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Ready for optimal nutrition? You found it! Choosing Mt. Capra is a healthy choice! Proud to be a partner with this excellent company. I add the unsweetened version of Mt Capra's Awesome Whey Protein to my bulletproof coffee every morning. They also offer superior nutritional supplements including probiotic, enzymes, yogurt, greens and protein drink, hydrating sports drink and other terrific goat milk products from what have to be some of the happiest, healthiest goats in the world! Click any picture to travel to Mt. Capra land and a world of new health.

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Nutritional Health Disclaimer:
Those with dairy allergies may have trouble with whey. Goat whey may be less allergenic than whey made from cow's milk but it's still something to consider. Also, gas and bloating when first beginning whey may be due to detoxing. As I mentioned, I did not have any of these issues and they were quite noticable with cow whey in my case. As the glutathione levels increase, one's body is better able to release toxins, including mercury, which may initially lead to detox symptoms. These should be temporary. If under a doctor's care for any known condition, it's always best to ask your doctor before adding a health supplement that may induce rapid detox.

Herpes and Protein:
If you have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus, the type of protein supplement you choose becomes important. Pea protein and rice protein are both higher in arginine than lysine, which means they may trigger outbreaks if taken every day. Soy protein also contains slightly more arginine. Whey protein, on the other hand, usually has much more lysine than arginine and is a better choice for those who have been diagnosed with herpes.