pavillion. Grant begins humming parts of the opera "Tosca," signaling Luke and Holly that they are going to be killed but he will replace the ammunition in the guns with blanks. Grant steals several candles while Gregory and Ida make plans for departure. Using the candle wax, Grant makes blank cartridges. Celia is reunited with the Q's. Today is the big day for the Expo. The launching of the first rocket to be powered using the Promiethus Disc. Back in their prison room, Luke and Holly fearing death have old feelings rekindled. They fall into each others arms but Holly pulls back murmuring Robert's name. Holly tells Luke it's over. She is totally committed to Robert and she never realized it until now. Gregory's scientist informs him that the disc is not functional. Gregory is livid at Grant's betrayal. Deciding to kill the hostages and depart, Gregory gives Ida her final instructions. Grant secretly replaces the real bullits with blanks. The Q's all put the blame on Grant for what happened but Celia defends his actions. Ida prepares the departure but stepping out the pavilion she sees WSB agents covering her at all angles and armed with rifles!  

Monday, October 31, 1983 - Luke and Holly accept the idea they are to "play" dead. When Gregory's men arrive to shoot them, they draw close. Shots ring out and satisfied, Gregory, Ida and Grant make their way through the crowd at the expo wearing disguises, totally fooling the WSB. Celia arguing and defending Grant's actions with the Q's. Robert and Connie frantically push their way through the chinese parade that Gregory has engineered to help their escape. Arriving at the pavilion, Robert and Connie begin a search of each of the rooms. Gregory feeling "fatigued" tells Ida and Grant to go on without him. Robert finds the room with Luke and Holly and is overwhelmed to hold a safe Holly in his arms. When his eyes meet Luke, the two men respond as friends once again. Then working as a team, Robert and Luke set off to find Gregory. Meanwhile, Gregory and Ida make their way to the docks. Grant knocks Ida out, and makes his way to the shack where he hid the remainder of the disc. Gregory surprises Grant and the two engage in a scuffle. Putnam emerges the victor. Later, Robert and Luke find an unconscious Gregory and Ida. Searching Ida, Luke finds the microfilm. Gregory is arrested and Robert and Luke watch the launching of the rocket, and realize that Grant retrieved the disc and took it back to the Expo. At the Expo, Grant is handcuffed by Connie and Balantine. 

Tuesday, November 1, 1983 - Connie and Ballantine push a handcuffed Grant through the barrage of reporters until they reach Robert's office. Making no attempt to reduce his guilt, Grant screams "he will never go back" to the crowd. While Connie takes down Luke's story, Grant confesses all to Scorpio and the WSB. Almost from birth, Andre Chernin (Putnam) was trained by the DVX to be a mole in the USA. Though he never saw the real Grant Putnam, the phony Grant learned to duplicate his model's every move. Listening to Grant express his love for Celia, Ballantine offers to try to gain him asylum in return for information on the DVX. The WSB resolve Luke from blame in the disc fiasco, and later, Luke urges Grant to seek a lawyer to fight for freedom. A shaken Celia is delighted to see her friend Holly who wastes no time in telling the vengeful Quartermaines that Grant Putnam saved her life.  The Q's appalled at the family scandal want Celia to have her marriage annulled. Meanwhile, Robert races home to Holly where the two pledge their undying love for each other. Connie and Luke meantime are also making love. Celia is torn for her feelings for Grant, while Grant sits alone and isolated in jail. 

Thursday, November 3, 1983 - An attempt was made on Grant's life in the prison cell.  Monica comforts Celia who is having nightmares on the whole ordeal. Luke's friends gather at the Casino and Blackie runs in with a portable tv. Scorpio is being interviewed and to everyone's shock, praises his old friend stating Luke Spencer would make a fine mayor. Moved Luke asks Robert to come over and the two at last become friends again. Jake is Grant's attorney. He fumes to Ramsey about the attempt on Grant's life in the cell. Meanwhile Yuri Graskov the DVX Deputy Commisar, decides to come to PC to retrieve his agent. Rose and Jake's Uncle Isaac at Kelly's. Seeing his Uncle is upset about Rose, Jake assures her that his love for her is very important. Luke gives Celia courage to go see Grant in jail. Luke and Connie in bed. Celia visits Grant in jail. He tries to apologize but Celia insists it is too late.  

November 4-10, 1983:  11/4, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9, 11/10 

Friday, November 4, 1983 - DL's constant insistance at promoting Luke at every turn is beginning to fill Bobbie with doubt. After she and Brock have another argument, Bobbie admits to Ruby that she thinks DL is using Luke for his own gain. When Bobbie gets home, Brock is in an affectionate mood. Boldly she blurts out that she is pregnant which prompts a shocked look from the man. Though Brock immediately covers and says he will love her and the baby. Bobbie knows he really doesn't mean it. Jimmy Lee sees the reporters plaguing the Q's, he's concerned for Celia's well being. Holt gets his construction buddies to keep the reporters away which pleases Edward but Alan and Monica are displeased that Holt is butting in to their personal affairs. Celia can't believe Jake's nerve when he asks her to testify for Grant!  Later, Holt is tormented when he finds Celia walking alone pining over Grant. 

Monday, November 7, 1983 - Lesley is tormented by Blackie's constant loud band practice which he set up in the living room. Robert and Holly morning kisses. Mrs. Whittiker pays Lesley an unexpected visit she is overwhelmed by past memories of Laura. Lesley's misery keeps propelling her to gamble and all Rick can do is try to comfort his wife. Holly visits Grant and he gives her a note to take to Celia. Robert meets Yuri and tells the DVX head that he will not accept his offer of exchange for Grant. Luke gives an impromptu press conference announcing his continued run for Mayor. Yuri visits Grant trying to appeal to him to come back to the mother country, siting his lonely parents as proof. Grant no longer cares and stands firm on his decision to stay in the US. Rick and Blackie unable to find Lesley, but Slick has taken her to the races. Robert and Holly concerned over Grant and Celia. Celia upon getting Grant's note from Holly visits him again at the Police station. Choking with emotion, Celia vows to stand by her husband. She loves him and Grant kisses her passionately. 

Tuesday, November 8, 1983 - Tiffany and Blackie awake Luke the day before the election. They urge him to get out and do some last minute campaigning. The citizens of PC are split between the support of Lee Baldwin and Luke Spencer.  Celia is outraged when she hears her father on the phone urging the US attorney general to throw the book at Grant. Quentin thinks that Putnam has brainwashed his daughter, Celia refuses to leave PC with him. Robert informs Grant that in order to gain asylum, he needs to start naming names from the DVX. Sharply distrusting Putnam, the US officials refuse to promise him immunity. Grant needs to spill everything or they will prosecute. Edward, Alan and Monica taking Celia's side in her argument with Quentin. Celia storms out on her father and marches upstairs. On the docks, Luke greets the waterfront people hoping to gain their last minute vote. Robert joins in the festivities to give his friend his best wishes. Robert returns home and finds Holly in the sauna. (This is the infamous improvising when Tristan showers Emma with champagne.)   

Wednesday, November 9, 1983 - Election Day in PC. Edward, Alan and Monica preparing to vote. Celia wants to go out and cast her vote for Luke, but the Q's convince her not to tackle all the reporters outside. Later Jimmy Lee stops by and gallantly drives Celia to the polling place. At the student center, Celia gets recognized and is called horrible names by the townspeople. Holt gets her out of there but not before the press snaps a few pictures of them together. At Kelly's Luke's friends Rick, Lesley and Blackie show their support and cast their vote. Although Robert and Luke are friends again, Robert still has to show his support and is in Lee's camp. Once the polls close, tension mounts as Lee takes a strong lead in the polls. Around town and Luke is happily surprised when Holly and Scorpio pay him a courtesy call at the Casino. Rose, Lou and Tommy at Kelly's. Brock spends the evening in a very quiet mood, then stunds Bobbie by proposing marriage. Of course she joyously accepts. By the time everyone wearily falls asleep, the votes are tied! 

Thursday, November 10, 1983 - The next morning the new mayor is announced: Luke Spencer wins! No one is more surprised and stunned than the newly elected mayor. Grant reads about Celia's escapades at the student center with the reporters. Although Gail is upset by the results, Lee admits that he is relived to get back to a normal life. Edward is totally horrified by the thought of Luke being Mayor. The Baldwin's express their promise to support Luke, who in turn asks Lee to be his deputy mayor! Taken aback, Lee accepts the post. When Holly and Robert stop by the three friends warmly drink a toast. Celia visits Grant in jail and tries to urge him to not keep silent to the authorities. But he coldly tries to send her away and start a new life even back to Jimmy Lee if she has to!  After much discussion, Grant finally decides to spill his guts. Celia confides in Holly. Ballantine, and the US Attorney's gather in Robert's waiting room. Robert announces that Grant is ready to talk. Edge of Night promo Note: All commericals deleted from Laura's Return 

November 11-18, 1983:  11/11, 11/14 Laura Returns, 11/15, 11/16, 11/17, 11/18 partial (continued on next dvd) - no commercials all episodes

Friday, November 11 - Amy arrives at GH with Mike. Leslie assumes that he is there to meet her as she is getting off early. He says no that he is there to see Ruby to go to a movie with her and runs off when he sees her. Leslie seems a bit jealous of this relationship especially when Mike announces that Ruby is a big shot now that Luke is mayor. Leslie asks why he didn't tell her that he wanted to see this movie? Amy pipes in that he has talked of nothing else as Mike innocently announces that she has been too busy. When Grant's questioning continues, the press arrives and they hound Robert and Burt for information on what Grant information Grant is sharing? During the questioning, Grant is asked to give names of DVX agents. He gives them one name of a known lower level agent who is back in the homeland. The interrogator threatens Grant that if he doesn't give up better information that he will find himself in more trouble than he is already in! Grant muses that he didn't think that was possible. Ballantine arrives as Grant is questioned about Fletcher. Grant inisists that he has told them everything he knows. After he is taken away, Robert says he believes that he is sincere but they all wonder what Grant is not telling them. Robert goes to visit Grant in his cell. Grant fumes that nothing will ever be enough information and he will never get out of jail. Robert tells Grant that one of the names Grant gave up has been killed on a mission by a WSB agent. Grant is distressed as he doesn't know anyone else and his information is proving useless as two of the agents he named are dead. The WSB believe that Grant is loyal to the DVX which is why he isn't giving up any useful information. Rick, Rose, Slick at Kellly's. Slick takes a despondent Leslie to gamble on the poinies. Back home, Leslie vents to Rick about the emptiness in her life and how unneeded she feels, Amy and Blackie all grown up, and Mike is off with Ruby. Rick insists that she talk about it when she tries to go to bed. He wants to help her and tries to get her to admit that she has a problem with gambling but she is in major denial and tells him that he is the one with the problem. Bobbie begins telling everyone that she is pregnant. Jake and Rose in bed. 

Monday, November 14 - Leslie and Rick are quiet surprised to come into their living room and find a set of drums! Blackie enthusiastically tells them that he is auditioning band members today! Lou stops by to see Blackie and they kiss on the couch. Later, Rick looks for a missing Leslie. She is off gambling again. Slick tells Rick that he thinks he knows where she is at and takes him to the dive hotel where the gambling ring meets. Luke is sitting at the counter at Kelly's as Laura stands outside (her first appearence but we don't see her face). Luke gets a weird feeling and turns around suddenly to look outside but doesn't see her. Jimmy Lee stops into Kelly's and chats with Luke, then Leslie arrives. Laura continues to follow Luke around Port Charles and watches him while he is in the taylor's shop, and then in the halls of the apartment building where they lived. Luke senses “something” and he stops by their old apartment building. He chats with the landlady and goes back to Laura's apartment and sadly enters her place as “Think Of Laura” plays. He goes back to Kelly's and has lunch with Lee and Gail. He is then off to the tailor's for his suit fitting and Laura continues to follow him and watch. At the end of this show, her face is finally shown as she watches Luke get his suit fitting. Celia tells Monica that she is going to try to get into see Grant today. Robert encourages Grant not to give up hope. Grant asks if Robert believes him and he admits that he does. Robert warns him though that the US Attorney does not believe him and could put him away for life. Celia comes to Robert's office and asks what is going to happen to Grant if the last name he gave up falls through? He tells her that he believes they will prosecute Grant. When Celia arrives to see Grant, he tells her that she shouldn't have come. He is discouraged and tells her that it is over that the last name isn't going to make a difference as nothing is going to convince them and he is going to prison and he will be there for a very long time. He tells her she is dreaming if she thinks there is any chance of him getting out of there. He tells her that he doesn't want her to wait for him and that he is releasing her from her vows. He warns her that she is going to be treated like dirt for having any association with him. She assures him that she is strong and she can handle whatever comes. He begs her to leave him as she can start over without him and have a chance at a good life without him. Ballantine and the US attorney's are thrilled with the information that Grant gave them as when they picked up Fletcher, they found a coded notebook and WSB broke the code. They found the top six DVX agents operating in the western hemisphere thanks to Grant! They are all jubliant with this revelation and are very grateful to Grant and agree to not prosecute Grant. Robert arrives in person to tell Celia the good news! Grant is thrilled to be reunited with Celia as he thought she would have been on her way back to Long Island by now. Robert tells him that he has been assigned a bodyguard. GH Promo for Laura's Return. 

Tuesday, November 15 - Grant argues with Robert about the bodyguard but he insists. Grant is released from jail and as he and Celia walk out of the PCPD someone takes a shot at them but it turns out to be a car backfiring. Back inside, Holly has arrived and warns them that there is a mob of reporters waiting for Grant. They agree that they can't subject the Quartermaine's to all of this and decide to check into the new hotel. Edward fumes to Lila and Monica about the Grant situation and the shame he has brought onto the Quartermaine name. Edward insists that Grant Putnam is not welcome back in the Quartermaine house. Monica insists that if Grant and Celia want to move back in that they are more than welcome. Alan comes in and reports that the Q's are being called anti-American. When Grant and Celia attempt to check into the new hotel, the desk clerk refuses to give them a room. They are unable to find lodging anywhere else, and with no other choice Celia calls Monica and tells her the situation. Celia is sorry as they tried to check into a hotel but no one will take them and she asks if they can come home? She agrees as Alan and Edward are grumbling in the background. They return home to a less than warm reception. Later in bed, Grant is disturbed at the thought of Celia being subject to constant humiliation but she is unwavering in her support. In Laura's first complete scene, she checks into the same new hotel under the name "Laura Vining". Luke is meeting Alderman and councilmen and seems less than enthused with his first duties as a mayor. Robert calls and tells Luke they all want money from him, as does Robert for the PCPD. Luke agrees to discuss the police budget with him and they will meet later on the docks. Rick arrives at Luke's Place and Luke asks him to serve the city as Laura hangs around outside checking out his new club. As Luke leaves the club, Laura watches him longingly. Robert and Luke have chestnuts on the docks and Laura follows them there. Luke and Robert talk about their renewed friendship. Luke admits that there were so many times that he wanted to talk to Robert. He wanted to hate Robert but he really couldn't as there was no one else who understood Luke quite the same way that Robert did. Robert agrees that he always knew that Luke is the guy he could count on. They laugh about Luke's rescue mission during the GH Hostage crisis. Laura laughs and cries as she sits across the restaurant and listens to Luke, Robert and Holly toasting and enjoying their friendship. Slick and Emma arrive to join the celebration. When everyone leaves she gets up to leave and is almost seen by Luke who suddenly returned. 

Wednesday, November 16 - Grant wants to get back to work at GH, but Celia warns him that it might not be that easy. Grant says he has to try and if he is lucky maybe he will have a chance to go back to his job. After Grant leaves, Celia has words with Edward regarding his attitude towards Grant. Holly arrives to offer Celia support. Grant sees Steve to ask for his job back. An angry Steve tells Grant that he entered medical school under false pretenses. Grant begs Steve to consider that he has proven his abilities as a doctor. Steve telsl Grant that he has reported him to the medical board and he expects Grant to lose his medical license. Steve tells Grant not to bother to go back to his office that it has already been cleared out! A crushed Grant is stopped by Bobbie on his way out, she offers her support as she is loyal to Grant as he saved Luke's life. She offers her friendship and tells him she knows what it is like when people can't let go of her past. Amy snarks, "Sayonara Comrade!" Grant turns and looks hard at Amy, dissapointed in her. After he leaves, Bobbie goes up and slaps Amy! An upset Bobbie begins have cramps. Laura follows Luke when he goes to the Webber's. She stands outside the patio and listens as Luke discusses his offer for Rick to head up the department of health. Laura is distressed as Rick comments that he wants to get a full physical to make sure he is up to the job after recovering from surgery. Laura listens to Luke speak at Blackie's school. She chats with Blackie at one of the vending machines, but he doesn't know who she is. A curious Laura lurks and listens to Luke and Holly as they visit over lunch. Rick and Leslie go into see Gail as Leslie admits she has a problem. 

Thursday, November 17 - Leslie looks at Luke & Laura's wedding book and reminds Rick that it is Luke & Laura's 2nd wedding anniversary, the book says Nov 16, 1981. They mourn Laura and Leslie sobs in her grief. She and Rick have a fight and she checks into the same hotel where Laura is staying. Tiffany gives her approval as Luke tries on his suit for his inaugration. Tiffany is struck by how similiar the suit is to the one Luke wore at his wedding and they also reminisce. Ruby, Bobbie, and DL arrive at the casino. Luke, Ruby and Bobbie head down to the waterfront for chestnuts. Laura is at hotel and she is being followed by Stavros' spy who calls Stavros to report on her and he tells Stavros that she knows that Spencer is alive! Stavros is relieved to learn that he has located Laura. Luke has a taste of life as mayor filled with frustration and bureaucracy. Stavros has flashbacks of a blindfolded Laura when she was first taken to the Cassidine island, they talk about her kidnapping and when he first met her. In another flashback, Stavros tells Laura how much he wants her and she adamantly refuses. 

Friday, November 18 (First :22 minutes of epsiode, continued on next dvd) - Grant tells Celia that the Putnam estate will not prosecute him but they also will not share any of the money he made on the Putnam money in the investments he made. Celia & Monica at the opening. Laura comes face to face with the man following her. Laura has flashbacks to Stavros showing her the newspaper article telling of Luke's death in the avalanche. He tells her that Luke is gone and is not going to come rescue her and she should accept her fate, her new life as one day she will accept what he has to offer her. He assures her that she will spend the rest of her life on this island. He tells her that she can either be his prisoner or his wife! Jake sits down next to Laura in a diner, she's in disguise. She realizes he is to marry her old friend Rose (they have never met). Rick is desperate to find a missing Leslie. She is hiding out in the hotel. Rick has enlisted Slick and his friends on the waterfront to look for her. Lee arrives and tells Grant that he will not be entitled to anything that Dr. Jerrold left him and it will all go to charity and medical research. More bad news as Grant receives a telegram from the Office of Professional Conduct is going to begin their investigation immediately. Grant is officiallly broke and out of work. Laura arrives back at her apartment and runs into Jimmy Lee (this is the old set where the classic 1981 L&L scenes took place during the early Ice Princess storyline). The building is about to be torn down for the waterfront redevelopment. No Luke. 

November 18-28, 1983:  11/18 remainder of episode, 11/21, 11/22, 11/23, 11/24, 11/28 - no commericals all episodes

Friday, November 18 (last :20 mins of episode) - Celia's father tries to get her to leave Grant; he cuts her off and tries to force her. She is determined to stand by her man. Jake and Rose together at Kelly's. Jake heads over to meet with Grant and discuss the impending medical review. Jake says that there is an ethical problem with how Grant obtained his medical license. Rick finds Leslie at the new hotel. She admits that she has a problem and she knows it and she has to deal with it in her own way. She assures him that she wasn't running away from him. He tells her he loves her and he will do whatever she needs. Laura is in the room next door, and Stavros' man is still following her. 

Monday, November 21 - Rick & Leslie spend the night in hotel but the message doesn't get through to the kids and they have Burt Ramsey hunt down their "runaway parents" as he teases them. Blackie's band auditions female singers; Lou arrives and is jealous so she flirts with one of the band members. Edward being rude to Grant, C&G argue, none of the Q's are too happy with having Grant the spy living in their home and all the scandal he has brought. Luke has no free time with the demands as mayor and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. Cute Luke and Tiff scene as they have a picnic in the park, he is very dissatisfied with life as a mayor. Laura comes upon them, and watches them; she takes Luke's sweater when he leaves it behind. Blackie's band rehearses a little. Laura back at the hotel holding Luke's sweater, clinging it to it. She calls him at the casino but Stavros' spy breaks in before he answers and stops her. Jimmy Lee, Alan, and Edward. DL Brock & Luke disagreeing. Laura begs to have a few more days till she is taken back; he refuses so she clobbers him with the phone and escapes. Lou shows up and is jealous of one of the singers. Laura calls Luke but he hangs up when she doesn't speak. Luke also goes back to Laura's old apt to see it before it is demolished, Laura is hiding in the apt "Think of Laura" is played as he walks around the apt. He doesn't see her but feels her presence and gets the chills. 

Tuesday, November 22 -No Luke & Laura, Rick, Leslie, and Amy at GH. Brock brings Bobbie a breakfast tray but she is buzzing with all she has to do to get ready for their wedding tommorrow! Stavros has scenes. Bobbie is so happy as she models her wedding suit for Ruby. She suddenly doubles over in pain and Ruby rushes her to GH. Bobbie suffers a miscarriage and a sad Ruby calls Brock to tell him. A determined Celia tells Grant that he is going to stop wallowing in the self-pity as she is through listening to it. Celia wants him to find a way to fight them as that is all they have left. He begs her to tell him how he can fight this as he feels it is unbeatable. She points out there are other hospitals in Port Charles. He goes in to see a friend at another hospital and applies for work. He isn't immediately turned down as the hospital needs a good orthopedic surgeon so he will consider it. Celia is fired from the university and when she learns that it is because of Grant, she tells off the Chancelor and that he is just worried about his reputation and he is a coward! Stavros' goon reports into Stavros. He is worried that Laura will be so frightened that she will go to Luke. 

Wednesday, November 23 (no Laura or Stavros) - Opens with Luke at the hospital. He and Ruby talk before he goes into see Bobbie. They go down to a children's ward wher a clown is entertaining the children. The clown goes back to his room and his dresser is plastered with pictures of Grant's activities. He goes after Grant to take revenge on the DVX as they killed his sister. Celia is frightened when he makes a threatening phone call to her. The clown guy attacks Grant but he fights him off. Luke arrives at Robert's and they commismerate about being involved in city government. Luke jokes about resigning. Celia recognizes the clown and Robert and Grant head off after him. An unknowingly Luke runs into the clown at GH. Robert later apprehends the psycho clown. Grant is relieved but Celia points out that he is just the first of many who she thinks will come after Grant. Stavros' man calls and checks in (though Stavros isn't seen). 

Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving Episode (No Luke & Laura, or Robert & Holly, no Monica or Lee) - Rick, Leslie, Amy & Mike celebrate with the Whittaker's. at Beecher's Corners as Leslie grieves over Laura. Rose has a celebration at Kelley's Diner with Jake, Bryan, and Claudia. Blackie & Lou stop by Kelly's but are heading over to the Hardy's for dinner. The Quartermaines celebrate with Grant, Celia, Mr. & Mrs. Q, Tiffany and Alan. Tiffany's cab driver decks Grant because of his past, but later Grant tends to him when he is in an accident with the cab. Bobbie still in the hospital and Ruby surprises her with Thanksgiving dinner and Brock, Dan and Georgia also join them. Dr. Hardy & Audrey have dinner with Jessie, Gail, Blackie and Lou. 

Friday, Nov 25 - No show due to college football 

Monday, November 28 - Luke sees Laura Alive! Luke picks out a tie for the reception at the Mayor's Mansion. Holly arrives at Luke's to help him get ready for his inauguration; he asks if her husband knows about this? She says yes that it was his idea. Laura enters her old apartment, and opens the Port Charles Herald. Luke's picture is on the front page with the headline "Spencer to be Sworn-in as Mayor Today." A mysterious man places a call to Mr. Cassidine, telling him that he thinks he has located his wife and that he has his word that she will be on her way back to him tonight. Laura stares at the newspaper, saying that at least she will get to see Luke for just a little while. She is alarmed when she hears voices outside the apartment. Holly tells Luke how happy she is that he and Robert are friends again. Luke tells Holly that he has a strange feeling that something is about to happen, but Holly laughs it off as an expected feeling on his inauguration day. Tiffany arrives to lend an extra hand, and the ladies escort Luke downstairs, where Blackie is waiting for them. The Cassidine henchman looks through Laura's empty apartment as Laura makes a quick getaway. Later, she peeks through the door of the city council office as Luke is sworn in. As soon as she steps away into the ladies room, the henchman turns the corner and sees her. He is blocked from approaching her by Luke's family and friends as they come out of the city council office. After the group exits, the henchman is approached by the police captain because the henchman's car was involved in an accident. They force him to join them to straighten out the situation with the accident. Laura is once again able to make a clean get away. As Luke enjoys his inauguration reception, Laura stands outside the mansion and watches the guests enter. The mansion brings back memories of Luke and Laura's wedding for Tiffany and Claudia. When Laura ducks into the back yard after one of the staff sees her, she is also inundated with memories of her wedding day. Midway through the party, Ruby and Brock tell Luke that Bobbie is in the hospital with an infection. Luke quickly makes an announcement that his guests should continue to enjoy the party while he leaves to go visit his sister in the hospital. Laura overhears one of the staff tell the party guests that Luke left to visit his sister. At the hospital, Luke is devastated to learn that Bobbie needs a hysterectomy. Luke visits Bobbie, and they reminisce about both their good and bad times. Luke confides to Bobbie how hard it is to be in the mansion with the many memories it holds for him. Later, Luke arrives back at the mansion where the party has ended, and is instantly filled with thoughts of Laura. As Laura strolls around the back yard, an unknowing Luke goes inside the mansion and heads to his room to have one last glass of champagne. He walks out onto the balcony outside his room, and once again is filled with memories of he and Laura dancing on their wedding day. As he pours himself more champagne, he sees Laura from the back as she walks across the yard. He runs downstairs just as Laura catches a glimpse of the henchman staring at her from across the yard. Luke runs out to the yard and screams Laura's name. She pauses, and then runs into Luke's arms, as Luke cries and holds her tight. 

November 29 - December 6, 1983:  11/29, 11/30, 12/1, 12/2, 12/5, 12/6 first :22 mins (continued on next dvd) 

Tuesday, November 29 - Opens with Stavros and Yanni talking about Laura. Stavros determines that if she talks to any of her friends or family that he will have each one of them killed and a plague of death will rain down upon this town! Luke and Laura's reunion continues as the Wyndham's music plays (this is some of their finest work). Laura begs Luke that she has to leave him, she's being followed and they are all in danger. He refuses to let her go. She begs him to let her go that it isn't too late that if they see her with him that they will kill him and all of her family. He assures her that if she is being followed that he will take care of it! He asks her to wait and tells her that he will have a look around to see if anyone is there. He runs through the grounds, doesn't find anyone, and returns to Laura and tells her that she is safe that it is just the two of them. He still can't believe she has returned to him, he tells her how incredibly beautiful she is and he can't believe that she has returned to him and he kisses her softly. He sweeps her up in his arms and asks her where she has been for so long? She shakily tells him that it doesn't matter. He is surprised but quickly agrees and says all that matters is that she is there with him. She tells him that she can't stay, that he can't tell anyone that he saw her. He doesn't understand and tells him that she can't stay. He insists that she isn't going to leave him ever again! She tells him how much she loves him and he tells her that is all that matters. Luke holds her tight as he takes her inside the mansion. Laura begins to tell Luke about her ordeal through flashbacks from the day she disappeared. She tells him about taking a taxi and arriving back at the yacht, the lights went out and she was scared and she ran out onto the docks. She tells him about being followed and how frightened she was. He tells her the man was David Grey and he is now dead and is no longer a threat to her. She tells him about being taken to a cruise ship by Helena Cassidine and that they rigged the boat to make it look like Laura had drowned. She tells him that Helena took her to an island in the Agean. Luke can't believe that Helena has held her captive all of this time and he vows to kill her! Laura tells him that there is more. She tells him about being shown the article announcing Luke's death in the avalanche and that she made a choice. He nervously asks her what that choice was? She tells him about Stravros being involved and that if it wasn't for him that she believes Helena would have had her killed. As Luke asks her about her choice, she flashesback to marrying Stavros. She tells him she can't tell him everything yet. Luke says he doesn't need to know right now as they have the rest of their lives together. He figures it was something she is ashamed of. When she tells him how tired she is, he carries Laura up the stairs. Laura has flashbacks of grudgingly admitting to being Stavros' wife but can't bring herself to tell Luke. Laura tells Luke about Stavros' threats to kill him and her family. Laura flashes back to her grudging wedding vows to Stavros but can't bring herself to tell Luke. Laura is tired and Luke carries her up the staircase. Leslie, Rick, and Amy are depressed about being at the mansion earlier as it brought back memories of Laura during her wedding to Luke. The spy reports to Stavros that Laura has reunited with Luke. Stavros tells the spy he has failed and is no longer needed. Stravros tells Yanni that Laura's family must die! Amy tells Blackie about Laura as he never met her (Luke met Blackie when searching for Laura after her dissapearence). Amy tells Blackie about being maid of honor at their wedding. The Webbers, Amy & Blackie talk. 

Wednesday, November 30 - Jake wakes Rose with a kiss and a rose, and then joins her in bed. Rose tries to go down to open Kelly's and Jake keeps her in bed and tells her that Lou is off school that today and she can handle. When they go downstairs, they find Jimmy Lee is in charge of the diner. An investigator shows up from the medical board to question Grant about his education and training (which occurred under a phony name). Grant assures him that he completed medical school but the investigator wants to know if he had the necessary education to quality for medical school? Grant assures him that he did his education in his country before attending med school. The investigator asks Grant if he can get copies of those records. Grant highly doubts the DVX is going to be interested in doing anything to help Grant. Grant worries to Celia about losing his license, and she reassures him while Alan needles him some more. Jimmy Lee finds a distraught Celia and tries to comfort her. Laura wakes to find Luke watching over her, they also kiss good morning. Luke tells her he has given the staff the week off and is going to make her a huge breakfast! Laura is afraid to tell Luke about Stavros but he assures her that he there is nothing she can ever say that will change how he feels about her. He reminds her after everything they have been through together that she should know that. Laura tells Luke about Stavros' obsession with her, that she would rather have died than have him touch her. She stops unable to tell him and he reassures her again and asks her to tell him. She hugs him and cries that she is afraid. She tells him about learning that Luke died and how desperate Laura was. Laura has another flashback to letting Stavros make love to her. Luke assures her that he loves her more than ever! He realizes that she hasn't told him everything and begs her to tell him all of it. Laura tells Luke about marrying Stavros and that he will do anything and everything to keep her away from Luke. He isn't worried but she reminds him what the Cassidines are capable of and that Stavros is coldblooded and capable of murder. Luke tells her that it is time for the threesome to work together again and he wil call in Robert. He tells her about Holly and she says she knows as the chestnut lady told her all about it. He sweeps her up and carries her off to bed to make love to her. Laura tells Luke that his eyes are sad and he tells her it was because they missed seeing her. Stavros and Yanni check into the hotel in Port Charles. 

Thursday, December 1 - No Luke & Laura. Robert and Holly arrive home from their trip. Robert receives a call from Luke's secretary that he would like to meet with Robert that afternoon at the mayor's mansion. Robert is puzzled that the new mayor is meeting him at home and hasn't gone into the office. He surmises that it must be something important. Robert finally talks to Luke (Luke not seen) and he tells Holly that Luke wouldn't tell him what is going on and was very secretive and that something is definitely up. Holly calls the hospital to check on Bobbie and hears she has been released so heads over the cottage to offer her condolences from someone who has been through it. Ruby is at the cottage with Ruby, and Holly arrives to visit with her. They share their grief over losing a baby. Later, Brock arrives home and brings her a picture frame for their wedding picture. He assures her that nothing has changed and he still loves her very much and wants to marry her. Rick, Leslie & Amy at the hospital. They have also been requested to come to the mayor's mansion and the curious pair head over to see him. Yanni gives Stravros a list of addresses for those near and dear to Laura. Monica suggests to the Q's that Grant take over her job as a medical advisor in their company. The guys hate the idea and Monica blasts them for their opposition. Monica is furious over their lack of support. Edward and Alan are unrelenting and Edward says that he wishes he had never heard of Grant Putnam! Monica tells them that they both make her sick! She turns around to find Grant in the doorway. He says that is it and he refuses to spend another day in that house and storms out. Celia heads out to look for him and runs into Jimmy Lee. She is obviously upset over her missing husband and he offers to help her look for him. Grant arrives back home and apologizes to Celia and promises her that he will find a job, any job to get them out from under the Q's. Celia tells him that Jimmy Lee has offered to move out of the gatehouse so that they can leave there. He adamantly refuses to take anything from Jimmy Lee. 

Friday, December 2 - Edward is thrilled at Jimmy Lee's offer to move out of the gatehouse, gets him off the Q property and gets Grant out of the main house! Monica hates the idea as she believes it is a plan for Jimmy Lee to move into the main house and she says no way, that Grant and Celia will stay in the main house where they belong. Jimm Lee is annoyed and declares he is moving into Kelly's where real people live and has no desire to live with a bunch of snobs! Luke has called Rick abd Leslie over, he doesn't reallly know how to prepare them so he throws open the doors to the living room and they find Laura standing there. Great scenes as Leslie stands there in shock unable to believe she is looking at her daughter and her eyes fill with tears as the realization hits her. Luke and Laura fill them in on her disappearence and the threat that is still against Laura. Tiffany arrives and blathers on at Luke about how she hasn't seen him since his swearing in. He points out that he has other guests and she turns around and blithy says hello to Laura, Rick and Leslie. Then she pauses and can't believe that she is looking at Laura! Robert arrives soon after and he gives her a big hug. They are all caught up on the goings on. Robert agrees that Laura would have been killed had she not married Stavros. Rick wants them all arrested but Luke doesn't think that is a good idea as the marriage will make it look like Laura cooperated. Robert offers to kill them himself! Luke tells them that one of Stavros' goons have already followed her to PC. Luke suggests that the spread the story that Laura has amnesia as it might placate the Cassidines that she isn't going to press charges. Tiffany understands the Cassidine threat from her days with Victor. Robert points out that Stavros might not back off but Luke says Laura is his! Later, L&L dance through the house and go upstairs to make love. They find the Cassidine Emblem laying on the bed. Laura is panicked, Luke has the grounds crawling with cops and tries to reassure her. She tells him this means that Stavros is in town. Rick and Leslie head to the hospital to share the good news about Laura's return. Robert returns home and tells Holly the good news. Luke calls with the news that Stavros is in town. Luke promises that Stavros has wrecked the last two years of their lives but not anymore, they are together and they will stay together! Yanni reports back to Stavros that the mayor's mansion has heavy security and it will be difficult to get in and out. Stavros is furious and says Luke's security will not stop him and this has only just begun! 

Monday, December 5 - Stavros calls Luke and tells him he wants to meet with him and that he thinks Luke will find his information very interesting. Laura is against Luke going and begs him not to, afraid that Stavros will kill Luke. He assures her that Robert has guards surrounding the house and that no one can get to her and she will be safe. He tells her has to meet Stavros. Stavros tells him he wishes he and Laura happiness. He tells Luke that he has no claim on Laura and he won't try to get her back. At home, Laura receives flowers from Stavros that say, “Goodbye, Stavros”, and she is upset because she knows he will not let her go that easily. Rick and Leslie arrive and Laura shares her concerns with them for their safety as she tells them that red roses filled their bedroom when they married. Tiffany shares her joy over Laura's return with Blackie. Rick and Leslie are also there waiting to watch Luke's press conference. Luke announces the sudden return of his presumed dead wife and her amnesia of what happened to her during that time. Luke goes to see Robert and tells him about his meeting with Stavros. Robert tells him that Burt will be tailing Stavros for the duration of his visit in Port Charles as a deterent. Robert doesn't believe that Stavros will ever accept that Laura is Luke's wife and Robert tells him he will do anything possible to protect them both. Stavros arrives at GH and meets with Steve. He is offering to make a large contribution and tells him of a marble cornerstone he has brought for the new medical research center. Robert arrives at GH and asks to talk to Stavros and inquires his business in Port Charles. Stavros tells Yanni, “Laura belongs to me”. Back home, Luke assures Laura that Stavros could never pull off kidnapping her again. Laura begs Luke to take off somewhere together as this might be their only chance. Luke tells her that she knows that if the Cassidines want to find her that there is no place they can go and hide. Daytime Dilemma. Jimmy Lee makes his offer of the gatehouse directly to Celia and Grant. Grant refuses any help from Jimmy Lee (still jealous over his affair with Celia). Jimmy Lee suggests that Grant stop being selfish and think of Celia and what is best for her. Grant is about to blow up at Jimmy Lee and Celia stops Grant and tells Jimmy Lee that she appreciates the offer but the answer is no. After Jimmy Lee leaves, Celia takes Grant to task for being so rude to Jimmy Lee as he was only offering kindness. Grant is determined that he and Celia will make it on their own without help from anyone. Celia says she hopes so as they aren't exactly being deluged with offers. A grateful father gives Grant a job in a pharmacy. After Grant leaves, Jimmy Lee comes back and apologizes as he hopes he didn't make things harder for her. She apologizes for Grant's behavior. Jimmy Lee tells her that the new condo development that the is putting up with Brock needs art purchased and he asks her to advise him on his art purchases. She says she will do it for free. He won't hear of it and asks her to be in charge of artistic development as a job for the construction company. She is thrilled and agrees. When Grant returns she tells him about her new job and he is thrillled until he learns it was from Jimmy Lee. Grant tells her no, that she doesn't have to work now as he got a job and he doesn't want to accept any favors from Jimmy Lee. She insists that she is very qualified for the job and she wants the challenge and they need the money. 

Tuesday, December 6 - First 22 minutes - Grant and Celia cut some a bit at the very beginning. Grant is getting ready for his first day at his new job, when he comes down in a suit, Celia asks him if he isn't maybe a bit overdressed for the new job a the drug store. He changes into something a bit more casual. Grant gets into trouble at his new job when he discourages a purchase and gives medical advice. Stavros and Yanni arrive at the hospital and have a meeting because of their benefactor status but make it known they are leaving Port Charles after the meeting. Luke and Laura look at their watch and wait anxiously for word. Robert calls to update Luke. Robert and Burt take Stavros to the airport and make sure they get on the airplane. He continues watching until the airplane taxis down the runway and takes off. Bobbie calls Luke and begs to come over and see Laura. He tells her to wait just a bit, he is still anxious to make sure the Cassidine is gone. Robert calls Luke and tells him that they are indeed gone! Luke calls for an immediate party! Amy arrives and is reunited with her sister, Claudia and Brian share their news of their marriage, then Monica arrives. A quiet moment when Laura is introduced to Holly, as both women look at each other silently. Laura breaks the ice when she tells Holly how much she was looking forward to meeting her. When Holly mentions how much Luke has told her about Laura there is a moment of awkwardness and Luke suggests drinks. Then Slick and Emma arrive and big hugs all around. Rose comes in and she has brought Mrs. Whitaker with her. Luke goes outside to put some meat on the barbeque grill, as Stavros stands off to the side watching, obviously not having left town. Laura comes out and Luke feeds her a burger as Stavros fumes as he watches them together. Luke draws Laura into his arms and kisses her as his burgers catch fire. Daytime Dilmena for the Luke/Laura/Stavros triangle. 

December 6 - 13, 1983:  12/6 remainder of episode, 12/7, 12/8, 12/9, 12/12, 12/13 

Tuesday, December 6 - remainder of episode - A client comes into the drugstore looking for a wrap for a sprained ankle. After checking her ankle, he tells her it could be broken. A doctor overhears and has a fit that the drugstore clerk is dispensing medical advice. Grant once again gets in trouble with his boss. Tiff and Laura talk about Stavros & Victor. Luke and Laura are going to have a party at the mayor's mansion for all of her friends and family, they believe that Stavros has left town and she is free of the Cassidines. An ecstatic Amy arrives and is reunited with Laura, and then Brian and Claudia arrive, then Leslie. Holly and Robert arrive and Luke introduces Laura to Holly. Next, Slick and Emma Lutz arrive and are thrilled to see Laura again. Then Ruby and Bobbie arrive, and embrace Laura, thrilled she is home. Holly comments that she doesn't think she has ever seen two people to be so happy together. The Webbers arrive, Blackie arrives and meets Laura, then Jake, Rose, and Mrs. Whitaker arrives. Luke barbeques for Laura, as Stavros watches. Grant's boss tells him he should fire him but he will give him one more chance. He tells him again that he is not there to dispense medical advice but to sell product and only to sell product! 

Wednesday, December 7 - The next morning, Luke assures Laura that Stavros has left the country (he hasn't - his double left). She doesn't believe it and remains nervous. Laura tells Luke that yesterday when they were outside by the barbeque that she felt Stavros' eyes on her. Stavros and his men go over blueprints of the Mayor's Mansion and plan Stavros' “revenge”. The gang gets together again at Tiffany's to celebrate some more, Rick, Leslie, Amy, Blackie, Claudia, Brian, Bobbie, Brock all gather. Holly arrives and tells them Luke will be there later. Holly and Laura talk, get to know and to accept each other. Stavros tells his man how he gave the slip to Scorpio and remained in Port Charles. Stavros follows Luke and Laura and watches them on Tiffany's balcony through his binoculars. Jake and Rose arrive and join L&L for a moment though Luke soon has to make his excuses to get back to City Hall. Jimmy Lee freaks Edward out when he tells Edward that his mother, Beatrice, is on her way to Port Charles. He seems to enjoy Edward's reaction as he tells him that she asked about how well ELQ is doing? Grant offends another customer this time with making comments about her choice of hair dye (whcih they are out of off) and she complains to the manager. He is moved to the stockroom to avoid him having customer contact. Lee meets with Luke and overwhelms him with more mayor details and responsibilities that Luke doesn't feel prepared for (his life has changed as he is no longer running the casino and no longer at war with Robert, and with Laura's return he just wants to spend time with her). Lee then meets with Jake and offers him to work with Lee's office. Celia finds Grant sitting somberly on the stairs of the Q's. She asks where he got all of the blisters and he tells her he was too honest with a customer and has been relegated to work in the stockroom unloading boxes. 

Thursday, December 8 - Rick, Leslie and Blackie, he is auditioning for a new girl singer. Amy wants Blackie to let her audition for his band and she is furious when he isn't interested in giving her a chance. Brock meets with Luke and is upset that he has appointed Dan as building commissioner. He heads to GH to vent to Bobbie. Brock feels betrayed and used. Brock tells her still wants to marry her and have a family. Bobbie sits somberly by herself after Brock leaves. Leslie notices and then comes over to sit beside Bobbie and asks her if she is okay? Bobbie tells her that Brock wants children and that she has to have a hysterectomy. Laura unknowingly lets one of Stavros' men into the mansion. Stavros lurks outside the mansion. Laura meets with the former Mrs. Mayor to get some pointers on the role of mayor's wife as she is feeling overwhelmed by the demands. Luke and Laura both plan for the reception at the Mayor's Mansion to introduce Luke's new staff. Luke and Laura run upstairs and fall down on the bed together. Stavros and his men have their own plans for the reception at the mansion. Blackie arrives at the mansion and saves Laura from her afternoon of boredom learning about the city's history and the mansion's history. Laura and Blackie talk, they dance, and are doing "the bump" when some society ladies come in which stops the fun and bores Laura for the rest of the afternoon. Luke and Robert attend a city council meeting, Luke looks so bored. Luke carries Laura upstairs again. 

Friday, December 9 - (No Luke & Laura, no Robert & Holly) Grant is delayed from going to work when a man from the State Department stops by and insists on questioning Grant further about Fletcher and his dealings. Grant is forced to call in late to work. When he finally finishes this further interrogration, he is told that he needn't come into work that day as he has been replaced for the entire day. Celia meets with Jimmy, and he introduces her to an artist played by Lane Davies. Celia is in her element as they discuss artistic ideas and art. Grant is a bit left out and very quiet. Brian teases Rose about Jake selling out his ideals and going to work for Lee. Grant chats with Brian while getting more coffee. He envies Brian's dedication and drive for his work as he misses that. Brian tells him if he wants to hear horror stories that he has plenty of them. Brian vents about all of the problems he has finding those people who really need help, first finding them is a battle, and then getting them to trust them. They desperately need a dedicated doctor who can help them. Grant says that he does have a fulltime job but maybe he could help out? Brian raves that would be a godsend and shows him the list of people he has to find just that day. Grant, suddenly having the day off, asks if he can tag along? Brian accepts and they head out. Back home, Celia and Grant are both enthused by their new challenges and life has taken a positive turn. Dan and Dr. Hardy discuss finances, and Moncia is impressed by Dan's comments about making money work for you. Amy raves about a new spa being opening in Port Charles and when looking at the brochures she notices they are looking for investors. Alan does not want to invest in a fat farm for women that he can't even go into. Monica has stars in her eyes over the idea and I don't think she is going to accept no for an answer. Alan is on the phone to discuss an investment opportunity with Edward. She thinks he is going to discuss the health spa and she interrupts him repeatedly when he starts talking about a strip mall in Washington D.C. She is irate that he didn't present her idea and they argue about it again. Alan doesn't think it is a good investment and refuses to consider it. Monica does want to invest and says part of the money they have is hers and she wants a say in how it is invested. He gloats that it his decision to decide for both of them how it will be invested (does he remember who he is dealing with? <grin>). Monica insists that she will have a say and SHE will decide how the money is invested and she promises him, "Come Hell or High Water" they will be investing in the new spa. Stavros has his goon find out who is catering the reception at the mayor's mansion and then instructs him to quickly become employed by the company. He shows up and flashes his card to Tiffany who lets him in! Stavros and company go over their plans for the reception. Stavros insists they memorize the plans and he will not excuse a single mistake. 

Monday, December 12 - Grant bumps into a customer and his bodyguard pulls a gun on the customer in front of the Drug Store manager. The manager is obnoxious again and feels that Grant should have been locked up with the rest of the spies. A fed up Grant punches out the owner and quits. The guy who helped him get the job comes by to offer Grant another job. Grant can't believe his kindness. Grant says that for him to work with the public in a sales position is just asking for trouble. Alan checks into the spa and is impressed by what he learns and asks for additional information. Alan listens in as Grant tells Brian that he lost his job. As he mentions that the owner offered him another job at a different pharmacy, Alan rolls his eyes. He then tells Brian that he will have more time now to volunteer (more eye rolling). Alan confronts Grant about him turning down a paying job to do volunteer work. Alan tells him that he isn't in a position to be choosy, he should be grateful for anything that is offered him. Alan reams him that he is taking advantage of the family's generousity and he is living off of the family. He tells him that the entire family is tired of Grant's mess and the embarrassment he has caused them. Alan tells him that if he had a shred of integrity that he wouldn't continue living off of the Quartermaine's. Laura works with the caterers preparing for the reception. Stavros and his men also finalizing their preparations. The reception at the mayor's mansion is held, and the town arrive, Robert & Holly, Lee & Gail, Dan & Ruby, Brian & Claudia, Audrey & Steve, Rick & Leslie attend and Luke's staff is introduced. Stavros' goon fixes the back door and after all of the guests have left, he is able to re-enter and let Stavros and his men in. After the reception, Laura is upstairs when Stavros' men cut the power. Luke is still downstairs and he hears her scream, “LUKE!!!” 

Tuesday, December 13 - Chaos reigns at the Webbers as Blackie blasts the radio, Mike watches TV, and Amy badgers Blackie about giving her a chance to audition. Amy tells Blackie that he acts like he is nice but he is really just a jerk! Rick and Leslie come home to Amy and Blackie yellling at each other. In order to keep the peace they urge Blackie to allow Amy to audition. His worst fear is that she will actually be good! Amy later comes downstairs with her hair all teased out and Mike teases her about her wild appearence. When a tired Celia returns home, Grant has to tell her that he was fired. They argue about it as Celia is a bit annoyed that Grant hit the manager, but then assures him that he will find something as he wasn't happy at that job anyway. He tells her about Alan's comments and when Alan comes in Celia blasts him. They are arguing and when Monica comes in she blasts Alan as well for his continued rudeness towards Grant. When Jimmy Lee returns home to the gatehouse he is surprised to find that Alan has taken refuge there. They wind up getting plastered together on Edward's brandy. Monica arrives at the gatehouse and is amused to find a drunken Alan. She tells him she hasn't enjoyed him this much in a LONG time. Monica is suddenly very sweet to him and tells him how adorable he is and proceeds to kiss him soundly as he lays on Jimmy Lee's couch. A frightened Laura calls out to Luke after the lights have gone out in the mansion. He calls up to her and tells her it is allright, that he will light a candle and be right up. He is overtaken by an intruder and when he doesn't come upstairs a frightened Laura comes to the top of the stairs and calls down to him. Luke screams to her to stay back. She is grabbed from behind, with a hand clasped over her mouth. Laura tries to get out and comes face to face with Stavros. Stavros corners Laura in the bedroom. Laura makes a break and runs for her room only to find the phone dead and she is trapped. Stavros breaks down the door. Luke is dragged up the stairs by the men and taken into the bedroom. Stavros is in the room with Laura and has Luke tied to the bedpost. Stavros throws Laura down onto the bed. Laura promises anything to save Luke's life. Daytime Dilemma. 

December 14-19, 1983:  12/14, 12/15, 12/16, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21 

Wednesday, December 14 - Grant can't sleep, and paces as he wonders about his future. He tells her that Alan is right and he is not a fit husband. He misses being a doctor but no one will hire him. Grant realizes how very lucky he is to have Celia in his life and all of her support through all of his drama. He puts aside his troubles to pay some long overdue attention to his wife. He later goes to a dive bar, a bag lady sits down next to him and teases him. She tells him that she is the queen of the waterfront. When she realizes who he is, he tells her she can skip the lecture about eternal damnation as he has heard it enough. She is a homeless lady and has no interest in judging him. She figures he had no choice and he is touched by her warmth. As she gathers her belongings to go, he notices the pain she is in and writes her a prescription for linement. Grant comes home and he raves to Celia about his evening. He tells her that he was recognized but she didn't, she understood. Grant tells her that this woman had only the things she could carry yet she was very happy with her life. He tells her how good it was to be able to help someone and how much he misses it. He tells Ceila that he wants to lead a normal life without a bodyguard but she worries about the DVX coming after him. Grant is feeling amourous again and they spend the morning in bed. Luke and Laura are being held by Stavros who is planning to rape Laura and make Luke watch. Luke motions to Laura who plays along in order to give Luke some time to loosen the bedpost. Luke is able to get the top of the bedpost off and he clobbers Stavros over the head with it. Luke and Laura make their escape downstairs, but Stavros fires a shot at them, collapses and then falls down the stairs. Stavros is taken to the hospital. Robert and Holly in fun scenes as they return home together both tipsy as they stopped for drinks after the reception (for the first time they are truly free to love one another with no guilt over betraying Luke). Robert wants to call and tell Luke something he had forgotten. Holly assures him that Luke has better things to do at this time of the night rather than talk to Robert. She comments on how happy Luke is and she seems suprised at how much she likes Laura. Robert assures her that Laura is wonderful though not quite as cute and cuddly as Holly is. She dances around and they go up to the sauna together. Luke calls and interrupts them and tells Robert that he needs help cleaning up. Robert laughs its a bit late for that thinking he means after the party. Luke tells him it involves a body and fills him in. Robert tells her not to wait up as he thinks this will be a late night and heads out to meet Luke and Laura at GH. Stavros wants to see Laura alone. Luke won't hear of it and insists on staying by her side. She tells him had he really loved her that he would have let her go and he wouldn't have tried to take her back when he realized that she loved Luke. Stavros curses them from his deathbed and tells her that she is a scourge on his family and he will not be forgotten or forgiven and they will feel his rage long after.....and he dies before finishing that sentence. Luke fears that the Cassidines won't take Stavros' death lightly and he and Laura leave the hospital. Daytime Dilemma. 

Thursday, December 15 - (No Luke & Laura) The next morning, Monica nutures a hung over Alan and she is very sweet. He amouroulsy reciprocates and pulls her into his arms to kiss her. Jimmy Lee walks in and laughs that it looks like the gate house, obviously surprised to find the battling Quartermaine's making out on his couch. Monica in turn is surprised by the sudden camaraderie and bond between Alan and Jimmy Lee. They are very cute together, as they obviously had a great time on Jimmy Lee's couch the night before (LOL!). Alan even agrees to the spa investment. Back at the mansion, they continue giggling and laughing together. He asks exactly what he said the night before and she tells him his rantings of love. They are both glowing this morning, but their money is disturbed when Lila comes downstairs and tells them that Edward has vanished during his trip to London as no one knows where he is! Alan and Monica arrive at GH, and Amy is thrilled to hear that Monica intends on investing in the spa. Amy shows her the article in the paper about Lorena Sharp, the president of Avalon company is coming to town. Monica is thrilled as this is their chance to approach them about investing. Edward calls and reaches Alan and tells him he is in Brighton (a beach ton in southern England). Alan is disturbed to learn that Beatrice (Jimmy Lee's mother) has disappeared and Edward is still looking for her. Claudia wants a bigger house as she is feeling envious of Laura leaving in the mayor's mansion. Brian storms out and has breakfast at Kelly's. Grant wants to get rid of the bodyguard but Celia begs him to let him stay for just a bit longer. Grant joins Brian but he doesn't think the bodyguard will fit in as the population they will be visiting won't trust him, and then they won't trust Grant. Brian tells him that the bodyguard simply won't work. Grant goes to see Robert and asks him about getting rid of the bodyguard. Robert is against it and tells him this could be just the weakness the DVX would take advantage of. Grant points out that if the DVX wanted him to be dead that a bodyguard woudn't stop them. Robert understands that taking a bodyguard into the neighborhoods that he will be working in could be a problem and he agrees to try to intercede on his behalf. Robert then receives a return call from Helena, and he tells her that Stavros was died. Grant's first client is Carla (played by a very young Nia Peoples), she is a track star with an injury and a very difficult patient. She is bitter and discouraged over her injury. Later the bodyguard is upset as Grant gave him the slip. Grant asks Alan and Monica for their help with Carla. Alan, still in quite the good mood, agrees to help Grant and will set up the necessary x-rays to diagnosis Carla. Monica looks on pleased at his new attitude. Daytime Dilemma. 

Friday, December 16 - Grant is still under investigation by the medical board and it is more important to him than ever to retain his license and be able to practice medicine. Grant shows Jake pictures of real Grant and Celia together. Jake is astonished by the resemblance. Grant feels useful by helping people who need medical attention but can't afford it. Grant goes back to see Carla and tells her that he believes with proper treatment that she can run again. She doesn't trust nor believe him and gives him total attitude. Grant realizes she is strong and determined and he is convinced he can get through to her and help her. Her mother is very grateful for his help and he leaves with a big grin on his face. He meets Celia for lunch at Kelly's. They are soon joined by Jake and Rose. The talk turns to the upcoming holiday, and Celia and Grant realize they don't have much money for presents. Grant wishes he could take Celia skiing for Christmas as he knows how much she loves it. Holly and Robert have breakfast together, and she suggests that the press conference is going to be rough on them and wants to invite them to dinner. Robert agrees that is a good idea. Luke tells Laura that he will tell the press alone about Stavros' death and he expects it to be a very rough session and he doesn't want her to have to go through it. Laura argues with him that she can handle it and might be able to help. Rick and Leslie arrive and Leslie warns her that having a Cassidine die in Luke and Laura's home will have the gossips going forever. Robert and Lee arrive to lend moral support as well. Leslie and Laura go upstairs to wait, and she comforts her obviously upset daughter. Laura cries that all she has ever wanted is to be happy with Luke. Robert congratulates Luke for pulling off the story he spun at the press conference. Luke thanks Robert for his help, that he chimed in at just the right time. Rick and Lee both come in and Luke thanks them as their participation also lending a lot of credibility. Robert receives a call that the plane carrying Stavros' body has landed in Greece. Luke hopes that this time it is finally over. Robert and Holly have dinner with Luke and Laura at the mansion. Robert receives a call informing him that the Cassidine jet has taken off for the United States. Luke is very concerned but they all decide to put aside their fears. As they all discuss their travels, Luke says he feels like a hick as he hasn't been anywhere except Victoria and the Cassidine Island. Luke and Laura talk about the romance of being able to travel. 

Monday, December 19 - Rose is swamped with holiday meal preparations and she receives a surprise inspection by the health inspector. Amy continues to badger Blackie and he leaves to get away from it. Leslie comes in as Amy is yelling how much she hates him. Amy is upset but when she audition the other day she bombed and wants another chance. Leslie calls Rick, and he heads over to the university to talk to Blackie. Meanwhile, Blackie meets with his band and they all liked Amy and want to hire her as they think she had a great voice. Blackie finally relents and says that Lou can audition again. She chokes during the audition and begins to cry and goes to run off. Blackie stops her and asks what is going on? She came dressed in pigtails and school girl outfit and it feels all wrong to her. She tells him that since he wouldn't tell her why the band didn't like her first audition that she figured she would change her image. He admits the band did like her that he is the one who opposed her joining the band. She is livid but he promises that he will make it right and enlists Lou's help to trade clothes with Amy. She auditions again ala the "Go Gos", not the best voice but the guys like her. Luke and Laura receive a business card with the Cassidine crest and Laura is afraid. Luke says he wants to see whoever it is. Laura wants to run and warns Luke that he doesn't understand what they are capable of. Yanni comes to Luke & Laura at the Mayor's mansion. Yanni tells Luke amd Laura that Helena had a permanent breakdown when she saw Stavros' body and that the vendetta has ended. Laura is relieved to be free. Luke and Laura dine alone elegantly and then end up having a food fight. They talk about the mansion being too big and there are too many servants. 

Tuesday, December 20 - Carla's mother calls Grant to tell him that that she has agreed to the x-rays. He is thrilled with the news and arranges to meet them at GH in two hours. Once there he tells Carla that he has done things in his past that he isn't proud of and some people won't forgive. A doctor comes up and rudely asks Grant what he is doing there and makes snarky comments. Carla tells him that Dr. Putnam is a fine man and tells him off. The doctor walks off and Grant admires her standing up for him. Alan soon returns with the x-rays and Grant does see that she has a challenge ahead of her but she can overcome it if she is willing to work hard. He tells her that she is going to have to work very hard if she is ever going to run again. She is disappointed with the news though he assures her that they can do it together. She tells him to just leave her alone. A somber Grant returns home and tells Celia the distressing news about Carla and how she walked out on him. Rose and Jimmy Lee are shocked to see a disparaging report in the newspaper by the health inspector as being below standard. She informs Rick of his attempted blackmail. He is shocked and asks her to be very very sure of these accusations. She tells him that he is known by other restauranteers in the area to accept a bribe in return for over looking violations. She tells him that he has never had anything on Kelly's. Rick looks into the inspector's record and he comes up clean. Rose points out that he has been inspecting the Bucket of Blood for years and they have never had any problems with inspections and she knows that Kelly's is a lot cleaner than that place. He tells her that the inspector is scheduled to go to the Bucket and she is sure that he is being bribed for good inspection reports. Rick sits at the bar and watches as the bartender slips the payoff to the inspector. Luke is busy, busy, busy. He continues to rely on Lee's judgement and assisstance in making decisions and Luke notices how well suited Lee is to the position and how much he enjoys the challenges. Laura arrives at a luncheon unprepared to deliver a speech they are expecting. She tries to wing it, but ends up apologizing and some of the ladies are bewildered. Bobbie invites DL to join her and Luke for lunch. He refuses, still pissed off at Luke and refuses. He tells Bobbie about a new business opportunity and he wants her to meet the guy and help charm him as there is a lot of money on the table. When he meets the businessman, he asks if he is still close to Luke? Brock assures him that of course he is. When he realizes how important a good relationship is to this potential investor, DL heads over to make nice to Luke and joins him, Laura, and Bobbie for lunch. They both apologize and agree to bury the hatchet. Luke continues to get interrupted there, as well. Finally, Luke grabs Laura up and they dance along with Jimmy Lee and Rose with the music cranking. Luke and Laura meet back at home after a busy day, and Luke gets a phone call and Laura keeps kissing him while he tends to business. Claudia and Brian argue again about money. She wants to show him a new apartment that is only a $100 more a month and he refuses to even consider it. 

Wednesday, December 21 - A beautiful woman arrives as a representative for Avalon Spas and suddenly Alan is very eager to discuss the issue. He takes her down the cafeteria and listens intently to her pitch. Monica is not amused to find Alan sitting with her and suddenly so amenable to the investment after meeting the beautiful sales representative. Celia wants to take Grant skiing but doesn't know who she will pay for it. Monica offers to give Celia and Grant a trip to a skiing lodge for Christmas. Celia points out that Monica already has presents for them under the tree and since it is a gift for Grant from her that she wants to pay for it. Laura attends another luncheon and Holly is there. Holly offers Laura a ride to her next appearance, but Laura says there will be someone there to get her. Laura has a few moments to wait and she asks Holly how she does it, being a public officials wife: Laura and Holly have tea and talk. Brian goes to Luke and the bean counter and asks for money to subsidize Grant's role as a doctor for the city. Luke approves the plan to put Grant on the payroll and tries to over rule his head bean counter who gets annoyed and says that Luke will have to ask for his resignation if he won't follow his advice. Luke and Laura are both completely frustrated and unhappy with their roles as Mayor and Mrs. Mayor. Luke meets with citizens who ask for his help, but his hands are tied now that he is the Mayor. They are bored with the routine and tired of the lack of privacy. Daytime Dilemma. 

December 22 - 29, 1983:  12/22, 12/23, 12/26, 12/27, 12/28,12/29 

Thursday, December 22 - Claudia and Bryan continue to fight over finances. Rose and Jake record and expose the man who tries to extort money from Rose to pass inspection. Jake and Rose meet with Rick and the inspector and confront him. Rose doesn't want to press charges and Rick gives the inspector the option of taking his retirement. Luke and Laura are disappointed when some union guys arrive with their Christmas tree and are told that they cannot decorate the Mayor's mansion for the holidays themselves as it is against union rules. So Luke and Laura borrow some coats and head for the docks. Down on the docks they introduce themselves as Lloyd and Lucy Johnson and help decorate a Christmas tree with some local kids. Luke feels helpless as Mayor. When they return, Luke begs his housekeeper not to tell anyone they have returned. She tells him she can't do that as Lee has to talk to Luke immediately as it is urgent. Luke is disapointed when yet another promise he wants to keep to the poor comes up short. He can't believe that there isn't enough money in the budget to help those who need it most. Luke and Laura make time for romance and sit by the fire at the mansion as a Beegee's song plays. 

Friday, December 23 - Jimmy Lee apologizes to Celia for the other day when he kissed her and he tells her he was completely out of line and asks her to come back to work. Celia has made reservations at the ski lodge even though she doesn't know who she will pay for it as her salary isn't enough to cover it and she won't accept money from Monica. Celia decides to sell her art supplies to give Grant his Christmas present. Edward has returned home and listens to Monica's pitch and since he believes in diversification, sure he will consider adding a fat farm to the portfolio and he wouldn't mind seeing Holt Enterprises get the rennovation contract! Monica is impressed that Edward doesn't miss a trick. Luke wakes Laura up and tells her there is a surprise waiting downstairs. Leslie and Rick are there for to surprise her with a birthday breakfast with “Happy Birthday” sign and Laura's Christmas tree star. Grant shows up and asks for his help with Carla. Luke leaves Laura with Leslie & Rick while he goes to with Grant. Carla is not impressed to find the mayor in her living room. Luke does understand how she feels and tells her he had two bum legs and was paralyzed from the waist down. Luke tells her that he was angry and bitter and he just wanted to hide and he didn't want anyone to help him. He tells her how Natalie helped him get off his butt and asks her who is winning the battle to get her off her butt? She tells him he doesn't sound like a mayor! He tells her that she doesn't have to be this angry all of the time. He tells her this is all up to her, and if she reaches out and grabs a hold of a little piece of life and she has to do it today, and then tommorrow she reaches out for a little bit more. He assures her that she has a chance and if she doesn't take it that he promises her she will always regret it. As he is talking to her about living your dream and having choices, he comes to a realization about his own life. Carla doesn't immediately commit but promises to call him tommorrow. As Luke leaves, he tells her he wants to see her running! Grant tells Luke he really helped Carla turn the corner, but Luke says she is the one who helped him. Luke rushes home and asks Laura if she wants to take a ride out to Beecher's Corners? She is elated and says yes! Luke and Laura embracing back in their old bedroom at Beecher's Corners. Luke decides to resign as mayor. Daytime Dilemma. 

Monday, December 26 - Luke's Flashbacks Episode with past clips of Luke over the years in various PC escapades. He walks around the docks talking with old friends and remembering all the good times, including the stopping by the disco to say goodbye. Luke says goodbye to friends (accompanied by more flashbacks), Bobbie, Blackie, Holly, Ruby, and then Robert. 

Tuesday, December 27 - Luke & Laura's Last Day and they wake up together in bed at Beecher's Corners. Christmas morning at the Q's with Alan by the tree with AJ playing with the electric train. Blackie and Lou help hand decorations at GH, as Audrey, Gail, and Bobbie pitch in. Jimmy Lee stops by while Celia is alone and ask again for her to forgive him and asks her to come back to work for him. She refuses as he always apologizes but it is always something else. Later in a classic Gift of the Magi story, Grant gives Celia her presents. They are beautiful art brushes which she can't use as she sold all of her art supplies. She asks Grant to open his gift, which is the ski trip but he sold his skis to pay for the art brushes. He tells her he will be difficult to rent skis at the last minute. Lila is touched by their love and even Edward is touched by their sacrifices. Lila tells him she has an idea! Rick & Leslie meet Luke and Laura at Beecher's corners, wondering what news they have to tell him. Luke & Laura tell Rick & Leslie they are leaving to travel and they say their tearful goodbyes. Luke & Laura return to the mansion to gather their things and say goodbye to the mansion. Luke & Laura stop by General Hospital and listen to Dr. Hardy tell the children at the hospital the Christmas story, one last time. Luke & Laura sneak away and walk out of the hospital to begin their new life together. 

Wednesday, December 28 - Brock proposes to Bobbie. Celia and Grant are excited about the trip that Lila and Edward have arranged for them. The real Grant Putnam is seen in another hospital. The nurse comments on how agitated he gets every time it snows. Brian is notified that Claudia's parents have been killed in a car accident. He sadly goes home to tell her and she starts crying hysterically. Carla refuses to see any other doctors and becomes hysterical. She demands to see her doctor, Dr. Putnam! Steve calls Grant and asks him to cover over and see if he can calm Carla down. He warns Grant that he can't allow him to practice medicine at GH but if he could talk to Carla as a friend and get her to let the other doctor examine her that would be very helpful. Holly comes by to take Celia to lunch and finds her sitting on the floor with Jimmy Lee, with his arms around her, laughing and Holly makes a snarky comment. Celia rips into Holly and Holly suggests that perhaps Celia shouldn't be taking up with Jimmy Lee again. Holly leaves on bad terms but comes back and apologizes that it is none of her business. Celia also apologizes that she has been short tempered lately. She is glad Holly returned, as she doesn't have many friends these days. Holly tells Robert about putting her foot in her mouth, and he suggests they invite Celia and Grant out for a night on the town. Daytime Dilemma. 

December 29, 1983 - January 3, 1984:  12/29, 12/30/83, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5/84

Thursday, December 29 - Rick, Leslie & Mike back in chaos once again and Blackie and Amy continue to argue about rehearsals. The strange man in the hospital says his name is “Grant Putnam”. Real Grant reads the newspaper with reports of fake Grant's spy drama and goes crazy, his memories flooding back of what he had lost. Our Grant confides to Celia that he thought he would be able to make a new start in America. He tells her she is the last thing he has left as he had broken all ties in his birth country. He continues to worry about the upcoming hearing about his medical license. Holly is making arrangements on the telephone and when Robert comes up, she quickly hangs up and acts nervous and suspicous. He wants to know what is up and why she is acting so mysterious? Grant arrives with Carla having made arrangements me for her to use Robert's equipment to work out on. Holly stops by to see Celia and tries to smooth things over. Celia is cool and distant and Holly confronts her about her still being angry with her. Celia denies it and claims Holly is being overly sensitive. Holly apologizes again and says she knwos her remarks were uncalled for. This time they do truly make up and all is forgiven. Holly says this calls for a celebration and invites Celia and Grant to join her and Robert for dinner. Later, Jimmy Lee arrives again this time bearing sandwhiches for Celia, conviently while Grant is meeting with Jake about the hearing. Jimmy Lee is out of the room when Grant returns. He happily reports he has come up with someone not associated with the DVX who can verify his pre-med education. Jimmy Lee strolls back in and Celia tells him that they ate sandwiches together. Grant snarks that he guesses she doesn't want to go out to dinner? She says she didn't know how long he would be gone. Real Grant shakily points to the newspaper and points out that he remembers who he is. When asked, he declares that he is Grant Putnam! Daytime Dilemma. 

Friday, December 30 - Vanessa, the beautiful saleswoman, arrives to see Edward. When Stella informs Edward of his visitor he has no desire to see her and brushes it off telling Stella to have her contact Monica. Overhearing, she charms her way in the room and when he sees how pretty she is, he suddenly becomes quite accomodating. He takes her to GH and begins introducing her to Audrey and Gail and giving them free passes. After they leave, Edward introduces Ruby and Bobbie and sizing them up she brushes them off deeming that they can't afford the spa and hence no free passes. Edward comments on it and she points out that she is very selective on who is given the free passes to and they only want to entice those with the money to be able to come back. Edward admires her ruthlessness and cunning. Blackie and Lou talk at Kelly's. He is very busy with band business and is too distracted to pay attention to Lou. She later shows up to rehearsal with t-shirts for the band. They all love them and Blackie can't believe she did this and asks if she is sure that she can afford it? Blackie is touched and actually spends a few minutes actually connecting with her and kisses her and they make leave together. Rose wonders where Lou is? She is in bed with Blackie and she says she will sneak in after Rose goes to bed and before Rose gets up, and Rose won't even know that she wasn't home.   

Monday, January 2, 1984 - Blackie and Lou are in bed together in Blackie's dorm room. Rose panics when she can't find Lou, and enlists Jake's help to find the missing girl. The real Grant tells his Dr's that he knows who he is. Holly gets the urge to do something different and tells Robert she wants to go ice skating. Rose tries Mike at the Webbers, but he doesn't know where Blackie is. Rose agitatedly calls the police who descend on the campus and arrest Blackie for statutory rape. Grant P starts to remember what happened. He was kidnapped and left for dead, so another man could take his place. His doctors have a hard time believing their patient. Robert and Holly dine with Grant and Celia at Kelly's. Grant A is worried that he will have his medical license revoked. Jake joins them for a stradegy lesson. Unfortunately, the nosy reporter Jackie interrupts to dish out her poisonous barbs. Robert tells her to practice her yellow journals elsewhere. Learning that Lou is all right, Rose declines to press charges against Blackie. Rick and Leslie pick the troubled teen up at the police station. Lou is furious at Rose and storms out of the diner. When Grant's Dr's tell him he was found years ago at the bottom of a cliff, which in turn led to his stay at the sanitarium, he collapses. Meanwhile, Grant A stirs in his bed with Celia and wakes from a nightmare. ABC GH promo.  

Tuesday, January 3, 1984 - At the sanitarium, the real Grant P has another memory. He remembers the family lawyer Henry Armistead. He can settle his claim. When the doctors phone Amistead, the lawyer, hardened by many false Grant stories over the years insists that Grant Putnam is dead. Lee starts putting pressure on Robert because of his association with Grant. Jake and Grant A go to the medical Conduct hearing in Albany. Jake makes a valiant defense of his client, but without documented proof from Putnam, all the board can consider are the falsified records. His entire career in medicine was a lie. At the mayor's mansion. Lee marries Bobbie and Brock. Ruby urges Bobbie to tell Brock about her hysterectomy. Holly hearing about Robert's pet as a child in Australia, surprises Robert with a real live Wallaby! Robert decides to donate it to the local zoo. Upon returning from Albany, Celia shows Grant A Jackie's flaming headlines in the evening paper. Grant P's doctors inform him that Amistead didn't believe his claim of being the real Putnam. Grant P goes ballistic and begins screaming he is the real Grant. The orderly's take him away.  

Thursday, January 5, 1984 - Holly is bored and Robert is shocked when he sees his wife take up cooking! Tiffany tells Blackie that her agent got him a meeting with the hottest Rock manager in the country. The social worker hearing about the arrest incident with Blackie and Lou, arrives at Kelly's. Rose tries to brush off the troubles. At that moment, a surly Lou comes in and tells the social worker that Rose hates her, causing the social worker to think about moving from the hostile environment. Holly is making a mess of things in the kitchen with piles of food all over the counter. Robert doesn't help with is sarcastic comments. All dirty from all the cooking, Holly gets a call to go to a ladies luncheon. Later, Robert comes home to have a hearty lunch, and Holly serves him a wet soggy salad and cold soup! Rose tells Jake that Lou has decided to go live with Blackie, but when Lou tells Blackie the news, Parrish thinks it's a terrible idea and tells her to go back to Rose. Robert comes home reviewing his boring list of complaints he got during the day. Holly is intrigued by one of them, a complaint from a woman who claims she was ripped off by a dancing scam. Lou and Rose meet on the docks and come to a truce. Trying to make sense of his troubled life, Blackie writes a new song with lyrics that say, "What does she want from me? I'm not hers alone, I won't ever be."

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