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If you see anything here that you weren¡¦t credited for, or you should be credited for, or you actually shouldn¡¦t be credited for, or if you didn¡¦t give me permission to use the things listed here¡K I insist you drop me a line¡K


BT Ace:

J-22 Orao Skin


Various support, great website (


Railroad skin, various support, great Message Board (

Rick R. Mortis:

Blue Rafale skin

Galen Thurber:

Various resources

Falcon 4:

Various terrain tiles: All-green Forest

Various Radio Messages- ¡§Attack¡KBandit¡KThreat Aircraft¡KSentry, Repeat Last Transmission¡KReturn to Base¡K Target detected¡K Radar contact¡K Rejoin formation¡K I¡¦m taking fire¡K Be advised¡K Taking ground fire, looks like¡K Request permission to fire¡K I¡¦ve got a wounded bird, request assistance¡K No air cover available, you¡¦re on your own¡K I¡¦m in deep trouble¡K 1~12¡K miles¡K1 O¡¦ Clock~12 O¡¦ Clock¡K Flame out, it¡¦s time to get out of here¡K Have you lost it?¡¨

Road texture


Various ocean and sky tiles

Some city building skins


Skins help, Airbrushed several aircraft

Blue Afterburner Flame

Shuttle 500 skin


.EXE editing support, various Falcon 4.0 radio messages

Editing .MUS files Music help

CAG Hotshot (Or VNFAWING Group):

AH-1W skin (Used as a base from screenshot: Top)

F-4 skin (Used as a base from screenshots: Top, Sides, Bottom)

F-14 skin (Used as a base from screenshots: Top, bottom)

F-22 skin (Used as a base from screenshots: Top, Side, Bottom)

F-14 cockpit (Used as a base from screenshot)

MiG-29 cockpit (Used as a base from screenshot)

AH-64 cockpit (Used as a base from screenshot)

Aircraft warming ramp (Used as a base from screenshot: Top)

MiG-25 wing skin (Used as a base from screenshot: Top, Bottom)

Radar tower (Used as a base from screenshots: Sides)

Large Hangar (Used as a base from screenshots: Top, Sides)

Megaman X4:

Radio Message- ¡§YAAAAH¡K¡¨

Jane¡¦s USAF:

Various aircraft textures from screenshots (Courtesy of Munch)

Various Sound Effects-Explosion

Various Radio Messages- ¡§All flights, watch out, inbound bandits going for the strikers¡KWatch out, bandits, dead ahead¡KTarget¡¦s destroyed¡KFantastic, what a show!¡K Bandits, taking off!¡K Get those bastards, they¡¦re shooting at us!¡K Tally, bandit¡K Well, it seems as if¡K Fence Check¡K ¡¨

Star Fox 64:

Radio Message- ¡§You¡¦re dead meat, pal!¡¨

Star Wars: Rebel Alliance:

Radio Messages- ¡§Argh¡KMess with the best, die like the rest¡K I¡¦m just going to say this once¡K our luck stinks!¡K Now that¡¦s a pretty picture¡K Soon as we wax this dirtbag¡K Intercept those strike fighters¡K And he always tends to assume the worst¡K This one¡¦s mine¡K Ancient History¡K Watch yourself, you¡¦re a very popular target¡K Warheads locked and ready to fly¡K Tell my wife that I love¡K Order acknowledged¡K ¡¨

Sound effects-Explosion

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II:

Explosion screenshots

Snow terrain screenshots

Project Adversary:

F-18K skin (Used as a base from screenshot)


ITRON and BLACKTRON insignia

Vantage Master:

F/A-7A Lightning (Grey) Neptjunoue Tail Art