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The Young Riders FAQ
A Guide to the Online Fandom

Section 5: Fanfic

[5.1] What is "fanfic"?

  • Fanfiction is a fictional story about a TV show or movie, usually written by a fan of the show. Stories vary greatly in scope, but they tend to involve telling a story that didn't happen within the frame of the show, such as expanding on an episode or having a character in a situation they normally would not have been in. Fanfics tend to help fans of the show relive a show that is no longer on the air or help them experience situations between characters that would not have happened on the show.

    [5.2] Is fanfic legal?

    This section is under construction

    [5.3] How can I get my story on a web page?

  • Many web pages will host fanfiction stories on their pages. Some pages prefer stories to focus on a particular character, while other pages will accept stories about any character. Email the webpage owner to find out how you can send them your story. Most owners are happy to post your story.

  • Authors should also be aware that some webpages only accept original material, while others will post stories that have been posted elsewhere (for example on the fanfic mailing list). Please email the webpage owner to find out what their preference is. Some people feel that posting a story on 2-3 pages will increase readership, while others feel that this decreases the specialness of a site and story. There is no "official" view in the fandom, so do whatever you are most comfortable with.

  • Link to egroups fanfic mailing list

    [5.4] Can I write "adult" stories?

  • There are several TYR pages that accept adult fiction, however not all sites will. There are some pages that are adult-themed web pages. Be sure to email the webpage owner to find out if they are accepting adult stories. In addition, when submitting a story, be sure to identify the main characters in the story, the general rating (eg. PG13, R, NC-17), and whether or not the story is slash (male/male or female/female encounter).

  • We also strongly encourage you to submit adult stories to webpages that have registered with nanny watch programs to keep kids safe. Please remember that this was intended as a family show, and the reruns attract a lot of underage fans.

  • Link to egroups adult fanfic mailing list

    [5.5] What is a crossover story?

  • A "crossover" story is a fanfic where characters of one show/movie meet and interact with characters of another show/movie.

    [5.6] Giving feedback to authors -- why is this important?

  • Positive encouragement, even letting an author know you're reading the story, is the best way to see more fanfics written. Authors do this writing completely for free, and it's a labor of love. If the fans are silent, they will stop writing, and we don't want that! In particular, it is helpful to let a writer know what you liked and didn't like about their story.

    [5.7] How to give constructive criticism

    This section is under construction

    [5.8] What are the AYRF Awards?

  • These awards are fan-based awards given out to fanfiction writers. Nominees are sent in and voted for by the fans. Please visit the AYRF Awards Webpage.

    [5.9] What is a "beta reader" and how can I become one/get one?

  • A beta reader is the same thing as a proof reader. This is someone who will read your story before you are ready to post it on a webpage and will help you with grammar and spelling, as well as overall flow of the story (eg. did you really mean for *that* to happen? Would Jimmy say something like that?).

  • You can get a beta reader for your stories by posting a request on a message board. If there's another author whose writing you like, email them privately and they may be interested in helping you out.

  • You can become a beta reader by volunteering your services on a message board or by privately emailing an author.

  • If you are looking for a beta reader or offering to be a beta reader, please specify if you want the story read for content or for grammar/spelling or both. Some beta readers will only focus on one or the other.

    [5.10] Spelling and Grammar

  • Common misspelled words in the TYR universe:
    Tompkins, Katy, your vs. you're, there/their/they're, to/too

  • For an online spelling and thesaurus resource, check out

  • Visit the Mathias Library for great resources on the historical aspects of the TYR world!

    [5.11] Where can I find a complete listing of fanfiction stories?

  • Nesciri has a nearly comprehensive list of fanfiction stories by author and by title. Please visit her page Ponyexpressen!

    Special thanks to Cass and Jeanette for contributing to this section

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