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If there is anything I love as much as acting it's teaching acting although that's a bit of an inaccurate description for the acting coaching I offer via skype. I love witnessing an actor's approach to the craft and gently lighting up those areas where there could be a more believable connection with the material, with the camera, with the body, in the voice or with the other actor in the scene. I love noticing the bright moments of an audition or improv and looking for ways to expand that brightness into every moment the actor is in front of the screen or in an audition.

I'm quite good at noticing where the gaps are and offering stimulating questions that help the performer find more of the truth in whatever they are reading. If you feel your own performance skills could benefit from some strenuous and playful coaching, I offer limited skype sessions. These are not like typical classes in that there is hardly anything I would ask you to memorize but lots that I'd ask you to improvise and play with before an audition or before you go in front of the camera or audience with a role.

However, if you have an upcoming audition for which you have memorized lines already, or you have a monologue and you want a critique then, of course, memorized material is fine. What I look for in memorized text is freshness, authenticity and originality. I may point to areas where I lost interest or did not believe you. That has to be ok to hear. While it's always possible that you are being authentic and believable and I'm missing it somehow, if I don't get it, maybe the CD won't either so why not play with some different takes or approaches and see what happens?

Before we skype... I receive payment through paypal so I will send you an invoice via email which can then serve as your receipt for taxes. Payments must be received before the session time. For the first coaching session, I ask new students to consider their current relationship with auditioning, their relationship with their bodies and their ability to expression all types of emotion. It's really good to start with where you feel stuck so each class will be different, depending on what you bring to it for us to explore.

It's also a good idea to take the free online acting class I offer here, as a way to sort of get a feel for how I work as an artist and teacher.

Let's get the ball rolling... Assuming you feel we might be a good match, just shoot me an email at neva.howell @ gmail dot com and let me know when you'd like to skype. I am generally available most days from 9 am central to 5 pm central. The cost per skype lesson (usually 40-45 minutes) is $45 and a typical session will be between 30 and 45 minutes.