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Psoriasis-Related Arthritis plus
Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

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Psoriasis-Related Arthritis and Treatment Options, both medical and holistic


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This is part two of an health care article about psoriasis. Please also read the introduction: Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Information.

Those afflicted with psoriasis may not realize that about 1/3 of all who have this skin condition also go on to develop a specific type of arthritis, called psoriatic arthritis. This type of psoriasis-related arthritis can occur in males and females though the way it manifests is typically different. Most males, for example, will develop psoriatic arthritis of the spine while females tend more toward the rheumatoid type, which typically affects the hands.

Symptoms of psoriasis-related arthritis include:
~ Joint pains
~ Joint stiffness
~ Discolored nails
~ Eye inflammation

Autoimmune NOT Immune Issue: It's important to know that psoriasis-related arthritis is part of an autoimmune response so enhancing the immune system may be counterproductive. Check with your doctor if treated for psoriasis or the arthritis which may develop as a complication of this skin condition.

Psoriasis Treatment Options:
Medical treatment of this health complication may include anti-inflammatory drugs. The use of anti-inflammatories or NSAIDS may also be suggested by those in wholistic health fields. A few of these natural inflammation fighting supplements include turmeric and mangosteen. Most holistic counselors would not advise NSAIDS for longterm use.

A general practitioner may not be able to help you design the best treatment plan for psoriasis-related arthritis. If going the medical route to treat this condition, I'd suggest finding a good rheumatologist because rheumatologists are specialists in treating arthritis and other health conditions affecting the joints. In the end, each person must choose the path of treatment that most fits with their own health needs and sensitivities. Complications, including psoriasis-related arthritis, require even more attention be paid to designing just the right healing regimen for each person.

Health Disclaimer: This information on psoriasis is for educational purposes only. Please see a doctor if you have an undiagnosed skin condition to rule out other conditions such as molluscum or ringworm. Be wise with your health.