Complete GH Episodes, 1983

The bulk of these write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible! Thanks Norm!"

December 29, 1982 - May 3, 1983, May 5 - September 1, 1983, and September 6, 1983 - January 5, 1984

Episode Breakdown

May 5-11, 1983 - 5/5, 5/6, 5/9 Robert & Holly make love for the first time, Luke prepares to return to PC, 5/11 Luke shows up at Robert's and finds Holly coming downstairs [Episode Descriptions]

May 12-18, 1983 - 5/12, 5/13, 5/16 Robert confronts Luke, 5/18
[Episode Descriptions]

May 20-27, 1983 - 5/20 no cm, 5/23 no cm Natalie is Natasha a DVX spy and Grant is the mole, 5/24 glitchy no cm, 5/25 commercials, 5/27 commercials
[Episode Descriptions]

May 30-June 6, 1983 - 5/30  no cm, 6/1, 6/3 Jimmy lee kidnaps Celia on her wedding day  6/6 - C&G Wedding Day continues, Celia arrives on back of chicken truck, C&G get married
[Episode Descriptions]

June 7 - 13, 1983 - 6/7 wedding night, 6/8, 6/10 Big dinner at the Q's, Grant breaks into Dr. Gerald's safe, 6/13 first Hostage episode, Celia & Grant in Chilie for their honeymoon
[Episode Descriptions]

June 14-20, 1983 - 6/14 Hospital hostages , 6/15 hostages continued, 6/16 hostages continued, C&G honeymoon 6/17 hostages rescued, aftermath, 6/20
[Episode Descriptions]

June 24- July 1, 1983 - 6/24, 6/28, 6/29, 7/1 Luke to run for mayor, Gregory arrives in PC
[Episode Descriptions]

July 4-8, 1983 - 7/4  Fourth of July picnic, 7/6, 7/7  Luke's casino opening, Grant steals disk, 7/8
[Episode Descriptions]

July 11-15, 1983 - 7/11 Luke retrieves the disk, 7/12, 7/14 no cm, reduced quality, glitchy , 7/15 no cm
[Episode Descriptions]

July 18-27, 1983 - 7/18, 7/20, 7/22, 7/25 Bunny Willis arrives, 7/27 Jackie returns with Henrich, her new boyfriend
[Episode Descriptions]

July 29 - August 5, 1983 - 7/29, 8/1 Mayoral debate between Luke and Lee Baldwin 8/2, 8/5 Celia electrocuted by her hair dryer
[Episode Descriptions]

August 8-15, 1983 - 8/8, 8/11, 8/12 Heavy plant rigged to fall on Celia's head, 8/15
[Episode Descriptions]

August 17-23, 1983 - 8/17, 8/19 Grant stung by scorpion, 8/22, 8/23
[Episode Descriptions]

August 24 - Sept 1, 1983 - 8/24 no cm, 8/25 no cm, 8/26 no cm, 8/31, 9/1 Celia & Grant lunch outdoors at the pavillon, Gregory sends out motorcycle riders to run Celia down
[Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

May 5-11, 1983:  5/5, 5/6, 5/9, 5/11 

Thursday, May 5, 1983 - Next morning Holly still won't talk to Robert during breakfast. Luke is deliriously happy during breakfast though. He is pleased with his progress he made on the mountain. Alan, Monica, Grant and Celia at the Q's. They discuss Monica's trip to Topeka and Grant's friendship with Prof Jerrold. Celia makes rendezvous plans with Jimmy Lee. Holly tells Bobbie she put the past with Luke behind her on the mountain. Bobbie is assaulted by a mental patient and is rescued by DL Brock. Brock smitten with Bobbie calls her Rusty. Robert and Connie question Jerrold about his secret plans. They try to convince him to let them install some security system in his office to protect his work. Shirley the young woman from the General store is delighted to see Luke again and the two make plans to have her cook him a meal at the cabin. Jimmy Lee and Celia start to make passionate love at the trailer but he is interrupted by his buddy Red. Holly comes down with the flu and is charmed by Robert's constant attention.

Friday, May 6, 1983 - Lesely, Rick and Blackie at the Webbers. Holly is feeling better but her chill toward Robert is getting worse. Shirley comes by the cabin and is smitten with Luke. Gail has a talk with Lou about her problems. Gail likes her and so much so that she wants to take her in. Lee is caught off guard by his wife's feelings that caring for Lou would enhance their lives. Luke finds Shirley very attractive and starts to fall for the young country girl gently kissing her during dinner. Jake and Blackie visit Robert. Jake is trying to find a foster home for her. Robert woes Holly with flowers and balloons. Rick asks Rose if she would be interested in taking Lou in as the two of them would be well suited. After dinner Shirley begins undressing and starts to take Luke to bed. Luke stops before it goes any further. He tells her about his girl Holly back in PC. Robert returns home with candy and Holly finally shows him the lipstick from Connie. Robert explains that he never went to bed with Connie. When Holly asks him why not, he tenderly tells her that it's because all his feelings are for her, and her only. They dance to Cole Porter's "Night and Day". Robert kisses her with passion. Holly feels the same way and the two dance off and away to the bedroom.

Monday, May 9, 1983 - The Q's and Grant and Celia plan the upcoming wedding. Monica, Alan and Edward realize that Celia and Jimmy Lee are seeing each other behind everyone's back. Luke tries to call Holly but can't reach her. Meanwhile, Robert takes Holly to bed for the firstime. Shirley urges Luke to hurry up and get back home as soon as Natalie brings him the special shoes. Celia sneaks out of the Q's during the night and meets Jimmy Lee downstairs. Celia doesn't want to see him anymore but she is more confused as ever. Natalie brings Luke the new shoes and Luke can't wait to get home as soon as possible. The next morning Celia is torn with indecision. Celia arrives at GH just as Grant is summoned to do emergency surgery on a young student who has injured his hands. Celia sees Grant in a new light and gains more respect for him. Robert and Holly awake in each other's arms and dine on champagne for breakfast. Jed and Natalie decide to tell Luke about Holly and Robert, but they find he is gone. Luke has left them a note and starts off for PC. Meanwhile, Holly and Robert can't get enough of each other and are back in bed making love. FF and AMC promo.

Wednesday, May 11, 1983 - Luke is in town and tries to call the PD to reach Robert. He keeps getting the brush off from the desk Sgt who thinks it's a fake call. Robert comes downstairs to leave for the PCU to install the security system. He kisses Holly goodbye. Edward and Monica talk with Jimmy Lee and his affair with Celia. Alan tells Edward and Monica that Celia has new respect for Grant since the surgery he did on the young student. Holly orders a huge feast for Robert when he returns home tonight. Luke arrives at Kelly's and meets Jimmy Lee hoping to find Holly but she doesn't live there anymore. Trying back to PD, he tries to get Robert's address but does get his number. He calls but gets the maid. Thanks to JImmy Lee he gets Robert's address. Jimmy Lee arrives at the mansion and Celia screams for him to leave. Grant arrives and punches Holt then forceably removes him from the mansion. Grant knows Celia was having an affair with Holt and calls off the wedding. Robert arrives home but is instantly paged by the WSB.  Robert is called out of town on emergency. He hates leaving his beautiful wife but duty calls. Moments after Robert leaves, Luke arrives at the Townhome. impressed by Robert's high life style, the maid goes off to get Holly. Holly comes down the stairs and finds herself staring Luke right in the face. They both turn white as a sheet. Luke storms out leaving Holly to break down on the stairs.

May 12-18, 1983:  5/12, 5/13, 5/16, 5/18 

Thursday, May 12, 1983 - Grant acting cold toward Celia. He tells her she needs to breaks off her fling with Jimmy Lee he is through with her. Connie shows Dr Jerrold the new security system for his lab. Robert returns home and a sullen Holly informs him she just saw Luke. Robert realizes his wife is not hallucinating and he's stunned at first and later tells Bobbie and Ruby. Grant tells Jerrold that if he needs any help with his work he would be willing to help. Jimmy Lee meets Celia at the studio. Reluctantly she tells him it's over. She doesn't want to see him anymore. Hurt and angry Holt storms out. News of Luke's return shocks and thrills GH. Bobbie tells Jesse and Amy. Sadly aware of how Luke's return is affecting Holly he goes back to his own room and she to hers. 

Friday, May 13, 1983 - Jake is convinced there will be no hitches in Rose's request for custody of Lou. However the social worker asks to put Lou in a foster home. With skillful pleading, Jake persuades the judge to allow the teen to live with Rose, who really cares about Lou. Overjoyed Lou thanks Blackie for his concern by giving him a tender kiss. Robert and Holly spent a sleepless night. Luke is passing the hours drinking away. Later, Luke arrives at the townhome and begins an argument with Holly. Luke being cynical, until Holly tells him about the baby she lost. He immediately blames Robert, but then keeps pushing till he hears what he wanted to hear, that she slept with Robert. Explaining he had been a hopeless cripple and Holly would not have been able to care for him, Luke suddenly clutches his leg and falls to the floor. Holly can't budge him. Having proved the point, Luke gets up and walks awa. Robert returns and Holly tells him about Luke's paralysis. Scorpio sets off to confront him.  

Monday, May 16, 1983 - Rose, Tiffany, Blackie and Jake are waiting for Luke to show up at Kelly's.  Robert confronts Luke: At first they feel a pull toward their old friendship until he mentions Holly's name and Luke's eyes turn to steel. With Luke on the offensive, and Robert refusing to feel guilty, the men realize that they are going to both fight for Holly. Hurting deeply, Luke greets his many friends at Kelly's. Tiffany offers him a room in her apartment.  Brock is driving Heather nuts. He keeps her from her date with Scotty to stay over and work on his business affairs. Ruby tells a delighted Lesley that Luke is alive. Later Luke arrives at GH and is greeted by Rick, Dan, Amy Jesse. He has a tearful reunion with Bobbie and Ruby. Next, Luke finds out from Jed that Natalie resigned her position.  Jed also breaks the news that he and Natalie knew about Holly and Robert and kept the secret from him. Luke drops the phone. 

Wednesday, May 18, 1983 - Holly lets Robert know that she loves both him Luke. Robert lets his wife know that he won't let her go without a fight. Robert proclaims his love for Holly. When Natalie shows up at Luke's door, he tries to slam it in her face. Determined to be heard, Natalie forces Luke to understand that deception was the only way she could make him walk again. As she sees Luke arive in her new therapy room, ready to get back to work, Natalie knows he has forgiven her. Holly heads to the Hospital to talk with Bobbie. Bobbie tells her she must choose between the two. Blackie, Lou and Rose at Kelly's. Connie tells Robert that there is a top secret communist agent in Washington who is ready to activate the mole in PC. It's Robert's job to stop him. Steve offers Natalie a job at GH. Holly bumps into Luke at GH, neither say a word to each other. Different descriptiion - Luke is ticked at Natalie for not telling him that Holly married Robert. He is staying at Tiffany's and Natalie shows up and he really reams her. She knew that Holly and Robert had gotten married and she never told him, she held out the hope that he could return to his life with Holly as a false motivation for his recovery. Blackie and Lou talk about her going to school. Robert and Holly talk about Dr. Gerald over breakfast. He wants to talk about Luke returning and asks how long they are going to pretend that nothing has changed? Ruby and Bobbie argue about Robert and Holly being together. Bobbie tells her that Holly wants to talk to her and Bobbie doesn't want to talk to Holly as she feels like Holly has abandoned Luke. Ruby doesn't blame either Robert or Holly, they thought Luke was dead and he only acted to help Holly. Connie and Robert talk spy stuff, she tells him that the agents mission is to activate the mole in Port Charles and Robert's job is to stop them! Steve Hardy offers Natalie a job at Port Charles as a physical therapist. Luke arrives for his therapy appointment at GH and finds Natalie is treating him, they talk and make up. Holly arrives at GH to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie gives Holly grief for sleeping with Robert. Luke and Holly see each other at the hospital but they don't talk to each.

May 20-27, 1983:  5/20 no cm, 5/23 no cm, 5/24 glitchy no cm, 5/25 commercials, 5/27 commercials 

Friday, May 20, 1983 - Edward wanting to keep an eye on Celia, blocks her chances of purchasing a home. Now the two will have to stay under the Q roof till another opportunity comes along. Jake and Rose grow closer. Scotty and Heather in bed. Scotty is furious because his so called partner, DL Brock, purchased the Greenburg building without consulting him. Connie comes over to use Robert's computer for some WSB snooping. Jake and Rose at Kelly's. Brock sidesteps Scotty's questions about the purchase of the Greenburg building. Brock promises they will all profit from his purchase. Edward, Alan and Monica plotting to keep Celia in line and at the mansion for the time being. Blackie and Lou at PCU. Connie confirms that the mole's planted in the 3 other cities have all been removed. That leaves only one left, the one in PC! Grant and Celia making up. Celia is now totally devoted to Grant. Robert and Connie warn DR Jerrold that his life is in great danger from the spy in place at PC. Meanwhile, the head DVX spy reports to the contact in PC that they must make contact with the mole and instruct him of what to do. 

Monday, May 23, 1983 - Brock and Bobbie kissing. He comes over for breakfast with flowers. Luke wanders the park and nearly bumps into Holly along the way. He tries to call out to her but decides to leave her alone. Robert lonely without Holly in his bed.  Brock offers to help Bobbie and Ruby by offering them a place in his condo when it's completed. Bobbie introduces LUke to Brock. Brock likes him, and has a plan for Luke to make a lot of money in a casino/restaurant nightclub that he is renovating from the Greenburg building. Luke accepts the offer. Celia and Holly discuss the men in their life. Luke has lunch with Natalie. Robert and Holly are dining at the same place naturally. Holly lashes out at Natalie for not telling her that Luke was alive. Luke defends Natalie's actions. Grant and Celia at GH with Steve and Jesse. Luke gets up from his table and falls. Holly rushes to his aid but he screams at her to leave him alone. Grant meets Natalie at the Hospital and is shocked when she reveals her real name NATASHA! Natalie is the DVX spy and Grant the mole. Grant's plan is to get close to Dr Jerrold and find out his secret plans for the EXPO. Different description - Brock arrives for a date with Bobbie. A somber Robert, still in his bathrobe, wanders around his empty house. Connie arrives and continues to flirt and reminds him of their past adventures together. She picks up on his grumpy mood and teases him about it. Connie tells him she needs to use the computer again but she still can't tell him about it as the information is still classified and she hasn't yet received authorization to fill him in. Luke wanders around in the park, lost in thought. He suddenly remembers his plans with Bobbie and calls her to apologize for being late. She is worried about him and warns him that he is just making this whole thing worse. Holly returns home after a jog. Robert asks her to go to lunch with him but she puts him off. Annoyed, he tells her that she has to stop hiding from him and from Luke! He tells her that he will be at the Floating Rib for lunch and hopes she will show up and join him. Robert leaves just as Celia is leaving. He is relieved to see her and hopes that maybe Holly will talk to her. Luke shows up at Bobbie's and meets Brock. They fill Luke in on the waterfront redevelopment plans. Brock tells Luke that he wants him to open a new club/restaurant in town. Luke is surprised by the offer and wonders what is behind it? Brock lists Luke's credits, running a successful disco, and the Haunted Star. He continues that he wants Luke's name associated as his partner, returning hero from the dead. Holly shares her confusion with Celia, her best dream and worst nightmare all wrapped up together. Celia tells her that she made a decision and she is going to marry Grant! Holly is surprised as she would have bet that Celia would have picked Jimmy Lee. Holly is happy that her friend has made a choice and just wishes that she also knew what she wanted, still confused over her feelings for both Luke and Robert. Just as Connie tells Robert they have to find the mole, we see Natalie making a mysterious phone call. Grant has lunch with Dr. Gerald. Grant asks how his project is going and the doctor tells him that he is making progress. After Grant leaves, Connie inquires how close he is to Grant? Dr. Gerald assures her that he doesn't discuss his project with anyone. Holly arrives to meet Robert for lunch, he is surprised but pleased that she showed up. As Holly sees Luke across the room with Natalie, she is lost in thought and Robert is a bit jealous. Holly goes over and confronts Natalie about knowing that Luke was alive and didn't tell her! Luke defends that Natalie was just protecting him and his recovery, that she realized if Luke knew about Robert and Holly being together that it would have effected his recovery. Ceila and Grant arrive at the hospital and mention to Jesse that their wedding is soon, very soon! As Robert and Holly have lunch, Luke falls as he leaves and Holly rushes over to him. He brushes her away and tells her to get away from him. After he leaves, Robert gently brings Holly back to the table as she sits there looking crushed. Natalie secretly meets with Grant in the supply closet. He is very curious about this location, she tells him that she is his contact "Natasha" and she has his orders! GH 20th Annv promo for Luke & Holly narrated by Steve Hardy. 

Tuesday, May 24, 1983 - Glitchy episode no commercials After watching Holly's reaction to Luke's fall, Robert knows that Luke is forever in his wife's blood. Holly is torn between who she loves more. She doesn't want to think about it hoping it will go away but Robert tells her she must come to some decision as Luke's presence is tearing her and them apart. Celia interups the spy talk between Grant and Natalie. Rose is helping Jimmy Lee lick his wounds over his losing Celia to Grant. Brock tells Luke he wants to turn the restaurant into a turn of the Century gambling casino. Luke is not sure how the city will react to such a plan but is willing to do it. Grant gives Luke a check up and they discuss Natalie. Bobbie receives flowers and and shopping spree Credit card from Wyndham's courtesy of DL Brock. Bobbie is furious! She tells Brock she can't be bought like this. Robert tenderly tells Holly that if she goes back to Luke, he won't stop her. Holly is touched by her husband's generosity. Natalie urges Luke to start living again. Different Description - Robert comments on how much Luke is still in Holly's blood as he sees how shaken she still is by the encounter. Robert tells Holly that he knows what Luke means to her, that he can see it in her eyes. She says she doesn't even know how she feels about Luke. Luke shows up at GH, in pain, and unsteady on his feet. He wants to see Natalie but Bobbie insists on paging Grant Putnam, the top orthopedic surgeon at GH. He argues with her but he doesn't win. Meanwhile, Grant asks "Natasha" what Dr. Gerald's project is and she warns him he knows better than to ask that. She reminds him to only call her "Natalie" to avoid any slip ups. Back home, Holly tells Robert she is going up to lay down. He believes she is avoiding him. He tells her that he loves her and that she is his wife and he isn't just going to let go of that. He points out that she is miserable and that Luke is destroying her. She laments that she didn't wait for Luke long enough. Robert tells her she couldn't have known and she has to stop blaming herself. She says maybe she should just leave town. He tells her that Luke's angry is his problem and that Holly can't run from this situation. Robert doesn't understand Luke's anger but Holly does and asks Robert if he wouldn't feel the same if he was in Luke's situation. 

Wednesday, May 25, 1983 - To Lesley's dismay, Rick has found a new cause. A needy med student named Charley, a very sexy young woman who likes cozying up to Rick. Gambling is illegal in PC, but that doesn't stop Luke and Brock setting up a meeting with the mayor and Robert. Scotty hurt by Brock, supports Robert's side of no gambling in PC. At the hearing, Brock brings a surprise speaker, Audrey Hardy! With Audrey's news that the casino and her favorable tax data, the temporary permit is granted. Score one for Luke who rubs it in Robert's face and now he sets his sights on Holly! Celia tries to help out her friend Holly in her decision of Luke and Robert. They go on a shopping spree with Tiffany. Tiffany urges Holly to call Luke and talk it out. Luke hires Blackie to work at his casino. After Rick misses his lunch date with Lesley, because he is working with Charley, Lesley stalks out of the hospital in a fit. Tiffany finally persuades Luke to call Holly. He does so and they agree to meet Friday. 

Friday, May 27, 1983 - Robert, under stress from Holly's upcoming decision, snaps at Connie on the phone. Luke and Holly agree to meet on nuetral ground at a cove where the Star had been docked. Robert sends Holly to her rendezvous with a tender understanding that he will accept her decision, whatever it may be. After a difficult reunion, laden with pain of the their past memories, Luke and Holly agree to accept the reasons for each other's actions. When Holly admits she loves Luke they embrace but when she tries to assure him he can trust her but Luke pulls back. Holly realizes that Luke's nagging doubts will never allow them to be happy together. Spy talk at PCU with Natalie and Grant. She briefs him on breaking into Jerrold's lab. Celia interrupts their spying. Later, Natalie creates a diversion while Grant tries the lab. The alarms go off and Grant backs off. Holly returns to Robert and tells him she is going to stay with him as his wife. She knows that he loves her, and he trusts her which is very important to her. Angry and hurt, Luke makes a call to Brock, and tells him he wants to hurry up and get down to business. Grant reports to Natalie. He as able to determine which security card opens the door to Jerrold's lab before the guards came. Next time, he plans to break in! Luke meets an attractive woman at the Rib. Robert and Holly find him quite drunk and dancing up a storm with her.

May 30 - June 6, 1983:  5/30 no cm, 6/1, 6/3, 6/6 

Monday, May 30, 1983 - NO COMMERCIALS - Next morning, Luke awakes from a big hangover and Tiffany tries to cheer him up.  Holly unburdens herself and her husband, they each decide to live "normal" lives and put any lingering feelings to rest. Now all Luke wants is to run Brock's casino. Grant and Celia discuss the wedding plans. Connie and Robert discuss the incident with the security alarm going off yesterday. Brock gives Luke a hefty salary, car and his own office. Natalie and Grant plot to get Jerrold's lab key. The perfect plan is to have Jerrold be Grant's best man and that way he can lift the key from his coat. Tiffany tries to get Luke to forget Holly but she is still in his blood. 

Tuesday, June 1, 1983 - NO COMMERCIALS - Rose, Jake and Lou at Kelly's. Jimmy Lee arrives at ELQ and sends Randall on an errand. He uses the typwriter to create a special surprise for Celia. He later has a messanger deliver a note to her. Grant, Celia and Bobbie at GH. Lesley and Bobbie discuss Luke and his future happiness. Natalie arrives at Tiff's apartment to give Luke a massage. She just happens to bring an article on Robert and Holly in the morning gossip paper. Lesley, Rose and Blackie all with concern over Lou. Blackie is not even talking to her since she has been seeing Tommy lately. Luke and Bobbie discuss if she has a future with Brock. Connie has lunch with Luke and they discuss her working for him and installing the security system at the casino. 

Friday, June 3, 1983 - GRANT AND CELIA WEDDING PART 1 - Robert awakes in the middle of the night to intercept a message on his computer from the WSB. Robert is investigating the new man that Luke has hired for the casino. 3 of his past jobs have been in casino's that had enemy activity. He tells Connie to watch him closely. Early in the morning of her wedding day, Celia gets a phone call informing her of an accident with her gown and she is asked to go to Delfina's. Celia dresses and runs smack into Jimmy Lee. Unless Celia allows him to drive her to Delfina's, Jimmy Lee will announce they were together all night. Peeling out of the driveway, Jimmy Lee cruises to a deserted area. His screeches awake Monica and Alan from their bed. Acting as if he has car trouble, Holt sneakily releases the air from the tires. In the middle of nowhere, he announces he has a flat tire. Jimmy Lee makes Celia fix the flat and she gets all dirty. But he knows of a place nearby that she can clean herself up. Thinking she's locked in the bathroom, she proceeds to take a shower and Holt takes off with everything including her clothes. Wrapped in a blanket, Celia spews out her loathing of Jimmy Lee and his stunts. Pressed by him to admit her true feelings about the affair, Celia confesses that although she found Holt exciting, she wants to settle down with Grant. When Jimmy Lee attempts to plant one last kiss on her, she pushes him off. Holt locks the door and drives off. Robert and Holly all dressed up for the wedding. Celia manages to unlock the door and hitch a ride on a truck filled with chickens. Celia's father Quentin Quartermaine arrives. 

Monday, June 6, 1983 - GRANT AND CELIA WEDDING PART 2 - Rick arrives to escort Rose to the wedding as Lesley is stuck at the hospital.The wedding chapel is filling up with guests as Grant and the Q's begin to wonder where Celia is keeping her self. The paring is going to make news as a society reporter (Star Trek's Majel Barrett) is covering the event. Luke drives Natalie to the chapel but declines to stay with Robert and Holly drive up in the limo. Natalie smiles to herself as Luke drives away as the rift that Luke has with Robert is perfect for her plans. Suddenly to everyone's shock, a disheveled Celia climbs out of the truck insisting she was abducted by Jimmy Lee. But Grant thinks Celia ran off with Holt and runs out of the chapel, but not before decking Jimmy Lee outside! Edward runs off to tend to Grant and vows to bring him back. Edward fails to get Grant to come back but later, he gets a call from Natalie. Natalie convinces Grant he must go through with the wedding as part of his cover. The wedding goes off, and Natalie leaves with mission accomplished, now all she needs is the disc that Dr Jerrold is working on.

June 7 - 13, 1983:  6/7, 6/8, 6/10, 6/13 

Tuesday, June 7, 1983 - The wedding aftermath and Edward, Alan and Monica are relieved it's all over. Natalie reports to Yuri that everything went off without a hitch. Now they just need to get Grant back before his honeymoon is over so they can get the disc. Geninely overjoyed to be Mrs Grant Putnam, Celia finds true contentment in her husband's arms. They spend the first night together in the lavish PC Hotel bridal suite before heading to the airport. Robert and Holly relaxing post wedding, discussing the wedding and their own happiness. Grant's young musician friend Chris Jennings, has suffered a setback with his hands. He needs emergency surgery but refuses to see anyone but Grant. Natalie sees this as a perfect way to get Grant back. Mark enlists Robert's help to track down Grant via his computer. Robert finds their flight and enlists his PC force to intercept Grant before he gets on the flight. Yuri reports to Natalie that Grant is not to leave town till the mission is complete. OLTL/Edge prom 

Wednesday, June 8, 1983 - The operation is a success and Grant overlooks Chis post surgery. Robert surprises Holly with a trip to NY for the two of them. Natalie instructs Grant now is the time to break into Jerrold's lab. Grant comes up with an idea of a "thank you" party for his guests. While Jerrold is busy at the celebration, Grant will take an emergency call and break into his lab. Luke shows Natalie the progress he has made with his legs. When Jimmy Lee walks into Kelly's, Luke introduces him to Connie. Holt will be doing the construction and Connie the security system. Holt is taken to Connie much to Luke's dismay. Informing Robert of her "job" with Luke, Connie owns up a liking to both Luke and Jimmy Lee. Natalie and Grant have a furious argument over his mission. At ELQ, Celia bumps into Jimmy Lee. Telling her that he will get her back someday. Celia tells him to not bet on it. LOVING promo 

Friday, June 10, 1983 - Bobbie is incensed to find out that Brock has a daughter. Naturally assuming he is married too. But Brock explains he is a widower. Luke and Connie romantically plan a dinner at the Versailles Room. Coincidentally the same place that Grant is hlding his "thank you" party. Later Grant happily leads the Q's, Scorpio's and Jerrold to their table. Luke and Holly can't avoid staring at each other. Meeting her in the ladies room, Connie insists that she and Luke are only business partners and that she is not to blow her cover in PC. Later, when Luke brings Connie back to the apartment, he makes it clear he wants to be more than just business associates and kisses her. As scheduled, Grant leaves the dinner and heads for the lab where he is able to photograph the discs via his camera tie. As he slips in suddenly he hears Jerrold come in right behind him. Jerrold had mushrooms during dinner and needed to come over to take his allergy medicine. Concerned for the professor's, Scorpio phones up and Jerrold assures him he's fine. To Grant's dismay, Jerrold gets involved in an equation and takes the phone off the hook. Robert calls the Hospital and gets Natalie who advises them that Grant will meet Celia at the airport. Edward and Monica arrive at the lab and inform the eccentric scientist the dinner is over. The moment he's alone Grant bolts for the door. Natalie and Yuri are upset that Grant has not checked in. ABC EMMY promo.  

Monday, June 13, 1983 - START OF THE HOSTAGE CRISES - Alan tells Monica he is going to get Alice Jason back. Monica argues with Alan that she will not allow that bastard child in her house. At their Chilean honeymoon hotel, Grant and Celia are lounging around in bed, he has visions of his early training in the mother country. In the hearing room, Alice becomes upset when a social worker cites Alice's past and her age as proof of her unfitness as Jason's caretaker. Listening to Jake plead Alice's case, Alan surprisingly suggests that for now things can remain the same. Grant and Celia receive champagne. It's a gift from a journalist Ralph Fletcher. Later Fletcher tells Grant secretly he was sent by Yuri. Grant assures him he will transmit the photos as soon as possible. Rick tells Monica about a nurotic husband who won't allow surgery to his ill wife. He wants Monica to help persuade him that she needs surgery. On duty late at night, Monica tries to persuade a distraght Mr Larick to allow surgery for his critically ill wife. Connie persuades Jerrold to let her install a new security system for his lab. During the surgery, things go badly for Monica and she loses Mrs Larick. As Monica breaks the news to the man, Larick shouts she killed his wife and pulls a gun on her in the cafeteria. Brian and Bobbie try to get the gun, but Larick announces they will all hold up here for 24 hours before they die. ABC EMMY promo with Ryan's Hope.

June 14-20, 1983:  6/14 Hospital hostages , 6/15 hostages continued, 6/16 hostages continued, C&G honeymoon 6/17 hostages rescued, aftermath, 6/20

Tuesday, June 14, 1983 - Scorpio is awakened at 5 am by the shocking news that GH is under siege by a madman. Steve and Audrey get the news a few moments later. Telling Larick Monica that Brian isn't a DR, she begs him to let him go. Rick briefs Alan and Ruby to what is going on with Larick. Robert arrives and tries to talk the pycotic young man to put the gun down, but he calmly tells Robert that he only needs 24 hours. It took 24 hours for his wife to die and that's how long it will take Monica and all who assisted in her surgery to die too. Brock meets with Jimmy Lee at Kelly's. Later Heather and Alice arrive with Jason. News of the Hostage crises leaks through the radio at Kelly's. Everyone is horrified by the news. Hearing that Bobbie is a hostage, Brock races to the scene. Brian is shot by Larick when he again tries to grab the gun. Connie receives word from the WSB that she needs to step up her plans for Jerrold's protection at all costs. Larick allows Brian to be taken out for surgery. Still holding Bobbie and Monica, Larick assures them they will both die. ABC EMMY promo. 

Wednesday, June 15, 1983 - NO COMMERCIALS - Luke arrives at GH confronting Robert about what he is going to do to get his sister out of danger. Luke starts putting together his own schemes. Blackie and Lou at the Webber's trying to cook dinner. Mike joins in and they both make a mess of the place. Fed up with Robert's lagging, Brock grabs a bullhorn and offers Larick a million dollars to free the hostages. In response, Larick throws Monica and Bobbie to the doorway and says no price is worth his wife's life. As time drags on, Larick starts to nod off. Bobbie and Monica tip toe to the doorway but a shot rings out and Larick shouts he will shoot the other one! Ramsey and Robert have to restrain an hysterical LUke and Alan. Jerrold lets slip to Natalie that they are installing a new security system at his lab. Natalie reports to Yuri. Mark operates on Brian and he tells Claudia that he will be just fine. Desperate to find out who's been hurt, Robert goes in to take Larick his coffee.

Thursday, June 16, 1983 - When Holly hears of the Hostage crises and the danger Robert is in, she races to GH. Celia performs a 'striptease' for Grant.  Holly and Alan commiserating with each other during the crises. Robert tries in vein to get Larick to surrender but now he is a hostage himself. Claudia tends a wounded Brian. Fletcher tells Grant to step up his plans with Jerrold and the disc. Luke taking matters in his own hands, smashes the cafeteria window, hoping to cause a diversion for Robert. But Larick is too quick and Robert is shot in the process. Larick shouts he just shot the Police Commissioner, and a furious Holly lashes out at Luke by slapping him across the face! Emma Samms seen in a promo for ABC's new comedy show. LOVING promo.  

Friday, June 17, 1983 - While Celia sleeps, Grant makes a secret phone call to Fletcher. Later in bed with Celia, he has more visions of his training as a spy during his youth. Robert has been shot and Holly screams to Luke that he may have killed him. Edward, Lila and Jimmy Lee listening to news of the Hostage crises. Ramsey clears the hallway of Alan, Holly and Luke. Luke feeling bad about what he did hatches another plan with Brock and Natalie. Grant is informed by Fletcher that the disc that Jerrold has created is a super powerful new form of energy called the Promethius disc. Natalie positions a gurney outside the cafeteria, and then creates her diversion for the guards. Luke dives on the gurney as Brock pushes him inside. Larick is taken by surprise and Robert and Luke (like old times) are able to subdue the man. For a few seconds Luke and Robert are a team, but when Holly rushes to her husband's arms, it's back to status quo for them. Yuri reports to Natalie that because of their lagging in retrieving the disc, the DVX has decided he is being replaced by a superior, Gregory Malko. In fact, Gregory will be arriving in PC soon to take over the operation. The Q's welcome home Monica, who is relieved the incident is over. They all thank Jimmy Lee for his support. Edward and Lila go up to bed leaving Alan and Monica alone together. Alan comforts his wife and tells her how much she means to him and that he could never bare to lose her, not for anything, not even for Jason. He promises to get someone to care for Jason and he doesn't want her to worry about it. He tells her he has never lived with Jason but he knows that he could never bear to live without her. He hugs her tightly. Holly weeps tears of joy that Robert wasn't seriously hurt. Overwhelmed with love, Holly rejoins her husband in bed. First time hearing Jeffrey Osborne and Patti Austin's, "How do We keep The Music Playing". Alone Luke wanders the docks. 

Monday, June 20, 1983 - (glitchy) Tiffany returns from NY and shows Luke the article about him once again being a hero splashed across the front page. Luke fills her in on the action. He tells her that Robert was laying on the floor, probably faking it a bit, and Luke came bursting through the door on the flying gurney and Robert leapt up and took his chance to overpower the gunman. Tiffany observes it is just like old times, him and Robert helping each other out of a scrape. Luke gets defensive and says he just went in to get his sister and Robert just happened to be there. A relieved Holly is happy to have her husband home safe and sound. As her and Robert are kissing, Dr. Gerald calls and tells him that he has very important news, that he had a creative breakthrough and has finished the Promethus Disk. Robert tells him security now is more important than ever. The doc tells him that he does have to still test the disk. Robert immediately heads over to his lab, though Holly objects and suggests that he should take the day off to recooperate from his gunshot wound. Grant and Celia are on their honeymoon, and Fletcher tells him he wants a detailed map of Dr. Gerald's lab. Grant returns to his room and finds his wife has woken up and is waiting for him, he joins her back in bed. Brock and Bobbie show up and invite Luke and Tiffany to go out to breakfast at Kelly's to celebrate. Grant tries to make his excuses to leave Celia, saying he will go get some food but she won't take no for an answer and seduces him as Fletcher waits for him below. Dr. Gerald shows Robert the disk and tells him that it maximizes energy to such an extent that it can propel a rocket or a satelitte into orbit. They discuss possible applications for this new technology and the danger if it falls into the wrong hands. Robert tells the professor that he will feel better once the disk is safely away at the WSB. The professor wants to first finish conducting his tests to be sure it will work. Robert asks if anyone can duplicate the disk without his notes? The professor says no it would be nearly impossible. Robert says he will feel better with the notes sent to the WSB. Robert takes the notes, has them put on mircrofilm and then enlists Holly's help since Connie is away in NY. He asks her to go to Wyndham's and then at the make up counter to remove her hat, turn away for a minute, then turn back and put her hat back on. She looks at him, puzzled, expecting something more dramatic. He tells her the less she knows the better. While she is getting ready, he inserts the microfilm into the band of her hat. Townfolk arrive at Kelly's and congratulate Luke on his latest heroics. After Luke leaves, Bobbie suggests they have a welcome home party for Luke and her and Tiffany begin planning it. Natalie makes her excuses that she would love to help but she has to get back to the hospital. They decide to make it a surprise party. The agent retrieves the film from Holly's hat and meets Robert at Valentine's office. After they leave, Valentine's secretary writes a mystery message with a large circle on it (obviously a double agent!). Grant and Celia run into Fletcher again, Celia groans as this lonely guy intrudes once again. Fletcher tells Grant that the professor has finished the disk and Grant has to get back to Port Charles immediately. Grant agrees but doesn't know how he can abruptly shorten his honeymoon without a reason. The mysterious note is delivered to Natalie, her clue that the disk is completed. Connie arrives at Robert's and he fills her in. 

Missing week June 21-23 episodes (no Luke or Robert) - Alice is frightened. She confides to Lesley. Even with Alan's assistance, she's afraid that she won't get custody of Jason. Trying to calm the woman, Lesley gives Alice some asprin. Alice drops off Jason at the cottage and goes to the Q's. It's wonderful news for Alice to hear that ALan will try and help her get custody of Jason. As she goes to kiss him for thanks, she collapses and is whisked away to GH. Tracking down Heather in Brock's office, Bobbie informs her of Alice's serious condition. Scotty joins Heather in her vigil at the Hospital. Within hours, Lesley and Alan have to tell Heather the news. Alice is dead. She died of a brain aneurysm and nothing could have prevented it. Stunned Heather sits by herself and makes up her mind. She will do exactly what her mother would have wanted----to raise Jason herself!  Alice had many friends and the whole group stops by the cottage after the funeral. At Heather's request, Jake reads Alice's will out loud---Heather wants everyone to know just how much her mother "loved" her. In addition to bequeathing her estate to Heather, Alice requested that her daughter take custody of Jason. if possible. Although Alan finally understands all the reasons why taking in an illegitamate child would be unfair to everyone, he and Moinca have got to keep that baby out of Heather's clutches. Scotty proposes to Heather, but she turns him down because she thinks he just wants her money as he did with Susan Moore...Heather sends a stunned Scotty packing. Grant slips Fletcher the micro film of the disc he shot. Fletcher informs Grant the disc is to be stolen before the EXPO begins. Dr Jerrold reveals to Robert all about the Prometheus Disc. Before he goes to the lab, Robert tells Holly to get dressed and be ready. For safekeeping, Robert enlists the WSB to turn all of Jerrold's notes to microfilm and send them to him when ready. When he arrives home, he tells Holly to go to Wyndahm's make up department wearing a big hat and take it off for a moment. Unobserved, Robert plants the microfilm into Holly's hatband.  He then meets up with Ballentine, another agent. Without Holly ever noticing, a woman watches her remove the hat, takes out the microfilm and delivers it to Ballentine. Their mission fufilled, Scorpio and Ballentine leave for Washington. But as soon as they go, a secretary calls in.  It's done----notify Fletcher. SHe draws a circle on a sheet of paper and sends it to Natalie, who is shocked that the disc is gone. Having had enough of pesty Fletcher---Celia is relieved that he is leaving. Fletcher shows the hand written circle to Grant, the doctor/spy pales. Grant must return to PC. By way of excuse, he receives a phone call. If Grant's not bck in NY to sign certain docs, he could lose his inheritance.  Natalie gives Grant new orders. He must get the disc while its still in the lab. Visiting the professor, Grant makes a mental note of Jerrolds new locks and finds out from him the disc will be tested in PC. Jerrold is about to show Grant the disc when Celia interrupts...thanks to Amy's blabbing. Grant is furious that Celia has to follow him around and the two argue.

June 24 - July 1, 1983:  6/24, 6/28, 6/29, 7/1 

Friday, June 24, 1983 - Natalie demands that Grant tell her exactly how he plans on retrieving the disc. Luke's friends plan a surprise party for Luke at Kelly's. Tiffany fails to get him to go to the planned party when he heads out for a date with Connie. Learning that a surprise party for Luke is being held at Kelly's Holly quickly decides on a better idea: a dinner engagment with Grant and Celia at the Versailles Room. Grant hopes to get closer to Jerrold during dinner with Scorpio and Celia. SHirley and Jed arrive in PC to surprise Luke. ALone in his lab, Dr Jerrold is hit from behind by a young man looking for drugs. Luke arrives at Kelly's looking for Blackie, but Rose and company are not ready yet for him. Jake puts on an act to make it look as if he and Rose were just got out of bed. Luke goes away and Rose is embarrassed and relieved at the same time they were able to get rid of Luke. Jimmy Lee bumps into Celia at the Versailles Room gloating. Grant takes advantage of a few stolen moments to search Jerrold's coat for the disc before he calls for help for the unconscious man. Tiffany and Blackie go to Benny the Fence to get Luke a gift. Robert learns of the Jerrold mugging and leaves Holly and Celia at the dinner table alone. Luke finally arrives at Kelly's and all his friends surprise him with the party. Jimmy Lee and Shirley take a liking to each other. Connie heads over to the lab with Robert. Grant finally arrives to see Natalie, and she asks him point blank did he get the disc? LOVING/MATT HOUSTON promo 

Tuesday, June 28 1983 - Aftermath of Luke's party: Brock, Bobby, Tiffany and Luke. Brock think's Luke is so naturally loved that he should run for Mayor! Robert and Connie break into Jerrold's safe to see if the disc is still there and fortunately is is! Unfortunately for Grant, he failed to retrieve it. Natalie is not upset but informs him that Gregory will be in town soon and they are both in trouble unless they get it. Jimmy Lee and Shirley smooching at Kelly's. Robert questions the junkie and thinks that he was a ringer being used by the DVX to get into Jerrold's lab. Celia and Holly having an after dinner drink at the town home. Robert and Connie visit Jerrold in the Hospital and assure him the disc is safe. Jerrold tells Grant that nobody will now have access to the labeven his good friends. Robert questions Grant as to what he was doing in the lab when Jerrold was mugged. Later Robert and Grant arrive to find Celia and Holly getting tipsy from too much wine. Brock continues to press Luke to run for mayor. Luke will think about it. Robert and Holly start getting romantic when he is interrupted by Ramsey on his monitor. THe lab tests show the student was indeed just a drug addict and nothing more. Robert and Holly go off to the bedroom, but Robert suddenly gets the urge to go back to work instead leaving a sullen Holly to think she is nothing more than a pair of shoes. Luke wonders what life as a Mayor's life would be like. 

Wednesday, June 29, 1983 - Jimmy Lee and Shirley in bed. Shirley thinks she might stay in town. Jerrold is being checked out of GH and Grant and Celia arrive to see him out. Robert meets Luke and Brock at Kelly's. He wants to make sure that everything is on the up and up with the casinol. They agree to meet at the Versailles Room. Jerrold is touched by Grant's concern over him and tells the Dr he and Celia mean the world to him. Claudia, Bobby and Jesse at GH. Spy talk at GH with Grant and Natalie. Luke hires SHirley to work at his upcoming casino. He warns Jimmy Lee that Shirley is a mountain girl and to be careful around her. Over lunch, Brock and Luke assure Robert that the gambling will strictly be on the up and up. The conversation almost ends up in a shouting match with Luke and Robert. Luke agrees to give life as the Mayor a shot. Grant arranges for Celia to go on a shopping spree with Holly. Grant at the lab with Jerrold. He wants to stay as close to the flustered scientist that he can. Bobby tells Ruby that Luke is going to run for Mayor. SHe worries that the digging in their past might uncover her past as a hooker. Robert assures Holly he is not out to get Luke that he would treat any new gambling organization the same way. Jerrold is about to enter the lab, but at the last moment he feels he is too weak to continue his work. Defeated, a sullen Grant escorts Jerrold out. EDGE/OLTL promo.   

Friday, July 1, 1983 - NO COMMERCIALS--GLITCHY PICTURE - GH is a buzz with the news that Luke is running for Mayor. The news even interrupts Robert and Holly enjoying each other's company in bed. Luke holds a press conference to announce his running for Mayor. Robert is furious and thinks Luke is running for mayor just to get back at him. Grant continues sticking close to DR Jerrold, so close in fact that he is ignoring Celia who wonders why Grant is so infatuated with hanging around Jerrold. Natalie is upset that Celia is constantly interrupting his work at retrieving the disc...she needs to be dealt with. Luke and Connie getting romantic. Robert confronts Luke and the two get into a battle of wits. Tiffany seeing the destruction of the former friends, Grant sees DR Jerrold off from the lab and after the Dr leaves, Grant enters the lab. A man arrives to apply for the job as piano player at Luke's casino. Tiffany is delighted to see her old friend from Monte Carlo and introduces Luke and Connie to Gregory Malko! Jimmy Lee and Celia run into each other at the Rib. Shirley arrives and she and Jimmy Lee are all over each other. Grant arrives and takes a disgusted Celia to her table. Holly assures Robert that Luke is not a threat to their marriage anymore and he doesn't need to badger him for running for Mayor. The two argue but later make up when they take a sauna together. Grant "runs into" Natalie at the Rib. He tells her that he got into the lab, but was unable to crack the code to the safe.

July 4-8, 1983:  7/4, 7/6, 7/7, 7/8 

Monday, July 4, 1983 - Heather reads a story about a child kidnapping and extortion. She gets an idea and begins clipping words out of a magazine. 4th of July celebrations in PC. There is a big rally going on in the park. Brock plans Luke's first speech to the public. The Q's preparing for the Holiday picnic. Dr Jerrold arrives at the Q mansion. Grant is still trying to figure out his combination to the safe. Heather shows JImmy Lee a note that "appears" to be a kidnapping threat for Jason. All of PC is at the park. Tiffany is running a kissing booth. Robert, Holly, Steve, Audrey, Brian and Claudia, Scotty, Lee, etc. Luke makes a big impression with his first speech in which he promises to take care of the waterfront people with making public buildings for them to reside in. Scotty turns white as a sheet. He confronts Brock and Luke. Grant slips away from Jerrold and Celia to meet with Gregory and Natalie. Grant has the first two numbers to the safe, he just needs the final two. Scotty wants to spend time with Heather, but she brushes him off. Alan stops by and is worried about the "kidnapping" threats. Heather has him completely fooled. Monica and Alan argue at the park over his wanting to bring Jason into the mansion. 

Wednesday, July 6, 1983 - Robert and Holly get invited to the grand opening of Luke's place which opens tonight. Robert has no choice but to go as part of his duty to his job. Luke briefs the staff on opening night. Connie runs the Blackjack table. Grant tells Natalie that tonight's opening at Luke's is the perfect time to grab the disc. Rose and Jake at Kelly's with concern over Lou's erratic behavior. She has been accused of cheating on her test. Rose and Jake meet with the school principal. Luke catches one of his Blackjack dealers making a mistake on his dealing and fires him. Grant blows up at Natalie as his cover for leaving the casino has canceled on him, so now he won't be able to sneak out and steal the disc. After great difficulty, Natalie is able to convince Grant's patient to come by for a check up. Holly tells Robert she is reluctant to go to the opening of Luke's club, but the two decide they must go for appearance. Natalie arrives at the casino and gives the ok look to Gregory. Grant makes excuses to Celia that he will be slightly late to meet her at the Casino. FF/Love in the Afternoon promo. 

Thursday, July 7, 1983 - Alan and Monica. He is excited to go to Luke's casino opening. Monica reads the news about the Promiethus Disc which has finally been revealed to the public. Robert tries to convince Holly to go with him to the opening. Alan calls Heather and she puts on one of her concerned acts for him. Alan rushes over. Celia is ready to blow Grants cover. She wants to go to the University to pick up her schedule which conflicts with his plans to steal the disc. Fortunately he convinces her to postpone her trip and just go to the casino. While Grant and Natalie work on his patient they put him out for short time. Grant sneaks out of the Hospital and heads for the lab. Robert receives a message from the WSB on his computer. A spy from the DVX has been reported in the area and this poses a threat to the disc. He calls Connie, and later Ramsey to put out constant serveilence on the agent. Alan wants Heather to move into the gatehouse on the Q property. Grant gets into Jerrold's lab and finally gets into the safe and he finally he HAS THE DISC! In the process of putting the empty box back he knocks over a testube of liquid. Monica is furious with Alan for allowing Heather to live at the gatehouse.  Robert and Connie head to the lab. Opening the safe, they find the disc is missing. Grant arrives back at GH, just as his patient wakes up. Grant shows Natalie the disc. Celia notices the stain on Grant's sleeve. She finds the disc in his pocket and Grant sneaks up behind her ready to choke her with a tie. 

Friday, July 8, 1983 - Everyone arrives at Luke's opening. Ramsey's got the DVX spy on tail. He reports to Robert. Grant puts the tie down and tells Celia it's his lucky piece. Scotty arrives at the opening ready for a fight with Luke. Brock intercedes. Robert has Jerrold escort Holly to the opening while he and Ramsey track the spy. Luke opens the casino and the place is a buzz with activity. Holly arrives and Luke can't help but notice her glowing beauty. Tiffany sings a song with Gregory on piano. Connie reports to Robert. Robert tells her the DVX spy is heading for the casino. Holly is cleaning up at the crap table. Just as she bets the house she loses it all. Robert notices the flirtation between Luke and Holly at the crap table. Robert spots the spy, and tells Luke he needs to watch on the security camera. After much reluctance, he lets them use the room. Robert calls a raid and arrests the spy. He seals off the building when they find drugs on the arrested man. Luke is furious with Robert. But Robert orders a search of everyone on the premise hoping to find the agent with the disc. Grant slips the disc on the poker table and mixes it among the chips. However Luke is watching. 

July 11 - 15, 1983:  7/11, 7/12, 7/14 no cm, reduced quality, glitchy , 7/15 no cm Monday

Monday, July 11, 1983 - Scorpio's search of everyone at the casino doesn't unearth any more drugs, but in the process he offends everyone in town. Throwing a fit about Robert's attitude, Luke flings the poker chips in the air, making sure to hang onto the unusual disc that Grant placed on the table. Upon hearing Scorpio's disclosure, the professor is shocked and very worried. They must find the disc. Exposed to the air, it becomes lethal and will eventually explode with suffcient force to wipe out the city! It could occur anytime from 20 - 90 days. Meanwhile Luke is fingering the disc knowing that Robert's drug bust was a cover for something bigger. Scotty and Heather at the cottage. The aftermath of the casino fiasco and everyone relaxes at Kelly's Jimmy Lee and Shirley are all over each other. Connie joins Luke on the couch and the two make love for the first time. AMC promo   

Tuesday, July 12, 1983 - Gregory is furious that Grant lost the disc at the club. Meanwhile, Luke is holding the disc with great delight...While the Herald has a field day blaming Robert for harrassig Luke and the casino. Holly is also starting to believe that Robert did this for personal reasons. Unable to tell his wife the true nature of his spy chasing activities because of the danger. Robert is caught in the middle. Ballentine arrives from the WSB and Holly is excluded from the talks. Ballentine will retrieve the micro film and Jerrold is ordered to get busy on another disc before the Government expo begins. Grant is ordered to probe Jerrold while Gregory searches the casino. Jerrold informs Grant he has masses of work to do and won't be able to see anyone for a long time.

Thursday, July 14, 1983 - GLITCHY PICTURE-TRACKING PROBLEMS, NO COMMERCIALS - Robert tells Jerrold that someone close to him could have been the person that stole the disc. Ballentine and his men arrive at the lab. Connie's true nature is revealed to Jerrold. Robert gives part of the disc equation to Jerrold had pockets the rest for safety. Scotty and Heather at the cottage. Alan's trying to call Heather but she doesn't answer as she and Scotty are making love. Alan gets Robert's advice on dealing with he kidnapping threats to Jason. Celia and Claudia at lunch. Jerrold informs Grant that Scorpio is probing his friends for information and he may be snooping around Grant. Connie is putting Grant's name through the computer. Robert, Ballentine, Connie going over the list of Jerrolds' friends. Grant questions Celia as to exactly what types of questions Robert was asking her. The news on Putnam comes through the computer: However nothing comes to light that Grant is the spy. Everyone's alibi's clear them all. 

Friday, July 15, 1983 - Grant slips into DR Hardy's office and grabs a book. He places the book into an envelope and instruct Celia to give it to Jerrold hoping it will draw the scientist out of his lab for dinner. Luke is still trying to figure out the disc. He finds the secret opening and discovers the mechanics. A package arrives for Robert. Everything regarding the Promiethus disc on microfilm. He puts it in his watch.Audrey, Jesse and Celia at GH. Luke and Bobby. He is reopening the club tonight. Holly getting frustrated that Robert is spending all the time in his computer room. Brock is lusting for revenge against Robert but Luke tells him he has a big surprise for the commissioner so he needs to be patient. Later, Luke catches Connie at the University entering Jerrold's lab. Quickly making excuses, Connie is bit put off that he followed her. Robert enters and tells him that she is helping with the security of Jerrold's lab. Luke meets Jerrold. The casino reopens and Holly is back at the crap table. She and Luke stare into each other's eyes as the betting comes fast and furious. The intensity of their past relationship is starting to come out. Later, Holly arrives home with a bundle of cash and Robert is bowled over by Holly's exuberant lovemaking. At the casino Luke and Connie are making passionate love.

July 18-27, 1983:  7/18, 7/20, 7/22, 7/25 Bunny Willis arrives, 7/27 Jackie returns with Henrich, her new boyfriend

Monday, July 18, 1983 - Next morning Robert takes the microfilm out of his watch and places it in another piece of jewerly and puts it back in the jewelry box. Holly wakes up and wonders what he is doing. Meanwhile, Luke takes the disc and plants it in the heel of his shoe. Luke makes remarks about Connie's supposed occupation. Connie tells Robert that Luke is onto them.  Luke leaves to see Natalie and Connie searches the apartment fruitlessly for the disc but comes up empty handed.  Jerrold informs Robert that the disc when exposed to certain elements could explode a lot sooner than normal. Robert doesn't want to start a panic. Natalie too is beginning to think that Luke knows more than he lets on. Celia had a nasty run in with Jimmy Lee and the Q's try to calm her nerves. Celia perches by an open window and Grant nearly pushes her out, but stops at the last moment. Reverting to plan B, he begins to drug her. 

Wednesday, July 20, 1983 - Moving day for Heather and Jimmy Lee helps out. She is moving to the gate house on the Q estate. Celia can't understand why she is so groggy as Grant keeps handing her more drugs.  Monica is furious that Heather is moving in and when Heather and Jimmy Lee arrive they are shocked to find that Monica has rented the cottage to another couple. Grant defies Natalie's orders to kill Celia but accepts her other option. He will penetrate Jerrold's lab with a chemical bomb. Luke intends to run for a squeaky clean image as Mayor. But Brock breaks this image when during a press conference at Kelly's Lee announces he is running for Mayor against Luke. But during the interview Brock offers Lee Baldwin a shot of booze! Scotty is furious and lunges at DL. as photographers go wild. Luke warns DL not to do this again. Celia jokes to Natalie about finding a scar on Grant's face. Natalie orders Grant to reinstate drugging his wife.   

Friday, July 22, 1983 - Grant gives Celia a different pill, she willingly swallows it but when his back is turned she spits it out. Luke sneaks up on Natalie as she is preparing a gas bomb. Celia feins falling asleep and Grant slips out, but Celia gets up and follows him.  She follows him to the University and watches him pick up a canister that Natalie just left for him. Grant goes into the cellar and puts the gas bomb in the vent. While Robert and Holly dine with Lee and Gail, Luke and Connie dine with a journalist in the same restaurant.  Robert can't help but notice how Holly keeps staring at LUke. Jerrold is overcome by fumes of the gas. Connie gets a message of another break in attempt and she and Robert run out.  Natalie wearing a gas mask breaks into the lab and searches in vain for the microfilm. But the Professor keeps it in his belt buckle and presents it to Robert. Arriving home just before Grant does, Celia listens as her husband explains that he went to pick up a book at the university. As Grant holds Celia close her face reflects her deepening fear.  Holly is left alone at the dinner table and Luke takes advantage of the situation by bring up old memories between the both of them. Later Holly is so torn with her feelings she can't even make love to Robert. She spends the night in her old room.  

Monday, July 25, 1983 - A DVX agent arrives and makes contact with Natalie. He's here to see two people. Dr Jerrold and Luke!  Luke puts the disc back in his shoe. Luke takes his shoes to the shoemaker for an indefinate stay. Hiding the claim check in an envelope, Luke gives it to Ruby for safekeeping. While Luke is over at the Hospital, the spy tears up his apartment looking for the disc. Surveying the damage LUke is livid and believes that Scorpio must have a hand in this. Rick is acting a bit more grumpy than usual. He snaps at Jesse and Bobby at the main desk. Grant has more problems when an old school mate of Grant's past comes to town, Bunny Willis. Luke confronts Scorpio in a rage but he swears he didn't order the search. As Luke leaves a solemn Holly comes downstairs carrying a suitcase. She is going to visit her ailing Nanny. When Luke returns to the Casino he is bopped on the head by the spy. Gregory comes in and pretending to overtake the spy, takes a fall just for Luke's benefit.  LOVING promo  

Wednesday, July 27, 1983 - Grant is ordered by Gregory to avoid Bunny Willis at all costs. Robert gets word that a deadly enemy Hendrik Brenich is en route to PC. Luke answers the door to a returning Jackie Templeton and introduces him to her new boyfriend, Hendrik Brenich! Convinced that Luke is hiding the disc, Robert pays him a visit to the casino. Robert is horrified to see Henrich arm in arm with Jackie. Rose and Jake at Kelly's--- She gets the flu and Lou and Jake take over the diner. Celia mentions to Bunny about Grant's plastic surgery. Bunny is intrigued. The Grant he knows had no surgery done. Robert urges Luke to keep Jackie clear of Hendrik.  

July 29 - August 5, 1983:  7/29, 8/1, 8/2, 8/5 

Friday, July 29, 1983 - Robert drops in on the apartment interupting Jackie and Hendrik, and Tiffany. Luke awakes and searches through Connie's purse while she sleeps. He discovers she's an agent for the WSB. Robert again warns Jackie about Hendrick but she doesn't want to listen to him. Bunny keeps quizzing Grant on past events in their lives hoping to trip him up. After a workout, a playful Bunny puts Grant in a head lock. He sees the scars that Celia was telling him about. Grant gets angry and tells Bunny to drop it. Luke confronts Connie who admits the truth. She is on assignment for the WSB, but she won't tell him any more than that. Bunny makes the fatal mistake of telling Natalie that he thinks that Grant is a phony. He is definately not the same Grant he went to school with. Natalie reports to Gregory. Ryan Hope/OLTL promo. 

Monday, August 1, 1983 - Encouraged by Heather, Jimmy Lee decides to change his image with new clothes. Edward and Lila accept Heather's invitation to tea at the gate house. Unfortunately they are caught in the middle by Alan and Monica. Alan plays with Jason as Monica fumes and vows to get rid of Heather. Luke and Lee speak at the PCU to try to get more votes with the young people. Natalie and Gregory doing more plotting. Bunny has been taken care of now they just need to take care of Celia. Brock and Bobbie at the casino. Jackie with Hendrik. Fed up with Connie's lies, he fires her. She has 24 hours to pack up and leave. Alan and Monica at the Casino. Jimmy Lee dining with Heather and SHirley is jealous. Gregory orders Henrick to take care of Connie. As Luke makes out Connie's final check, he suddenly gets romantic and kisses her. Changing his mind, he decides she can stay, only because he wants to keep an eye on her.  

Tuesday, August 2 1983 - Lesley is going away on vacation and wonders if Rick has any dismay. But after he gets a call from Monica, Rick flies out the door. Connie reports to Robert that Luke knows she is WSB. Bunny Willis is missing and Celia and Grant are concerned. Mark gets an offer to join a neurological staff in London. He decides to leave PC mainly because of past memories of Katy. Settling down in the cafeteria, Monica tells Rick that he has a tumor on his heart. Lesley and Amy see the two together and think the worse. But to Lesley's surprise, Rick comes over and tenderly tells her he loves her. Quite relieved, Lesley can go on her vacation and not worry. Dr. Jerrold is furious that Robert is not doing anything to recover the disc or inform the public. Grant is also ticked off at Natalie for taking care of Bunny....murder was not part of his deal. Celia is reading about plastic surgery. Gregory hires an actor to impersonate the dead Bunny Willis in order to appease Grant. Later Gregory learns that Celia is poking around and researching plastic surgery. Ryans Hope/OLTL promo

Friday, August 5, 1983 - Someone is tampering with Celia's hairdryer as Gregory tells Natalie that he arranged for Celia to have an accident. Connie is next. Luke doesn't like Jackie's editorial because she is favoring Luke and trashing Robert. After hearing Blackie tell him he saw Gregory at the University with Natalie, Luke takes to questioning the piano player. Ramsey comes over to cheer up a depressed Robert while Holly is away. The two dine on Chinese take out (a recurring theme with them). Luke keeps an eye on Henrick when he stops by the casino. Jake turns down Luke's offer to come work with him as a legal adviser. Celia uses her hairdryer and gets an electrical jolt. Grant saves her life. Hendrik sneakily watches Connie and later fights with Jackie. Natalie distracts Luke as Hendrik goes after Connie. While Connie is relaxing in Luke's apartment, Hendrik knocks her out and drags her out the window. Jerrold comes to a decision and tells Robert that he must issue a public warning or he will withdraw his work. Jake and Rose kiss. Luke runs out in hot pursuit after Hendrik. Ryan's Hope promo   

August 8-15, 1983:  8/8, 8/11, 8/12, 8/15 

Monday, August 8, 1983 - Hearing Connie's screams, Luke bursts into a warehouse and over takes the enemy spy Brenich. With Blackie's help he is able to subdue him. Robert has been relaxing at home and is delighted that Holly is back. But within a few minutes Robert gets the call about Connie's kidnapping. The police arrive and haul Brenich away, leaving Natalie and Gregory to stare at each other in frustration. Everything is going wrong, Ballantine has bad news for Robert. Hendrik has diplomatic immunity so he can't be questioned in this country. Watching her faithless lover be deported, Jackie is heartbroken and ticked off at Robert at the same time. Blackie and Lou at Kelly's. She admits she can't live without him. Unaware of the secret contents they contain, Ruby presents Luke with his boots. Natalie has advised her patient to wear them again for a while. Ruby joins a growing list of people concerned that Luke has gotten over his head in trouble at the casino. When Jake sees all the commotion going on (Connie gets kidnapped, Luke goes after her, then Blackie goes after Luke), he calls the police, which brings Robert to the casino. The next morning, Jake informs Lou that Blackie was a hero the night before. Lou kisses Blackie. Jake kisses Rose.

Thursday, August 11, 1983 - Blackie is deeply upset by the constant bickering between Rick and Leslie. At first the Webbers tell Blackie to butt out..but the youth finally makes them understand that the only way to get through Rick's crises is to pull together as a family. Even though the idea of witnessing Rick's new will disturbs him. Blackie signs the document along with Tiffany. When Robert overhears Holly make an appointment with Dr Mason, he immediately is concerned. Holly assures him that she is fine. Holly wants their lives to include children..she is not ready yet. Having hustled Connie out of his apartment, Luke examines the disc. Re-inserts it in his shoe and head over to the therapy room. When Natalie discovers a nail in his shoe, she is about to send it in for repair but Luke panics and does a make shift repair him self. Holly and Dr Mason step in to the elevator which already holds Luke. Luke over hears the Dr tell Holly that she doesn't forsee any problems, then learns from Amy that Holly was seeing a gynecologist! Holly learns what Amy just blabbed to him and moans that Luke must think she is pregnant. Forgetting her lunch with Robert, Holly runs over to see him and clear the air. She presents him with a gift of tea that Nanny gave her. Jackie spying the two former lovers delights in telling Robert of their "tryst". 

Friday, August 12, 1983 - Robert calls the casino and learns Holly is there. Later he confronts his wife as to why she went to see Luke. Furious Holly tells him that she doesn't trust him anymore than Luke did! Overhearing Grant make a dinner engagement with Celia, Natalie and Gregory put their plan into action. They rig a heavy plant to fall and kill Celia during dinner. The plan goes off, but Celia moves just as the plant falls nearly killing her. Back at the hotel Grant has to calm Celia who is in hysterics. Blackie sits mournfully in Kelly's Lou insists on pulling him outside for a while. Her concern helps relieve his depression. Robert tracks Holly down at Kelly's and the two make piece. Scotty is jealous of the attention Heather is paying to Jimmy Lee and he pours liquid over her dress. Luke is approached by a mystery man willing to pay great amounts of money for a certain disc shaped piece that he is "holding on" to. 

Monday, August 15, 1983 - Robert goes on TV and is interviewed. He uses the program as a forum to vehemently denounce gambling, Luke's casino in particular. Both Holly and the gang at Kelly's are stunned by Robert's harsh attitude. Jackie's so mad that she forces Luke to hear a tape of the broadcast. Although Spencer really doesn't care about Robert's remarks, he;s furious at what he deems personal attacks. He later asks Jake if there is any legal action he can take against Robert. Celia is having terrible nightmares regarding her near death experience. Quietly placing a call to Long Island. Grant persuades Quentin to let Celia stay with him for a few days. Celia is so upset she places a call to Holly for help. Luke calls the mystery man to tell him he's not interested in selling any disc shaped items. 

August 17-23, 1983:  8/17, 8/19, 8/22, 8/23 

Wednesday, August 17, 1983 - Jake tells Luke that he has no legal claim to sue Robert for slander. Celia is able to get Grant's fingerprints on a glass, and calls Holly for help in getting a set of fingerprints checked out. Bobbie confronts Scott because she got a rap sheet from her old hooker days. She knows he dug it up to ruin Luke's chances of becoming mayor. Jake and Rose getting amorous at Kelly's. Luke bursts into Robert's office and has a violent battle with him. Holly happens along just as the argument reaches it's peak. Luke has Grant take a look at his leg. At the same time he begins dropping hints about discs and Jerrold's work. Gregory and Natalie meet in the park for more spy talk. Gregory wants Grant to get Jerrold's microfilm, kill him and they will both get out of the country by next Monday. Holly does a check on the fingerprints that Celia got and is shocked they come from Dr Grant Putnam. 

Friday, August 19, 1983 - As a result of Robert's incendiary television appearance, Robert and Luke have been booked for a face off broadcast. The program rapidly degenerates into name calling between the two ex friends. About the only time Luke and Robert agree with each other is when the interviewer tries to cast blame on Holly as the source of their antagonism. Holly is upset to hear her past drawn out, she meets Robert at the studio with her head held high. Robert does admit that hatred has replaced his friendship with Luke. Holly clings to her husband in full support. While Bobbie watches the broadcast, she gets another copy of her rap sheet. Ruby convinces Bobbie to tell Brock the truth. Tiffany confides to Luke that she is torn apart by his battle with Robert. Gregory threatens Grant with his own life if he doesn't complete his mission. Later he tells Natalie that they will use Celia as leverage to get Grant to get the microfilm. One of his henchmen drops off a live scorpion and puts it in Celia's bed. Celia exhausted falls asleep in the bed as the creature creeps closer and closer. Grant arrives just in time to and saves Celia's life but he is stung in the process.  

Monday, August 22, 1983 - Ruby is next on Scotty's hit list. She gets a copy of her rap sheet too. Celia helps Grant with the Scorpion sting. Robert and Holly discuss their past lives. Celia phones Holly in a panic over Grant. The next 24 hours are touch and go for Grant as Lesley conducts a maddening search for antivenim. Exhausted, Lesley shuttles back and forth between Grant and Rick's room. Rick is scheduled for surgery in the morning. Meanwhile, Robert puts Ramsey on the trail of the Scorpion/Fruit basket that Celia got. Holly tries to calm her hysterical friend. Natalie and Grant chastise themselves for making a bad mistake. snotty does and interview on Lee's behalf for Jackie. While waiting for the antivenom to arrive, Grant goes into convolsions.

Tuesday, August 23, 1983 - Blackie, Lesley, Amy, and Mike sweat out long hours as Rick's open heart surgery commences. Monica supervises. The mystery man tracks Luke down at Kelly's and offers him 50,000 + for the disc. Arriving at Kelly's Natalie is shocked to see Luke sitting with a rival spy. Luke jauntily informs the spy he has nothing to sell him. Bumping into Gregory at Kelly's, Natalie insists that Luke does know something about the disc, but Gregory doubts it. Returning to the casino, Luke plants poker chips around the room in an effort to fool Connie. (who he caught poking around his closet) Connie and Luke snuggling in bed. Luke tells Connie if she is going to sleep with him then don't spy on him. Complications on Rick's surgery as Monica is forced to take over. Later, she tells the Webber trio that Rick will be fine. Blackie is off to tell Mike the good news. But Mike has run away after hearing two interns discuss a patient that died during surgery. Thinking this was Rick...Mike takes off. Steve and Bobbie watch over Rick in ICU.  Luke removes the disc from his shoe and tapes it high above on ceiling fan. 

August 24 - September 1, 1983:  8/24 no cm, 8/25 no cm, 8/26 no cm, 8/31, 9/1 

Wednesday, August 24, 1983 - No Commericals - Jimmy Lee arrives at the cottage to take Jason out of Heather's hands for a day. Having no idea where Mike as run off too, Blackie and Amy begin a frantic search.The next morning all of PC is a buzz by the news that leaked out to the press about Bobbie and Ruby's past lives in prostitution. Reading the report in rage, Luke races over to see Bobbie. When Bobbie says it may have come  from Scotty to tip the scales in Lee's favor. Jerrold visits Grant at GH. Alan reports that a patient died at GH under treatment from their own company Bowlen Pharmaceuticals. Luke bursts into the Herald newspaper and screams at Jackie and Ian. Taking care of more unfinished business, Luke barges into the cottage where he interups Scotty and Heather's lovemaking. Luke smashes Scotty in the face and walks out in disgust. Later, Lee and Gail show up where Lee fires Scotty as his campaign manager. Brock is furious over the headlines when Bobbie admits to him the article is true. Brock calls Bobbie all kinds of names and storms out. OLTL promo   

Thursday, August 25, 1983 - No Commericals Robert is curious as to why Grant raced home in his scrubs after recovering from the scorpion sting. Natalie and Grant concoct an alibi. Gregory hires a hood to break off a key in Grant's locker and Natalie quickly relays the excuse to Putnam. When Robert checks out the story he sees it's true.  Mikey has run away after hearing about Rick's surgery. Blackie and Amy search for him everywhere. Rose and Lou at Kelly's. Mike is hiding in the basement. Brock and Bobbie making love. Lesley standing vigel over Rick's bed as he recovers from the surgery. Brock's daughter calls and is rude to Bobbie, Brock brushes it off as the fact she is rather high strung. Jake and Rose kissing. Lou and Blackie find Mikey hiding in the basement at Kelly's and bring him back to GH. Gregory gives Grant his final warning to get the microfilm, kill Jerrold or else. 

Friday, August 26, 1983 - No Commericals Everyone in town is jolted by a tremendous explosion, coming from the waterfront area. When Robert distractedly lets slip Ballantine's name slip out in front of Holly, she realizes that her husband's crises is WSB related. Then Jerrold angrily confronts Robert about what he said would happen if the disc was exposed to air. Scorpio quickly assembles a meeting with Ballantine, Connie and Jerrold. GH is a buzz with activity as they help the wounded in the explosion. Bobbie is harassed by two victims who read of her exploits in the paper. Holly eavesdrops on Robert's conversation and learns the explosion was a shipload of fertalizer---not the disc. Ballantine insists the disc won't explode as long as it's kept in a cool dry place....meanwhile Luke surveys the disc spinning on top of his casino fan. Holly questions Robert's computer and discovers the message that the disc is still missing.  Natalie and Gregory order Grant to kill Jerrold and retrieve the microfilm no later than Monday. LOVING/OLTL promo 

Wednesday, August 31, 1983 - Lesley releases Grant and as he packs he readies his gun. Bobbie tells Luke that Brock is not being supportive in her time of need. Later, wandering around the docks, Bobbie is trailed by the two roughnecks from the hospital. They want a "good time" with the ex hooker and begin to rip her clothes. Luke catches up with Brock at Kelly's and lays into him regarding Bobbie. Going to see Bobbie, DL finds the two thugs assaulting her. Brock flattens the men and tenderly takes her home. Later Brock professes his love, and Bobbie the same for him. The Q's and Dr Jerrold welcome a very touched Grant home from the Hospital. Later, Grant is speechless when the kindly Dr wants to offer a trust fund for his future children. Connie is surprised to find Holly at the casino waiting to see Luke. When he arrives, Holly urges him to tell her anything he knows about the disc and to turn it over to Robert if he has it. Hearing all the chit chat between the two, Connie is outraged at Robert for telling Holly everything. Robert insists he did not but she must have overheard them talking during their meeting. When Holly gets home, Robert pleads with her to stay out of his business for her own safety. OLTL/EDGE promo 

Thursday, September 1, 1983 - A panicked Jerrold bursts into Robert's house and tells him there is no way he can complete the disc by the time of the Expo. He asks to have Grant help him out. Robert must run a security check on Grant before he can say yes. Unaware of the news, Grant takes Celia out for a memorable day on the Expo site. As they sit in the cafe, Grant is being watched by Natalie and Gregory. Gregory hires a pair of motorcycle thugs to take care of Grant. As they walk the grounds, Grant and Celia are nearly run down by the screaming motorcycles. When Grant gets up, he sees Gregory spying him from a distance. Busily running errands Heather has Jimmy Lee baby sit Jason. He takes Jason to work with him. Naturally Heather returns home to find the baby missing just as the well fare worker shows up at the door. Just then Edward and Lila arrive with Alan Jr in tow. Heather pretends that the child is Jason and wins over the social worker. Alan and Monica are furious to learn of Heather's tricks.

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