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What a Week it Has Been!
Summarizing Ausome Water Experience

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My Seventh Day with Ausome Water: A Summary of Noted Beneficial Shifts


This is part seven of a 7-day report on the special "Ausome" energized products. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: Beginning of Experiment

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Important Note: Ausome Water and Clear Light go through a lot of processes which Keith refers to collectively as "The Ark". These include vortex, standing wave principles, implosion, magnetic fields and diamagnetism. Clear Light, Ausome Water and all other products developed by Keith Perry are for spiritual use only and not represented for use to treat specific health conditions. Consider physical enhancements reported by users to be the result of the user's spiritual intent enhanced by the frequencies in Ausome Water. Also Important: I am taking very high doses of Ausome Water, as a personal experiment with the energies. I am not recommending that anyone take doses as high as I'm taking whe beginning with the Ausome Water. Please use spiritual discernment if you decided to try it.

7th Day on Ausome Water:

Wanted to report that, after cutting back on the amount of water I was using yesterday, I feel much better and headache is gone. I think I was just overdoing it. I am very happy with my experience using these products and intend to keep using them. . I personally prefer the regular Ausome Water to the more concentrated Clear Light, even at the lowest dose of Clear Light. The standard water just feels better to me. I suppose that could change as I use it more but for now I'm sticking with the regular Ausome Water.

Summary of beneficial shifts I've noticed:
* Better elimination, consistently
* Better sleep, vivid dreams
* Better mood and outlook
* Money came in every day for a week
* Less Pain
* Increased spiritual connection
* More creative thinking
* More awareness of causative agents in limiting behaviors

How long does the impact of energized water last?

By the way, even with all the many ways I experimented and shared my little 1/4 ounce sample, I still have about 1/3 of the water left. I'm writing this right at a week and a half so, if I continued my high dosages, I'd expect it to last another week or so. However, I'm not planning to go that high again. Don't need to. The sample size would probably last a good month or more if someone were only taking the recommended dose.

Health Disclaimer: Energetically enhanced water is a spiritual tool. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health. Feeling light-headed after a hot bath can be a sign that you have stayed in too long or that the water was too hot. Take it easy.