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Diabetes Mellitus Information
The Diabetic Diet and Complications

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Ask A Healer Series on Diabetes

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Good News ... and Bad News for Diabetics


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The bad news is that newly diagnosed cases of diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, newly diagnosed cases have increased so much in the past few years that medical professionals predict a possible pandemic. Actually, if there is one health challenge that has risen to the top of the medical concern ranks in the past few years, it has to be this health challenge. Seems like every day, I read another article on the drastic increase in numbers of new cases diagnosed and particularly disturbing, the increase of diabetes being diagnosed in children and teens developing this serious health condition. That's what most consider the bad news.

The good news is that a wholistic health approach to diet and lifestyle may make all the difference in the world. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, in addition to whatever drugs your doctor might prescribe, ask about beneficial foods for the diabetic and lifestyle adjustments to help your body fight diabetes-related complications.

Diabetes, in and of itself, is a serious health condition that should be address nutritionally as well as medically. However, it is often complications associated with diabetes that end up causing the most serous health challenges. One common diabetes-related condition that often develops in diabetics is nerve damage, or neuropathy in legs, feet or hands. Tingling, numbness or pain that cannot otherwise be explained may be cause for a doctor visit, if you are diabetic, to assess whether you may be developing diabetic neuropathy.

Additional health complications such as blindness, diabetic neuropathy and increased risk of heart disease among diabetics pose a far-reaching medical challenge.

Diabetes-related Health Information:
Although I will be presenting traditional medicine views as well as alternative medicine perspectives here, I will let you know that I firmly believe this health challenge may be reversed, in most cases, with diet and exercise. This is not to say that medication is never necessary. I am saying that it isn't the only option to explore. Many have turned their diabetes around with diet and exercise, particularly if they implement major wholistic health changes as soon as they know they are pre-diabetic or diabetic.

When I say wholistic, I mean natural, nutritional, stress-relieving and health-affirming choices are made. Although I will stress that it may be dangerous for a diabetic ever to come off their medication without the help and approval of their medical team, I personally do not accept that the only option for every person diagnosed with this condition is to stay on a medication for the rest of their lives.

This section of the wellness library lists all the available articles we have posted so far on the subject of diabetes-related complications as well as statistic on teen diabetes and other health information of interest to those at risk for developing this condition.

Diabetic Risks of Heart Disease Learn about metabolic syndrome x (or insulin resistant syndrome, as it is sometimes called) and how this specific cluster of health concerns may raise your risk of developing cardiac disease.

The Diabetic Diet Weight gain and blood sugar spikes are the bane of the diabetic attempting to enjoy life and eating and still keep diabetes in check. Great new research suggests that an old nutritional staple might just be what the doctor ordered in terms of dietary support for both balancing blood sugar levels and weight.

Fasting with Diabetes: Deliberately going without food, or fasting, is a decision many people make. Some fast because of the detoxing and other health benefits attributed to monitored and safe fasting. Others fast for spiritual reasons, as part of a spiritual event, or for the purpose of enhancing retreat times and meditation. Fasting presents special considerations for the diabetic. Is it safe for a person with diabetes to fast? This 5-part health care article addresses fasting and diabetes.

Part One: Fasting with Diabetes Intro

Teenage Diabetes There has been a truly alarming increase in teens diagnosed with diabetes in the past few years. I believe, as do many others, that fast food is a major culprit, along with high-sugar snacks and drinks. Learn the facts about teenage diabetes in this helpful health care article.

The Impact Down Under - Diabetics in Australia The U.S. certainly is not the only country facing a possible diabetes epidemic. Austrailia is also reporting severe increased in newly diagnosed diabetes cases. This article will be helpful for those seeking to understand how diabetes is impacting the Austrailian population.

Depleted Uranium and Diabetes No one will deny that the fallout from bombing in war-torn areas is a serious health hazard for the citizens of that region but there are reports which indicate the fallout of depleted uranium from bombing in Iraq could be poisoning the whole world. Learn what you can do to minimize the effects of heavy metal poisoning from depleted uranium to reduce your own risk of becoming diabetic.

Diabetes-Related Health Challenges: Heart problems are a serious side effect for some diabetics. Read this important information on protecting your heart and healing your heart. This is not just for a diabetic but for anyone who wishes to reverse high cholesterol or strengthen their heart.

Vision Problems and Retinopathy: If you are experiencing blurred or distorted vision, having eye pain or seeing a lot of floaters in your eyes, please read about the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and some nutritional, supplemental and wholistic health options for improving vision here.

Heart disease information for diabetics at risk

Is it diabetic neuropathy or a vitamin deficiency? While you should always check with your physician when experiencing any signs of neuropathy, this article addresses other reasons such symptoms may occur. In particular, a deficiency in vitamin B-12 can sometimes cause nerve damage. Find out what you need to know about this potential health risk.

Adrenal Insufficiency- A condition known as adrenal insufficiency by the medical community and as adrenal fatigue by the alternative health community, can result in some cases. Although this is not a health care article which directly addresses diabetes, it may be helpful to read over the information on this health challenge if you are diabetic.

Health Disclaimer: The resource articles on this website are for educational purposes only. Any wholistic health information you read here is never intended to replace needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment. Diabetes is a complex health challenge which may affect many other systems in the body. Please educate yourself and use discernment.