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January 17th, 1483
Defense Federation for the Alliance of Nations, otherwise known as DFAN is formed.

January 19th, 1483
Supreme Command Nerv Korsov chosen to lead DFAN

April 3, 1484
Selalonian colonies in the Shuchman Islands formed.

July 29th, 1486
Space Colony I launched, II launched several hours later, commanded by DFAN

August 30, 1486
DFAN cloning experiments begin. The Alliance of Nations is unaware. The location is at the newly built military installation on Sumac Island, 50 miles southeast of Kamei.

December 10th, 1486
First DFAN clone completed. Base date used a well-built and healthy DFAN soldier named Bruce Gilbert. Clone however, was only 1/4ths complete. Skeletal structure 91% complete, muscle 23%, intelligence rating 11%. Dubbed Half-Life.

February 28, 1490
Class N541 missile fired at a Remis military installation by Falkan terrorists. Fallout causes over 300 deaths even though the missile was intercepted 4 miles off the northeast cosat.

March 17th, 1490
DFAN clone version 32 complete, same baseline as 01. Skeletal structure 100% complete. Muscle 103%, intelligence rating 68%. DFAN underwent a different process compared to the conventional cloning methods in which you grew the clones.

March 23rd, 1490
Civil war erupts in the Falkans between the Falkan Rebels and the Imperial government.

March 25th, 1490
Selalonia, Warsky, Remis, Moldova, Gerudo, and DFAN deploy troops to the Falkans to quell the uprising.

April 18th, 1490
After less than a month, rebel troops are defeated.

April 19th, 1490 peace talks begin ~ April 27th, 1490
Falkans devided into West and East Falkan, DFAN troops remain in the East Falkans while other forces pull out.

September 6th, 1492
DFAN class-T76 bomb ompleted, additionally Bio Organic Weapon (BOW) testing undergoing final tests.

September 11th, 1492
DFAN BOW creature completed. Baseline was DFAN Half-Life. Skeletal structure 120%, Muscle 150%, Intelligence rating 90%. Standard BOW testing, with hired mercenaries as test rats begins.

December 9th, 1494
Space colonies III, IV, and V launched, out of those V is DFAN controlled.

December 25th, 1503
New regime FTRON Alliance formed by Lombardi. Unites Lombardi, Warsky, and Naweigh.

October 18th, 1506
DFAN secretly starts to cause confusion and hard feelings toward Selalonia in the Schuchman Islands.

January 21st, 1507
Peace talks and negotiations futile, Shuchman Islands prepare to go to war against the Selalonians.

January 31st, 1507
DFAN completes combat clone, official production begins as combat training begins simultaneously.

July 3rd, 1507
War erupts in the Shuchman Islands.

July 6th, 1507
Selalonian soldiers sent to Shuchman Islands.

August 20th, 1507
DFAN initiates OVERLORD project, flying over a thousand cargo planes and shuttles over the planet, unleashing the deadly and extremely numerous half-lifes, plus tens of thousands more combat clones. Additionally, in more advanced countries, most of the BOWs are released.

August 21st, 1507
First deaths due to half-lifes, combat clones, and BOWs begin to occur all over the world, except in Kamei and Northern Lombardi.

September 1st, 1507
FTRON forces deployed to varios countries to counter the half-life attack.

September 12th, 1507
Selalonian troops withdraw from the Shuchman Islands before the war is over; the situation of half-lifes and BOWs is very bad at home, leaving a chain of war ravaged islands.

September 15th, 1507
DFAN releases hundreds of BOWs to the Shuchman Islands.

September 21st, 1507
Just a week afterwards, the Shuchman Islands have no people alive.

November 2nd, 1507
Reliab falls to half-life attack. Additionally, Gerudo military down to 30% due to the large number of BOWs deployed there.

November 8th, 1507
Selalonia: 70%, Remis 63%, Reliab 4%, Lombardi 91%, Warsky 78%, W. Falkan 78%, E. Falkan 18%
Shuchman I. 0%, Naweigh 68%, Gerudo 30%

November 12th, 1507
FTRON Tactical Fighter unit Shadow Squadron, led by Commander Steven Redfield is formed.

December 31st, 1507~ January 1st, 1508
At midnight, DFAN unleashes 14,000 of the most advanced combat clones for the first time in Northwest Lombardi. FTRON HQ near Katina City attacked by DFAN soldiers, and afte 3 hours, it is in DFAN hands.


9:08---First HQ warning systems destroyed by DFAN tactical units.
9:14---First DFAN bombers detected (70 F/A-33s, F/A-7s)
9:15---FTRON scrambles 32 F-11s, 43 F-33s, 16 F-37C3s, 15 F-52Cs
           DFAN launches 40 F-11s, 27 F-33s, 79 F-37C1s, 30 F-52As, 111 F/S-25s
9:20---DFAN troops enter HQ, first fighting occurs.
9:21---2 Air Forces square off
9:29---Last FTRON HQ radars destroyed, new DFAN fighter wave launched
9:37---Lily Priemer leads strike team to retrieve valuable information from FTRON archives.
9:44---Information recovered, second FTRON Air Force wave launched.
9:45---STATUS COUNT FTRON: 7 F-11s, 3 F-33s, 10 F-37C3s, 7 F-52Cs (Not including backup wave)
                                         DFAN: 18 F-11s, 9 F-33s, 58 F-37C1s, 19 F-52As, 77 F/S-25s
9:49---Last HQ Turbolaser station bombed.
10:17---Primary FTRON armor units meet DFAN's.
10:23---Alan Huag, Dobbes Priemer, Connie Zubrus take off in the last few F-37Cs
10:24---Steven Redfield, killed, hangar bay destroyed
10:31---Shadow Squadorn arrives to support from Northport AFB
10:35---STATUS COUNT FTRON: 18 F-11s, 13 F-33s, 20 F-37C3s, 3 F-52Cs
                                            DFAN: 25 F-11s, 21 F-33s, 42 F-37Cs, 16 F-52As, 63 F/S-25s
10:59---FTRON Air Force pilots forced to flee. Low on fuel and weapons, the situation is risky.
11:06---DFAN F/S-25s and most F-11s, F-33s, and F-37C1s are forced to go home due to fuel levels
11:09---DFAN launches experimental F00 squadron.
11:14---Shadow Squadron squares off with DFAN F00s.
11:16---Shadow Squadron escapes. The dogfight gives them a glimpse of what they are up against.
11:25---FTRON HQ in DFAN hands.