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The Young Riders FAQ
A Guide to the Online Fandom

Section 6: "Inside" information and Abbreviations

[6.1] How can I get to know other fans?

  • The most common way to get to know other fans is by visiting the message board and chat rooms and reading what other people have to say. Just by watching for a little while you can get to know people's personalities and feel more comfortable. We encourage everyone to be themselves and contribute as much or as little as they want to the fandom. In addition, we ask that you please respect the many and varied personalities in the fandom -- in some ways it is more difficult to communicate online than in person.

    [6.2] Are there "cliques" in the fandom?

  • There are certain groups of close friends in the fandom, but in general these groups are not "exclusive." It may seem hard to break into a group at first, but keep trying until you find a place where you feel comfortable.

    [6.3] What is a Jimmyholic, Kidette, Buckette, The Spawn, etc?

  • There are many fans who like a particular rider over the others. Recently these groups came up with names for themselves, like Jimmyholics and Kidettes. Many of these groups have pages where they pay homage to their favorite rider, and some even have a membership to join or an "oath" to proclaim your devotion.

  • There are some characters on the show who have been given "pet names" by the fans, such as Scumantha and The Spawn (aka Rosemary).
  • There is a web page devoted to these Evil Women of TYR, kindly brought to you by Ann.

    [6.4] What do the signature lines on the message boards mean?

  • Signature lines on the message boards are mostly there for fun. Usually they list off things about the author's favorite young rider.

    [6.5] How can I post a signature line?

  • Anyone can post a signature at the end of their message. Experienced posters save their signature to a file on their computer and then copy and paste it into the text box after their post.

    [6.6] What are these abbreviations I see?

    This section is under construction

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