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Power Connection Acting Class Conclusion
Acting Tips for Believable Characters

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Acting Lesson Six: Tips for Creating Reality in Your Characterizations

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What I Learned in Hollywood

Acting Class

Improve your audition skills

This is the final lesson in the Power Connection Online Acting Class. If you have reached this page directly, from a search engine search of link, you will need to visit the acting class information page first and complete the intro and previous acting lessons. Lesson Six covers believable acting tips and is based, in part, on earlier information given in the class.

Congratulations on completing the free online acting course! For more great acting tips and resources please follow my new facebook page on Atomic Acting. I do not charge for this online acting class, as you know. I enjoy sharing a bit of what I've learned about the craft and it is a way to give back to the acting community, especially those actors just starting out in acting.

However, if you wish to give something back I do have an amazon wish list and love getting surprises! Just click the wish list button to order securely from amazon. I prefer used tapes and books to new, cuz it saves Tree People, smile. My favorites are organic coffee and organic agave so those are always welcome and much appreciated!

In the journey to this closing acting lesson, you have learned to work with the four cornerstones of good acting: the actor's body, the actor's voice, the actor's emotions and the actor's mind. I hope you have enjoyed the acting exercises and creative information and would like to close the class with some tips for believable acting, taken from The Power Connection Acting Technique.

It has been my pleasure to share the creative tools that have been so valuable in my own acting career and I hope they enhance your acting fun as well. I will leave you with 10 acting tips that have helped me create believable character and feel confident in my acting skills.

Over the years, and my various trips to Los Angeles, I've learned some valuable tips from some very good teachers too. One writer and performer I met, who welcomed me to Hollywood with open arms is Del Shores. I like what Del has to say about acting in the creative moments series and maybe you'll find his acting tips valuable too.

One of my favorite acting teachers of all times is Stephen Tobolowsky. I took his improv class with Kalmenson and Kalmenson when I lived in Burbank and that was about the most fun I had during my time there. He also shared some of his own excellent acting tips in the creative moments series. Stephen has been in hundreds of movies, tv shows, etc. and is just a wonderful teacher. If you ever get the chance, don't miss taking his classes.