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How did it begin?

It all began as a very small library several years ago, when I first started fooling around with my unregistered Fighters Anthology toolkit. I didn't know anything at all, and I mean anything about using the FATK... anyway, I paid a good 20 dollars to our good friend David, and he then sent me the number for the FATK... and after that we had full access to everything in the FATK...

But actually I didn't really start making great progress in FTRON until I started visiting online FA websites, especially Centurian's Cave. (It was still the Cave back then.) I had started making FA stuff lots later than a lot of the legends, like Galen Thurber, CAG Hotshot, Plato Mok, Centurian... but I worked hard at playing catch up. First off, I got TONS of support from Centurian via ICQ, who taught me a lot of essential FATK skills.

After I managed to check out the Cold War Fighters LIBs, I started making the REAL progress in FTRON in terms of graphics and such. The first maps were very crude and now they look extremely ugly to me, but I thought it was great back then. I was sick of online reviews cutting FA down because of shitty graphics, and I was hoping my LIB would turn their heads.

After a lot of time playing with maps, and testing for A LONG TIME, I decided to start working on aircraft textures. With help from Munch, who gave me screens from Jane's USAF, I started figuring out the texture pics lots more carefully, and with time, patience, and cut and paste, FTRON finally started to look like a graphical masterpiece.

But still, nobody's satisfied, much less me. I decided to take another step forward, in improving the music of Fighters Anthology, something I hadn't seen in any other library until Cold War Fighters... figuring out how they did it was quite a challenge, choosing suitable music was another... By the way, if you're interested in how I did this, it's in my tips section... just search around.

Overall I've spent about 2~3 years on FTRON, from start to now, and it's been a great experience!


Well, besides the new campaigns that I'm in the progress of making, there will be a new and greatly increased France Map! Below are some screenshots of what you're going to see soon...

This happens to be a new island that I added in the English Strait. No airfields on it, since it's still water beneath that terrain.

There's about 50 miles worth of new terrain up north. However, be sure to turn on the NO CRASHES cheat in order to land, or you WILL make a large SPLASH in the ocean... The area is known as the "Dreaded Black Zone"

Ever notice that there were absolutely no roads or lakes in the original FA's England? Well, be editing the .MM file (A very tedious and tiring task, believe me) I added them... check them out...

A FTRON fighter taking down a DFAN fighter over the new Kamei map, which used to be the Falkland Islands... can you imagine the terrain they're fighting over used to be the Falkland Islands?


Well, so you're interested in how Fighters Anthology with my FTRON library looks, huh? Well, I don't blame you... feast your eyes!
Obviously they might not be the best ever, but they're still something I'm proud of...

Interesting to note that this pic is pretty much exactly the same as the one below, except that it's FTRON version... over the same place, same aircraft, same graphics settings...

Original sure looks like crap, huh...


First off, a note of beware for 56k users... downloading all the files will take quite some time, though the entire 16.5 MB library (This size including the music LIB...) has been split into parts...
Before I scare you off, let me show you how big they actually are...
4.2 MB Base LIB: (Including FANOCD, FA.exe, and Readme file) 4216 zipped
1.9 MB Selalonian Map LIB: (Includes Touch.exe) 1987 kb zipped
3.2 MB Graphix LIB: 3244 kb zipped
3.6 MB Voice LIB: 3671 zipped (Should stand alone)

12.8 MB (Well, it's shrunk considerably... pleased?... and this is BEFORE I've zipped it...)


3.7 MB FTRON Music LIB: 3792kb zipped

Note about Music LIB: I left out the VALK001.11k music... Felt that you guys might want to add that yourself.

So, even with the Music LIB added, FTRON'S size is...

16.5 MB

If you still want to download, I thank you with tears streaming down my face. Not many FA flyers are willing to download this large LIB, much less fly with it online, though I certainly found some GREAT companions in my old FTRON Shadow Squadron.

Enough of the crap, go to the FTRON Development Group to download...
But you have to be a member first. It'll approve you automatically.


If you accidently deleted the readme and you don't want to re-download the entire zip for it here it is online...

The page...