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Does Foot Reflexology
Help with Constipation?

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Is foot reflexology helpful for constipation and colon health?


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Question on colon health and reflexology: Could foot reflexology possibly help with my chronic constipation?

Healing facilitation response: Each situation is different. If a person is simply dealing with chronic constipation that is the result of diet or stress then, yes. I have seen foot reflexology relieve stubborn constipation in as little as one session although, if the constipation is chronic, it may take more than one session to correct itself. However, you should rule out more serious reasons for constipation that is chronic. If you have conditions such as IBS or Crohns, see your doctor about chronic constipation. Also, if by chronic you mean it's been going on more than a month, rule out bowel obstructions and other more serious medical conditions.

The Foot Reflexology Reflexes that address colon health: Although foot reflexology is easy to learn, it's not so easy to describe the reflexes in words. Better to find a reflexology chart (there are many online and you can also pick one up for a few bucks at most any good health food store) and study it. Foot Reflexology Chart Example

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The reflexes that correspond to the large intestine run from a little below the center of the foot, toward the outside of the foot, down the outside edge of the foot and across the heel, about midway of the heel. If you are unsure where the colon reflex points are, just work that entire area.

Seeing a reflexologist weekly can help tremendously with chronic constipation and, also, once you get a reflexology treatment, you should then be able to work your own colon reflex points because you would have felt where they are doing the session. Most reflexologists are empowering sorts who don't mind sharing what they know too, so ask questions for more effective self-treatment later.

Health Care Disclaimer: Foot Reflexology is not presented as a substitute for medical care, if needed. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any educational health information on this site at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on colon health matters and if experiencing chronic constipation not related to and correctable by adjusting diet and stress reactions.