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Colon Cleanse Side Effects
Symptoms of Intestinal Detoxing

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Side Effects of Colon Cleansing


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Question on healing: Are there any side effects to colon cleansing and does it truly help your health to do a detox?

Healing Facilitation Response: This theory that colon health is vital to overall wellness goes as far back as Hippocrates, who is credited with first saying "death begins in the colon". In holistic health circles, most remember hearing that first, or reading it, via Bernard Jensen.I most definitely am among the number who believe that a healthy intestinal tract is vital for maintaining a healthy body. My own experience teaches me this by the way I feel when I am constipated and how, if constipation persists, my entire body feels fatiqued and I can't concentrate or think as clearly. I notice my digestion suffers, my sleep suffers, everything suffers when I don't have normal bowel movements.

Colon Cancer Alliance - Colon Cancer, also called colorectal cancer, is the second leading cause of death by cancer. Only lung cancer tops it. Though what causes colon cancer still remains unknown, doesn't it make sense that a healthy colon is less likely to develop illness? The Colon Cancer Alliance website has a lot of information, resources, and support for anyone dealing with colorectal cancer. You may also want to read about what you can do if chronic constipation is an issue for you, because a chronically toxic situation may compromise overall health over time.

Doing a colon cleanse may result in some temporary discomfort but, for most who are otherwise healthy, the results of a good intestinal detox are worth it. They always have been worth it for me. As you begin to release toxins and waste from the intestines, you may notice any combination of the most common cleanse side effects below:

* Gas and bloating
* Rectal Itching
* Sensitivity in Existing Hemmorrhoids
* Fatique
* Abdominal Discomfort (not pain)
* Passing Parasites in stool
* Darker than normal stools
* Intestinal Girgling or Rumbling
* Flu-Like Symptoms such as achiness and slight fever
* Constipation or Diahrrhea
* Skin rash or irritation (more common with full body dotox)
* Joint Discomfort (more common with full body detox)
* Bad Breath
* Dry Mouth
* Indigestion

Common cleanse side effects typically may last from 1 to 3 days and should never reach a point where you are actually in pain, although gas pockets may occasionally be experienced as painful. This period of discomfort is commonly called a healing crisis and for most, though unpleasant, resolves on it's own. If you experience actual pain while cleansing, or pass anything that looks like blood, stop immediately and see your doctor to rule out any kind of colon challenge such as IBS or diverticulitis.

Even though there can be temporary cleanse side effects when detoxing the body, most do not experience detox symptoms that cause any serious problems. This is because detoxing is something our body was designed to do on a regular basis. The body is constantly working to stop germs, bacteria, viruses and other threats to health in balance. However, when we eat junk foods, knot our gut with stress on a regular basis, don't drink enough water, etc... the colon has more of a load than it can handle.

Cleansing can help restore healthy stool and normal eliminatory function. That's when we need to detox and, depending on the amount of old waste the body has to release, there may be temporary detox symptoms which may include achy joints, flu-like symptoms and fatique. These normally clear out within one to three days and are not exactly side effects from the cleanse products as much as side effects of waste and toxicity releasing from the body.

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this health care article about the possible side effects of detoxing is not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. Any cleanse you might undertake, based on the contents found in this article is at your own risk. It is not suggested that you begin a colon cleanse, if you have any diagnosed bowel problem, before first checking with your doctor . Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to colon health and colon disorders. Detoxing the body is an alternative health care approach to colon toxicity and unhealthy stool and may or may not receive the blessing of your physician.