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Homeopathy for Air Sickness
and Motion Sickness

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Do you get air sick when you fly? Trouble with motion sickness? Suggested homeopathic remedies

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Featured for motion sickness: QueaseEase QueaseEASE uses a specific blend of therapeutic grade essential oils, with properties that are helpful in relieving motion sickness symptoms.

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Homeopathic remedies to address this health challenge should be taken as soon as symptoms present. In fact, as in the case of dramamine, you can even take them before symptoms, to possibly prevent getting sick at all when flying or riding a train or boat. Most homeopathics are safe to take every hour but remember to read directions. Suggested remedies for motion sickness include Tabacum, Petroleum and Indian Cockle.

Homeopathic singles for motion sickness, by primary symptoms:

Tabacum: severe vomiting, cold sweat, palemenss, dizziness worse with eyes open, constant nausea, excessive salivation, sinking feeling in pit of stomach.

Indian Cockle: especially good for seasickness or air sickness, when motion sickness gets worse while looking at anythig that is moving, don't want eat or drink, even disgusted at smell of food, metallic taste in mouth.

Petroleum: When you get more dizzy as you sit up, when you feel intoxicated and there is an empty feeling in the stomach, that gets better when you eat, excessive salivation along with nausea.

Tabacum, Indian Cockle and Petroleum are indicated at 12X or 30C for motion sickness.

Health Disclaimer: Homeopathy is being presented here as CAM and not to replace needed medical attention, testing or medication. Even though homeopathic remedies do not normally interfere with prescribed medications, you should always check with your doctor if taking prescription drugs, before adding anything else to your regimen, whether natural or prescription.