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The Young Riders FAQ
A Guide to the Online Fandom

Section 4: Web Pages

[4.1] How can I find TYR web pages?

  • Most Young Riders web pages can be found on the Web Ring

  • A more extensive listing of Young Riders and related web pages can be found at the Saddles 'n' Spurs web page.

    [4.2] Who runs the web pages?

  • Pretty much anyone who wants to create a web page about The Young Riders can do so. We are fortunate that no one is concerned about copyright infringement regarding this show. The current assortment of web page owners is extremely diverse and international.

    [4.3] Who runs the web ring, and how does it work?

  • The web ring is currently run by Wendy of The Young Riders Express Station. She can be reached via email for any questions concerning web ring submissions.

    [4.5] Web Page Etiquette: who owns what?

  • Even though the web is not a copyrighted property, all of us should show respect for someone's creative work. You should always credit your source for a photo, article, story, etc, *including* the person who sent it to you or scanned it in.

    [4.6] Is there an "official" Young Riders web page?

  • There is no "official" Young Riders page, however there are a couple of pages that have been around since the online fandom began and they are pretty comprehensive. We encourage visitors to browse the pages that interest them and they will inevitably find which pages best suit their needs.

    [4.7] Giving feedback to webpage owners

  • All of the web page owners for The Young Riders created their pages for free and maintain them for free in their spare time.

  • Most sites are given a lot of care and it is greatly appreciated when fans take the time to give the web page owners feedback; positive and constructive. Just letting the owner know you like their site, either by email or signing a guest book, is often critical to the continuation of the web page.

    [4.8] Can I start my own web page?

  • There are many free web page sponsors on the internet, although some people choose to pay for a web page (which is usually free of ads).

  • A couple of free sites are: angelfire, geocities, tripod

  • An alternative to starting your own web page is to submit materials to an existing web page you think would benefit from your contributions.

    [4.9] HTML resource links

  • A good source for HTML tutorials is

  • You can also check out Saddles and Spurs for some good links.

    [4.10] How can I do screen captures? Are they "legal"?

    This section is under construction

    Special thanks to Aimee for contributing information to this section

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