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The Young Riders FAQ
A Guide to the Online Fandom

Home of the TYRants!

Updated 9/6/2001

Please be sure to check out the great Character Profiles that Ursula Renee has compiled!

Check out the Fan Gatherings Web Page for updates about upcoming events!

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) was inspired by questions on the message boards and was created by fans.
This page is maintained by Tanya.

The FAQ is still under construction and is in constant need of improvement. Please send your suggestions and thoughts my way! Email the FAQ Mistress!

Grand Opening on September 18, 2000!

I want to thank everyone for the great support and enthusiasm you have shown for this page!


Section 1: Welcome Letter

Section 2: Basics of the show
[2.1] What was the show?
[2.2] Who starred in the show?
[2.3] Who created The Young Riders?
[2.5] Why did various cast members leave/join the show?
[2.6] Is the show on the air now?
[2.7] How can I contact the stars/producer?
[2.8] How can I get copies of the episodes?
[2.9] Where can I get "official" or "unofficial" TYR merchandise?
[2.10] Where can I get infomation about the Pony Express?
[2.11] What's the difference between a marhsal and a sheriff?
[2.12] Are there any non-internet resources on The Young Riders?
Topics added 10/23
[2.13] Why does Odyssey/Family Channel edit the episodes?
[2.14] Where can I find episode guides for the show?
[2.15] What were the horses' names?
[2.16] Where can I find a character guide?
Links added 9/6/01
Updated link for Brett Cullen's web page
Character Profile added under section [2.2]

Section 3: General Guide to Netiquette
[3.1] Abbreviations
[3.2] Capitals
[3.3] Flaming
[3.4] Message Boards and Chat Rooms
[3.5] Message Board Debates -- why can't we all just get along?

Section 4: Web Pages
[4.1] How can I find TYR web pages?
[4.2] Who runs the web pages?
[4.3] Who runs the web ring, and how does it work?
[4.5] Web Page Etiquette: who owns what?
[4.6] Is there an "official" Young Riders web page?
[4.7] Giving feedback to webpage owners
[4.8] Can I start my own web page?
[4.9] HTML resource links
[4.10] How can I do screen captures? Are they "legal"?

Section 5: Fanfic
[5.1] What is "fanfic"?
[5.2] Is fanfic legal?
[5.3] How can I get my story on a web page?
[5.4] Can I write "adult" stories?
[5.5] What is a "crossover" story?
[5.6] Giving feedback to authors -- why is this important?
[5.7] How to give constructive criticism
[5.8] What are the AYRF Awards?
[5.9] What is a "beta reader" and how can I become one/get one?
[5.10] Spelling and Grammar
[5.11] Where can I find a complete listing of fanfiction stories?

Section 6: "Inside" information and Abbreviations
[6.1] How can I get to know other fans?
[6.3] What is a Jimmyholic, Kidette, Buckette, The Spawn, etc?
[6.4] What do the signature lines on the message boards mean?
[6.5] How can I post a signature line?
[6.6] What are these abbreviations I see?

Section 7: Meeting the Fans
[7.1] How do you meet other fans?
[7.2] When are fan chat sessions and how can I organize one?
[7.3] Where do fans of TYR come from?
[7.4] Will there be a "convention"?
[7.5] How serious are fans of the show?

Section 8: Trivia About the Show
[8.1] Were there any bloopers during the show?
[8.2] Did James Butler Hickok, William F. Cody, and Jesse James really work for the Pony Express?
[8.3] Is Kid "Billy the Kid?"
[8.4] Did I see Wild Bill's "dead man's hand" in an episode?

Please email me with suggestions for this FAQ.

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