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Exploring awakening of consciousness and playing in this human experience as a spiritual being leads to pondering... at least, for me. I often sit after some experience at either end of the feeling spectrum, whether comedy or tragedy, and ponder what led to the experience, what my role was in the experience, how I might want to play the game a bit differently next time, etc. Maybe you've had a spiritual ponder or two yourself? I suspect you have, if you've happened up on this page and this website. In any case, this is the page where I will be posting spiritual podcasts. Check back for new additions, if what you find here is intriquing or seems relevant to your path in some way.

Speaking as a Snowflake: Your life experience has probably taught you that we are all different. Regardless of similarities between us, each of us is differentiated consciousness, here to have a specific dance with life. I attempt to keep this truth in mind when I listen to the journey of another and encourage you to keep it in mind if you listen to these podcasts. They are filtered through my experience.

That being said, I'll also say that my profile in a structure of information called Human Design is that of 6/3 Generator, Sacral Authority. What this means, as I'm discovering for myself, is that I am designed to learn by trial and error, to a degree most people do not participate with life. As such, as a person who tries everything to find the thing that works, I am sometimes able to feedback into the system or perceived reality in a way that opens doors of possibilities for others. How this translates for me in my life is that I recognize my own ability to share information that may be useful to others, based on my own trial and error experiences.

It is my hope that something here may be helpful to you and, as I do in my own life, I encourage taking what works and letting what doesn't work for you just be. Those parts may be here for other people. Nothing here is meant as replacement for a person's own intuitive knowing. Thanks for your visit today! Neva

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