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Body Wrap Benefits Series
Detoxing, Toning and Weight Loss

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Ask A Healer Bodywrap Series

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Benefits of a Body Wrap Series


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Wrapping for Weight Loss

Sometimes, more is better ... The biggest misperception about bodywrapping is that you can do one and be done with it or, at least, achieve some sort of benefit that lasts. After all, losing 19-25 inches in an hour sounds like a dream come true. If those inches would stay off, it might be. They won't stay off. Many who do a body wrap are looking for a quick fix, perhaps to fit into a sexy outfit for the class reunion. A good body wrap can help you temporarily lose inches. However, the key word is "temporary". I'm not saying there are no benefits to be had. I believe beneficial results can definitely be achieved with proper use of the right kind of wraps, when coupled with a good diet and fitness regimen.

Gleaning the true health benefits of wrapping takes consistency. It doesn't really matter what type of wrap you are doing, you will still need to do more than one to get true benefits. and, of course, choose body wraps with quality ingredients for best results. Since a portion of anything applied topically will end up in your blood stream, it just makes sense to find the best wrap ingredients.

Ask questions. Don't assume that just because it's a spa, you'll be getting organic ingredients. Your overall success depends on the ingredients first. If you are putting chemicals into your body, the result will be less than optimal over time even if you see some results right away.

When should you wrap for inch loss? If your goal is just to fit into your wedding dress or that hot outfit you want to wear to your 20th high school reunion, then one wrap (particularly the ones where you are wrapped up like a mummy in a mineral solution and have to keep moving for a solid hour) may help you lose enough inches to make a difference that day or, more likely, for a few important hours.

That kind of temporary water weight loss may be ok, provided you are an otherwise healthy individual. The temporary inch loss may be enough for you, for that special occasion. However, if you want real results, you will not get those with one or two wraps whether those wraps use herbs, minerals, enzymes or other bodywrap ingredients. I'd be ready to pay for and do at least a dozen while also sticking to a well-designed exercise, fitness and weight loss program.

Go for toning not weight loss! One of the best, most basic benefits of getting mineral or herbal body wraps on a regular basis is that body wrapping helps tone at each level of inch loss, so there is better looking skin without the flab that can accompany weight loss. In fact, most people report better looking skin, period, with body wrapping in a healthy, well-constructed body wrap solution. Quality herbal body wraps can help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly by detoxing the body and by toning the skin over time.

Assuming you have chosen a wrap with organic detoxing ingredients, you may also benefit from reduction in inflammation and an overall boost in energy as you detox your skin. The skin is our biggest eliminatory organ. Let that sink in. If we can eliminate toxins through the skin, it can benefit every system in the body.

Ready to learn more? Go to Bodywraps: Do They Really Work for a lot more information on different types of body wraps and their potential benefits.

Health Care Disclaimer: A body wrap, in and of itself, does not a weight loss plan make. As part of a healthy plan, and provided you are an otherwise healthy individual, body wraps can provide weight loss and toning support. They may also be very useful for detoxing. If under a doctor's care for obesity or if you have any medical conditions, always check with your doctor and go over the ingredients in any body wrap you plan to do.